Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Care & Cleaning, Repairing & Restoring

Care & cleaning (some websites here include
repair and storage tips)
Some websites still suggest oiling eyes in composition dolls. This is NOT recommended, as oil on eyes seeps into and damages composition over time!
Antique conservation: Search keyword: dolls
Avoiding problems:
Barbie, modern 1980s–
Barbie, vintage 1959–1970s
Cloth-bodied dolls, modern; re-stuffing:
Cloth dolls, care & cleaning: (PDF file) (scroll down)
Clothing, cleaning:
Fabric cleaning & storage:
Fabric identification and care:
Composition dolls:
Eyes, cloudy:
Felt & cloth:
Hair care for Barbie dolls, modern 1980s–
Hair care for Barbie dolls, vintage 1959–1970s
Hair care, vinyl dolls:
Hair curling/setting:
Hair, mohair wig:
Hair, saran 1950s:
Hard plastic odor or breakdown
My Child dolls:
Refreshing face color:
Paper doll care & preservation:
Plastic action figures:
Plastic dollhouse furniture, care & cleaning:
Rubber dolls:
Vinyl dolls:
Eye mold: (PDF file)
“Green ear,” removing:
Stains, removing:

Repairs, reproductions, and restorations.
See also Cleaning.
Antiques: working on
Barbie, removing "green ear:"
Bisque head, reattaching to body
Celluloid, repairing:
China head dolls, antique vs. reproduction:
Clothing, shoes, repairs, wigs:
Dwayne (Doc) Gipe’s guide:
Nativelady’s guide:
Repair example:
Repairing a crack:
Repairing limbs:
Cloth body, restuffing:
Eyelashes, replacing:
Eyes, repairing or replacing:
Composition dolls:
Hard plastic dolls:
Vinyl dolls, sleep eyes:
Hair, replacing, see Wigs or Rerooting
Hairstyles how-to:
Hard plastic breakdown, two different types (depends on plastic formula):
“Pedigree disease,” vinegar odor, British & Australian doll makers:
Urea migration, sour milk/vomit odor, American doll makers:
Hard plastic cracks:
Porcelain dolls, modern; repairing
Repainting (specific for vinyl, but also good general tips):
Replacement parts, supplies:
Restorationist, choosing a:
Tools & hints:
Vinyl dolls:
Wigs, repairing/replacing:
Ginny-type, replacing:
Mohair wigs:
Removing & replacing:
Vinyl doll wigs:

Rerooting hair on vinyl dolls (warning: music)
Barbie, modern, removing head:
Dawn, rerooting:
Dollikin, rerooting:
Dying hair:
Male dolls:
Molding hair:
Painting hair:
Tressy, rerooting:
Tutorial (recommended): Click Menu > Craft > Reroot

Restringing dolls (scroll down)
American Girl:
Rubber band:
Little Miss Revlon:

Storing and displaying dolls.
See also Care & cleaning.


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