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Dollhouses & Furnishings Identification

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About / identifying dollhouse dolls
About / history / identification,article=nl20040721.html
Dollhouse dolls:
Baps dolls by Edith von Arps, 1940s–50s
Bisque antique dollhouse dolls
Caco / Caho, Germany
Edi dollhouse dolls, Germany
Erna Meyer, Germany, 1945–
Flagg dolls
Grecon dolls by Margarete Cohn, England
Julie Ann Dolls, Shreve Island Plantation, La. 1930s
Tiny Town dolls by Alma LeBlanc, 1940s–50s
Tomac Scotland

About dollhouses & identifying dollhouses (dolls, furniture, & houses)
About / history / identification
About / history:
Brief history
Antique & vintage photos of dollhouses
Antique dollhouses
Department store catalogs 1933–1980s:
Modern kits, examples:
Tutorial: Constructing a modern kit dollhouse

Antique dollhouses and furniture
19th-century dollhouse, “The Lala House”
Atlantic City Beach House 1910–30
German dollhouses & furniture, antique
German grocery store & kitchen; Swiss kitchen

Amersham / Eisenmann / Rees (EINCO), England ca. 1880s–1970s

Barn example
Photographs, 1930s houses
Photographs of various houses

Arcade Co., cast iron furniture 1923–1940s
About, & photos:
“Arcadians” booklet
History of company


Baps dolls by Edith von Arps, 1940s–50s

Barton 1945–1984.
See Lundby.
Caroline’s Home:
Tudor-style furniture 1970s

Beidermeier-style furniture

Bisque antique dollhouse dolls

1920s example:
German makers:
Bisque 3½" “flapper,” German ca. 1920s–30s, photo
Bisque 4" “flapper,” German ca. 1920s–30s, photo
Bisque 3½" painted, German, photo

Bliss, Germany
Church ca. 1894:
House ca. 1890–1915, photo
Houses, photographs of

Blue Box, Hong Kong 1960s–80s

Bodo Hennig 1980s

Bodensee house 1981

Brimtoy / British Metal & Toys 1950s

My Dolly’s Kitchen

BRIO, Sweden 1955–1977
Arne Jacobsen designs, Scanditoy Mobilia house & furniture:
Kitchen, 1963
Furniture photographs
Furniture photographs

Brumberger 1970s
Chalet house, asymmetrical roof
Built-Rite dollhouses, see Warren Paper Products

Bungalow Book & Toy Co.

Betty’s Bungalow Doll-House 1913, cardboard house
Betty’s Bungalow Doll-House 1913, interior photos


Caco / Caho dollhouse-size dolls, Germany

1950s–60s tennis players, original boxes
FAO Schwarz “Peasant House” with Caho dolls & Dora Kuhn furniture

Cass Toys / N. D. Cass Co., doll and dollhouse furniture

Child Guidance

Magnetic house 1964:
Sears catalog

Christian Hacker, Germany 1860s–1914
Six-room house with elevator, photo
Stable; shows maker’s mark
Three-story house

Colleen Moore’s Dollhouse,
Colleen Moore’s Dollhouse & Doll, by Rich Toys for Marshall Field 1934: (music)
Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle, Museum of Science & Industry, virtual tour: (just for fun)
About / history

Converse Co., Massachusetts 1910–1930s
Realy-Truly furniture 1930s:

Corona Concepts, modern

Instruction sheets


Dora Kuhn, Germany 1912–
FAO Schwarz “Peasant House” with Caho dolls & Dora Kuhn furniture
Painted furniture 1/16 scale, 1950s
Painted furniture, photographs, 1960s


Eagle Toy, Canada

Panorama, octagonal dollhouse (octagon or round shape):

Edi dollhouse dolls, Germany
1951 catalog page, photo

Erna Meyer, Germany, 1945–

About / identification comparison to Caco, Grecon & Tomac dolls
About, identifying
Advertisements, books, & photographs
Scales; examples in different scales
School set in 1957 Bloomingdale’s catalog (PDF file, p. 3)
School set / classroom dolls


FAO Schwarz

1890 “Mystery” house
1900 dollhouse
1937 dollhouse
1940 photo from Life magazine
1940s house, example
1967 furniture; Forest Tree House; Mouse House
“Peasant House” with Caho dolls & Dora Kuhn furniture:
1967 catalog page
In original boxes:
House with Dora Kuhn furniture 1960s

Fisher-Price dollhouses 1970s–
1978–1985 and 1993–1999
Dream Dollhouse, Grand Dollhouse, Loving Family:
Other Fisher-Price dolls (not dollhouse)

Fold-Away Doll House by Rudolph J. Gutmann 1949

Fold-Away Doll House 1949

Furniture & furnishings for dollhouses

1950s: (music)
Homemade dollhouse & furnishings, ca. 1970s
Quilts & rugs from silk & flannel tobacco premiums ca. 1906–1920s:


German dollhouses 1920s–
. See also Antique dollhouses.
Shops or stores (room boxes)

Goebel Miniatures 1970s–

Stuart Library Collection 1979

Bathroom furnishings
Houses, photographs of:
Kitchen boxes and kitchen furnishings
Red roof house ca. 1910
School room

Grandmother Stover’s miniatures,
1960s example, tools/charms
Toy tree

Grecon dolls
by Margarete Cohn, England, 1936–1986


Hall’s Lifetime Toys


Ideal dollhouse, Petite Princess 1964–1969 (music)
Furniture example, gold drum chair
History: (music)
Princess Patti 1965
Sears catalog 1964, first page
Sears catalog 1964, second page
Sears catalog 1964, third page, shows dolls

See also other Ideal dolls (not dollhouse)


Jaylene Toy Co., Philadelphia 1940s–

4-Room Jaylene House

Julie Ann Dolls, Shreve Island Plantation, La. 1930s


Kage 1938–1948
Furniture, shown in 1930s dollhouse

Kaleidoscope House by Peter Wheelright / Bozart Toys 2002

About, with rotational view photographs

Keystone 1930s–1950s (music)

Kiddie Brush & Toy

Friendly Folks Motel 1954:

Kilgore Ohio, cast iron furniture 1920s–1930s


Lines Brothers / G. & J. Lines, England 1850s–

1895 house:
Triang brand 1924–

Little Tikes dollhouses 1980s–

Lundby dollhouses, Sweden 1960s–
Caroline’s Home by Barton
Catalogs in English:


Marx, Louis; dollhouses and furniture
1950s tin Colonial #4018
Marxie Mansion or Marx-a-Mansion:
Other Marx dolls (not dollhouse)
Sindy doll furniture:

McLoughlin Brothers
1884 pop-up paper dollhouse
1894 set of 4 lithographed rooms

Mettoy, England 1933–1960s
1950s tin house
1950s–1960s tin house
Emergency Room/Hospital:

MPC / Multiple Products Co. 1960s–
Ranch house with furniture, 1964 Sears catalog




1949 furniture & 45 rpm record, Billy & Ruth catalog (PDF file, pp. 7–8)
Ranch house and furnishings

Plastic furniture

Care & cleaning of plastic dollhouse furniture

Playmobil by Geobra
1991 Sears catalog

Playskool dollhouses
. See also Playskool dolls



Reliable dollhouses
(Ideal) (scroll down)
See also Reliable dolls.

Remco dollhouses
See also Remco dolls.

Re-ment miniatures Japan 1998–

1:12 scale sizing:

Renwal dollhouse dolls & furniture 1945–
1952 dollhouse and furniture
Dolls and furniture
Kitchen set for larger dolls 1948–50

Rich Toys

Colleen Moore’s Dollhouse, Marshall Field 1934
Colonial House 1940s
Tudor-style dollhouse late 1930s
Tudor-style dollhouse 1930s

Room by Room, modern
Family dolls


Schmidt Lithographing, San Francisco 1920s–1930s

Wonderland Doll’s House

Schoenhut dollhouses & dollhouse furniture 1917–1934
Example, four-room
Example, two-room cottage
Hollywood Home Builder 1928
See also other Schoenhut dolls

Sears & Roebuck

Catalogs, 1940s–1980s:
Department Store:
Interior Decorator, 1960s:
1964 Sears catalog, first page
1964 Sears catalog, second page
Tekwood, Sears Happitime 1945

Shackman dollhouse dolls & furniture

Silber & Fleming, England


Spot-On (Spot On), Northern Ireland 1930s–1960s
. See also Tri-Ang.
Room sets:

Strombecker doll size & dollhouse furniture 1930s–1960s

1950s modern house & furniture
Painted furniture
Walnut furniture
Walnut tilt-top table, shows mark & box (scroll down)
1930s ¾-scale furniture, possibly Strombecker
1950s Ginny & other dolls:
Kewpie, 1969–73:

Superior, see T. Cohn

Sutherland Paper Co.

Play-Town Dollhouse, cardboard 1930s

Swedish dollhouses
Brio 1955–1977
Lundby 1960s–


Taylor & Barrett furniture & ovens, England
About / history

T. Cohn / Superior 1948–1968 (music)
1949 Billy and Ruth catalog (PDF file, p. 6)
1951 Billy and Ruth catalog (PDF file)

Tiny Town dolls by Alma LeBlanc, 1940s–50s

Tomac Scotland, dollhouse-size dolls


Tomy Smaller Home and Garden, 1980s–

Sometimes misspelled as “Smaller Homes and Gardens.”'S_FEVER/Collector's_Fever.htm
Furniture sets
House, photos of
Sylvanian house
See also Tomy dolls (not dollhouse size)

Tootsietoy 1920s–1930s
1920s ad:
1929 ad in Parents’ Magazine
1930 ad in Parents’ Magazine
Furniture for Colleen Moore’s Dollhouse, Marshall Field 1934

Tri-ang (Triang) by Lines Brothers, England 1924–

See also Lines Brothers / G. & J. Lines, England 1850s–
1930s house with garage
1937–38 catalog
About/history; with video of 1930s house
Examples, 1930s–50s houses
Spot-On furniture
Stockerbroker model, 1930s

Tudor Toys / GeeBee, England

House & shop with Romside windows
House, photograph
Tea Room

TynieToy dollhouses, dolls & furniture 1917–1945
About / history:


VERO, Germany
1960s house


Warren Paper Products / Built-Rite paper dollhouses
Play-Time Doll House 1932

Wolverine tin dollhouses 1968–

Woodmaster 1960s
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