Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Doll furniture, doll kitchenware, and toys for dolls

Carriages, buggies, prams, or strollers for dolls
1915 buggy
1930s pram
Lloyd Loom Products 1917– :
History, photos:
Wicker, example, vintage photo

Furniture, kitchens, tea sets, and toys, doll-size.

See also Dollhouses. (See also Gallery.)
1950s: (music)
1950s Sandra Sue by Richwood:
Playground: (music)
About / history:
American Toy Products: (music)
Furniture for 8" to 10½" dolls, 1957 (PDF file, p. 8)
Amsco metal furniture: 1957 Bloomingdale’s catalog (PDF file, p. 10)
Barbie Dream Kitchen by Deluxe Reading
Cass Toys furniture
Cast iron furniture & stoves:
China, dishes, tea sets:
English miniature:
Tea sets, dinnerware, kitchenware
Tea sets, French examples
Disney tea sets:
Made in Japan:
Kitchen items; tea sets:
Keystone furniture: 1957 Bloomingdale’s catalog (PDF file, p. 10)
Laura Ashley 2001–
Marx, Myra with Buffet:
Mattel Modern 1958 (often mistaken as Barbie)
Pennsylvania Dutch furniture, Garden Spot China Co., late 1940s–60s: (music)
Madame Alexander catalogs:
Cissette 1958 & 1963
Wendy 1960 & 1963
Rocking chair, photo
Pert Pat furniture for 8" to 10½" dolls, 1957 (PDF file, p. 8)
Richwood, furniture for Sandra Sue doll
Strombecker doll size and dollhouse furniture
Superior kitchen: (music)
Watco 1950s: (music)

Cass Toys / N. D. Cass Co. doll and dollhouse furniture
Doll wardrobe / doll case: 1957 Bloomingdale’s catalog (PDF file, p. 8)
Early 1950s: (music)
1950s, for Ginny: (music)

Ponytail vinyl items
by A.J. Siris, 1950s–1960s
See also Barbie by Mattel, vintage.

Quilts, doll-size

From silk & flannel tobacco premiums ca. 1906–1920s:


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