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Doll Reference Books

An ongoing project, by no means complete!

Books are often the most complete and detailed resources for identifying dolls. If the book you need is too expensive or out of print, check your local library. If the library doesn’t have the book you need, ask about its inter-library loan services.

Book values are merely a guideline to prices, and usually a book lists values for only mint-condition dolls. Book values are often out of date by the time a book is published.

To estimate current market values, check completed eBay or other online sellers for dolls in the same condition as yours. Keep in mind that any collectible is only worth what someone is willing to pay; an asking price for an unsold item does not necessarily reflect a current market value.

Books are included here based on collector recommendations.

Blue Book Dolls & Values. Vols. 1–16. Foulke, Jan.

1950s dolls
Dolls and Accessories of the 1950s. Zillner, Dian. 2005.

1960s to 1970s dolls
Collector's Guide to Dolls of the 1960s and 1970s: Identification & Values, Vol. 1.
Sabulis, Cindy. 2000. Author’s website:

Collector's Guide to Dolls of the 1960s and 1970s: Identification & Values, Vol. 2.
Sabulis, Cindy. 2004. Author’s website:

1970s fashion dolls
Collectible Doll Fashions: 1970s. Varricchio, Carmen. 2003.
Includes Barbie, Maddie Mod, Cher, Tuesday Taylor, and Barbie-type dolls.


American Character dolls
American Character Dolls Identification and Value Guide. Izen, Judith. 2004.
Author's website:
Author's blog:

Annalee Mobilitee Dolls, Inc.
Annalee Doll Society, Annalee Catalogs. 1980.
Annalee Mobilitee Dolls: Price Guide. Koon, Larry. 2002.


Barbie by Mattel
Barbie & Her Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World of Fashion. Blitman, Joe. 1996.
Covers 1967–1972.
Barbie Doll Structures and Furniture. Davidson, Marl. 1997.
Barbie Fashions Vol. I 1959–1967. Sink Eames, Sarah. 1990.
Barbie Fashions Vol. II 1968-1974. Sink Eames, Sarah. 1997.
Barbie Fashions Vol. III 1975-1979. Sink Eames, Sarah. 2003.
Best books for identifying fashions.
Note that Best Buy outfits were not sold with shoes.
Collectibly Yours Barbie Doll, 1980-1990. Rana, Margo. 1998.
Collectible Barbie Dolls 1977-1979. DeWein, Sibyl. 1980.
Collector's Encyclopedia of Barbie Doll Exclusives 1972-2004. Augustyniak, J. Michael.
Collector's Encyclopedia of Barbie Dolls and Collectibles. Dewein, Sibyl; & Ashabraner, Joan.
Covers 1959 to 1976.
Collector’s Guide to 1990s Barbie Dolls. Martinez-Esguerra, Maria. 1999.
Collector's Guide to Barbie Doll Vinyl Cases. Craig Kaplan, Connie. 1999.
Encyclopedia of Barbie Doll Family and Friends Licensed Products 1961–71.
Christensen, Alva; & Schwing, Laural. 2010.
Francie & Her Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World of Fashion. Blitman, Joe. 1996.
Skipper, Barbie Doll's Little Sister, also featuring Tutti and Todd.
Arend, Scott; Holzerland, Karla; & Kent, Trina. 1998.
Covers 1968 to 1978.
The Barbie Doll Boom: Identification and Values. Augustyniak, J. Michael. 1996.
Covers 1986 to 1995.
The Ultimate Barbie Doll Book. Melillo, Marcie. 1996 hardcover. 2004 softcover.

Betsy McCall by various makers
Betsy McCall: A Collector’s Guide. Van Ausdall, Marci. 1999.

Black dolls
Black Dolls Book II: An Identification and Value Guide. Perkins, Myla. 1995.
Black Dolls, 1820–1991: An Identification and Value Guide. Perkins, Myla. 1993.
The Definitive Guide to Collecting Black Dolls. Garrett, Debbie. 2003.
Author's website:
Images of Blacks in American Culture: A Reference Guide to InformationSources. Smith, Jessie Carney. 1988.

Bleuette dolls
Bleuette, Her Faces, Fashions and Family. Lechler, Doris. 2003.

Blyth by Kenner
This is Blythe. Garan, Gina. 2000.

British dolls
British Dolls of the 1950s. Brewer, Susan. 2009.
British Dolls of the 1960s. Brewer, Susan. 2009.

Buying dolls
Insider's Guide to Doll Buying & Selling: Antique to Modern. Foulke, Jan. 1995.


Cabbage Patch Kids
Encyclopedia of Cabbage Patch Kids: The 1980s. Lindenberger, Jan; & Morris, Judy D. 1999.
Encyclopedia of Cabbage Patch Kids: The 1990s. Lindenberger, Jan; & Morris, Judy D. 1999.

Canadian dolls
Charlton Price Guide to Canadian Dolls. Strahlendorf, Evelyn.
Dolls of Canada: A Reference Guide. Strahlendorf, Evelyn. 1986.
Those Enchanting Eaton’s Beauty Dolls. Tomlinson, Judy. 1981.

Celebrity dolls
The Encyclopedia of Celebrity Dolls. Axe, John. 1983.

China dolls
Beloved China Dolls. Seeley, Mildred. 1996.
China, Parian & Bisque German Dolls. Richter, Lydia. 1993.
Chinas, Dolls for Study and Admiration. Borger, Mona. 1983.
Collector's Encyclopedia of Dolls, Vol. 1. Coleman, Dorothy, Elizabeth, and Evelyn. 1968.
Collector's Encyclopedia of Dolls, Vol. 2. Coleman, Dorothy, Elizabeth, and Evelyn. 1986.
Conta & Boehme Porcelain. Vogel, Janice and Richard. 2001.
German Doll Encyclopedia 1800-1939. Cieslik, Jurgen & Marianne. 1985.
Identifying German Chinas 1840s–1930s. Krombholz, Mary. 2004.

Cissette by Madame Alexander
Cissette: A Collector’s Guide to the Vintage Alexander Dolls. Merod, Marjorie.

Crissy & Friends by Ideal
Crissy and Her Friends: Guide For Collectors. Gunther, Beth C. 1998.


Darci by Kenner
Darci, Cover Girl: Identification and Price Guide. Simms, Grace L. 2000.

Dawn by Topper
Dawn & Her World. Johnson, Joedi. 1995.
Dawn Dolls: Official Encyclopedia and Price Guide. Schwartz, Benita. 2001.

Disney dolls
Disney Dolls: Identification & Price Guide, Featuring Mattel Dolls. Rana, Margo. 1999.

Dollhouse: dolls, furniture, houses
The Dollhouse Book. Finnegan, Stephanie. 1999.
Tasha Tudor’s Dollhouse: A Lifetime in Miniature. Davis, Harry. 1999.
Bibliography of dollhouse and furnishing books:


Hitty dolls
Hitty: Her First Hundred Years. Field, Rachel. 1969.

Huret, Adelaide / Maison Huret, 1850–
The Trousseau of Blondinette Davranches: A Huret Doll & Her Wardrobe 1862–1867.
Theriault, Florence. 1996.


Ideal dolls
Collectors Guide to Ideal Dolls Identification and Values. Izen, Judith. 2005.
Author's website:
Author's blog:


Japanese dolls
Antique Japanese Dolls of the Meiji Era. Theriault, Florence. 1993.
Identifying Japanese Dolls: Notes on Ningyo. Baten, Lea. 2000.
Japanese Antique Dolls. Gribbon, Jill & David. 1984.
Japanese Dolls: The Fascinating World of Ningyo. Pate, Alan Scott. 2008.
Kokeshi: Wooden Treasures of Japan. Evans, Michael; & Wolf, Robert. 2005.
Ningyo: The Art of the Japanese Doll. Pate, Alan Scott. 2004.

Kathe Kruse dolls
The Beloved Kathe Kruse Dolls. Lydia Richter. 1984


Liddle Kiddles by Mattel
Liddle Kiddles. Langford, Paris. 1995. Out of print.
Includes Flatsy, Dolly Darlings, Flower Darlings, and Upsy Downsy.

Lonely Doll, The
The Lonely Doll. Wright, Dare. Bibliography:


Madame Alexander dolls
Collector's Encyclopedia of Madame Alexander Dolls 1948–1965. Crowsey, Linda. 2005.
Collector's Encyclopedia of Madame Alexander Dolls 1965–1990. Smith, Patricia R. 1991.
Madame Alexander Catalog Reprints, 1942–1962, Vol. 1." McKeon, Barbara Jo.
Madame Alexander Dolls: An American Legend. Finnegan, Stephanie.
Madame Alexander's Ladies of Fashion. Uhl, Marjorie.
Treasury of Madame Alexander Dolls. Foulke, Jan.

Mannequins, miniature sewing
Miniature Mannequins: Identification and Price Guide. Mixon, Doris. 2001.


Old Cottage Dolls
Collector’s Guide to Old Cottage Toys. Summers, Terry & Christine. 2003.


Nancy Ann Storybook dolls
The Muffie Puzzle. Roth, Lillian. 1993. Out of print.

Nisbet dolls
Peggy Nisbet Story. Nisbet, Peggy. 1988.


Selling dolls
Insider's Guide to Doll Buying & Selling: Antique to Modern. Foulke, Jan. 1995.

Shirley Temple dolls
Authentic Shirley Temple Patterns. Williams, Sandy. 1997.
Doll Collectors' Treasures Vol. 3: Featuring Little Miss Shirley Temple. Dicicco, Laurel. 1981.
Shirley Dolls and Related Delights. Burdick, Loraine. Rev. ed. 1977.
Shirley Temple Dolls and Collectibles. Smith, Patricia R. 1977.
Shirley Temple Dolls and Collectibles: Second Series. Smith, Patricia R. 1979.
Shirley Temple Dolls and Fashions: A Collector's Guide to the World's Darling.
Pardella, Edward R. Rev. ed. 1999. *Best choice.*
Shirley Temple: Identification and Price Guide to Shirley Temple Collectibles.
Kraus-Mancuso, Suzanne. 2002.
Special Birthday Edition - Shirley Temple: Identification and Price Guide to Shirley Temple Collectibles: Volume II. Kraus-Mancuso, Suzanne. 2003.
The Complete Guide to Shirley Temple Dolls and Collectibles.
Bervaldi-Camaratta, Tonya. 2006.
*Best choice.* Author's website:
The Shirley Temple Collector's Guide: An Unauthorized Reference and Price Guide.
Pardella, Edward R. 2005. *Best choice.*
The World and Shirley Temple. Neumann, May A. 1978.


Tammy by Ideal
A Collector's Guide to Tammy. Sabulis, Cindy. 1997.
Author’s website:

Thanks to Cyndi for the Shirley Temple doll book recommendations.

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