Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Paper Dolls

1750–1990 fashions:
1940s to 1950s:
1940s to 1950s movie stars:
1940s to 1960s:
About / history:
American Colortype 1927:
Antique advertising:
Lion Coffee advertisement, ca. 1895
McLaughlin’s Coffee:
Blackwell’s Durham:
Betsy McCall
Black paper dolls:
History: (PDF file)
Bradley’s Tru-Life Paper Dolls, 1914/1916:
Brownies by Palmer Cox
Care & preservation:
Coats & Clark 1920s:
Crepe paper:
Dollhouse 1921:
Dolly Dingle by Grace Drayton, 1913–33
Fuller, S. & J., antique:
History of Little Fanny 1810:
Garland, Judy:
Ginghams 1976–81:
Godey’s Lady’s Book 1859:
Hartline, Mary
Littauer & Bauer 1880:
Little Lulu
Maple Sisters 1911
McLoughlin Bros., antique: (PDF file)
Nancy Fancy ca. 1860
Military, vintage:
Olde Deerfield raid, Native American 1919:
Original Paper Doll Artists Guild (OPDAG):
Popeye, Saalfield 1935:
Postcard & greeting card dolls:
Hallmark: Land of Make Believe; Dolls of the Nations; & Little Women: (music)
Land of Make Believe, by Vivian Trillow Smith
Ad for Land of Make Believe, by Vivian Trillow Smith
Tichnor Brothers: Dolls of Many Lands notecards
Psyche 1834–90s:
1834 and 1850 examples
Raphael Tuck, antique:
Santa Claus: (PDF file)
1964 Quintuplets:
Diahann Carroll as Julia: Julia paper dolls
Selling paper dolls:
Sparkle Plenty 1947, Saalfield
Teenie Weenies by William Donahey, 1921–22
“That Girl,” Marlo Thomas:
Tom Tierney:


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