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Doll Identification and Reference Links

This indexed list focuses on identifying dolls, not selling dolls off eBay. Links about cleaning, collecting/buying, identifying, packing, photographing, repairing, and selling dolls on eBay are included. Have patience while the page loads; the photos are worth the wait.

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If you don't find a doll or company listed separately, look through the references that are listed by year or by marks. Sorry, I cannot ID dolls for you; go here for more help.

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1700s to 1950s dolls

1800s to 1970s dolls
Has more dolls listed than any other site:

1800s to 1950s dolls

1800s to current dolls
Wisconsin Historical Museum

1911 and 1928 doll advertisements

1930s to 1950s dolls

1930s to 1990s dolls

1940s to 1980s doll & toy catalogs
Sears Wishbook & other catalog photos on Flickr

1950s “grocery store” or “supermarket” dolls. See also 14R dolls.

1950s to 1960s dolls (music)

1950s to 1970s action figures, dolls, and toys (includes European versions)

1950s to 1970s dolls

1950s to 1990s doll advertisements

1950s to 2000s dolls

1955 to 2006 dolls & action figures

1970s dolls

1980s to 2000s dolls and toys


A & H Manufacturing,
1948–1960s. See also Dress-Me dolls.
Belle, Telephone Pioneers:
Daily Dolly:
Dolls of All Lands
Dolls of Destiny
Gigi 8" (Ginny type): (music)
Gigi, Julie, Marcie 8":
Lisa 8" (Ginny type): (music)
Marcie dolls:
Nancy & Sluggo, Marcie label
Original boxes, examples
Read and Play sets; other costumes

Abbott, W.B. / Sun Tan dolls / N.V. Sales Co.,
About Walter B. Abbott’s Sun Tan dolls
See also Black dolls.

Abbreviations & terminology

ABC Toy Co.,
1946– . See also Mary Hoyer.

A British Child (ABC) by MCA Creations, 2006–

Accessories: doll-size furniture, kitchens, tea sets, and toys

Acme Toy,
Honey baby 1928

Action figures and dolls, vintage to modern

Action Girl
by Palitoy, 1970s. See also Dollikin 11½".

Action Jackson
by Mego, 1972–1974 (scroll down)
Catalog pages:
TV ad:
TV ad, about:

Action Man
by Palitoy, 1966– . See GI Joe by Hasbro.
Toyfair display:

Active Doll Corp.,
1950s. See also Ginny-type dolls.
Mindy, cowgirl outfit, 1956–57 (PDF file)

Ada Lum dolls,
Chinese, ca. 1930s–
Little Brother doll:

Adams, Emma; see Columbian dolls

Admiration Doll Co. / Admiration Toy,
ca. 1950s–1960s
Carol Sue (Ginger type): (scroll down) (music) (scroll down)
International (souvenir/costume); see Dress-me dolls:

Adora Doll Co., 2000–

Advance Doll Co.,
Wanda the Walking Wonder:
Wanda & Winnie walkers:
Wanda Wabbit:

Advertising dolls.
See also Dress-me dolls.
1970s cloth:
8" Ginny-type:
Black dolls; & Quaker Oats: Aunt Jemima, Diana caricatures
Blue Bonnet Sue, cloth, 1986 by Dakin. See also Dress-me dolls.
Cameo (Joseph Kallus):
Campbell Kids
Charmin, Miss Charmin:
Fab Detergent doll:
Ad showing doll & clothing
Henkel soap, Switzerland 1956
Honeywell, Allergy Annie 1969
Kellogg’s cereals doll premiums:
Baby Ginger 1959:
Barbie doll, Miss America 1972–73
Calico Lassie
Friendly Folk & Mini People
Friendly Folk:
Fun Fair 1973:
Goldilocks & the Three Bears, Cornflakes, 1925–26
Grown Up Doll by Commonwealth, a Little Miss Revlon lookalike
Linda Lou 1962:
Cereal box ad
Photo of doll
Mary Hartline dolls
Snap, Crackle, & Pop (scroll down)
Sweetheart 1950s
Valerie, Raisin Bran 1963:
Loft Candy Co., Little Miss Loft
MD Tissue, Maisy & Daisy cloth, 1970s; see also Wizard of Oz
Oxol cloth 1931:
Pond’s Cold Cream 1950s:
Bride by Citro:
Quaker Crackels, cloth 1930s
Tropic-ana (Tropicana) 1977:
Uneeda Boy, National Biscuit 1915
Wendy’s 2002:

AE, see Allied

Aetna Doll Co.,
1901–1925. See Horsman.
Can’t Break ’Em:

African dolls / figures.
See also Ethnic or Black dolls.
About, with examples
By country: (music)
By tribe; traditional figures
EthiDolls 2003–
South Africa Red Cross Rehabilitation Centre dolls:
Felt doll, beaded; photo

Aich Menzel & Co.,
1918–1930. See also Armand Marseille.

Alabama Indestructible Doll, see Smith, Ella

Alessandra Marcellan Thor, reproduction antique dolls

Alexander dolls, see Madame Alexander

Alexanderkins and all 8" dolls
by Madame Alexander, 1953–
“I Dream of Jeannie” 1996
Little Miss USA 2002 ad
Maggie Mix-Up 8", 1960–61:
Military, modern:
Quintuplets 1964:
Wendy 8" / Wendy-kins (Wendykins) dolls:
1960 & 1963 Alexander catalogs
1967 FAO Schwarz exclusive, Wendy & Sewing Basket
See also Ginny and 8" Ginny-type dolls.

Alexandra Co. / Alexandra Koukinova, Russia, 1993–

Alexandre, Henri;
(HA or Phénix), 1888–1891. See Jules Steiner.

Alice in Wonderland dolls by various makers
1860s china head style:
American Character “Sweet Alice,” Sweet Sue 1950s:
Arranbee Nanette, ca. 1950:
Dorothy Heizer doll:
Duchess doll: 12½", 1951
Ginny by Vogue 1952:
Gund doll: Vinylite 1951
Hoyer doll: Alice Blue Pinafore 1952
Madame Alexander dolls:
1930s cloth:
1947 hard plastic, restored, photo
1947 Sears catalog
1949 hard plastic, all original
1951 hard plastic, Maggie face:
1965 ad, Disney art (music)
1965 & 1990, vinyl:
1990 example, photo
Alexanderkins 8":
Martha Chase dolls: Alice in Wonderland group, 1920s
Mattel dolls:
Disney, modern:
Kelly & Tommy 2003: As Alice in Wonderland & The Mad Hatter
Liddle Kiddles 1968:
Mad Hatter 2010:
Nancy Ann Storybook dolls:
Bisque doll versions
Bisque doll, photo
Hard plastic doll, 1950s
Parian, Alice head style:
Parian example
Simon & Halbig parian shoulderhead, ca. 1875, photo
Pullip by Jun Planning:
R. John Wright dolls:
Ruth Treffeisen doll:
Standard Doll Co. doll:
Sun Rubber
Tonner dolls: for Effanbee; and 2002 Collectibles 19"
Whitman paper dolls, Starlets:

All-bisque, small dolls.
See also Antique; Bisque.
About collecting
About, guide
About small all-bisque dolls, brief
France, mignonette “pocket” dolls 1875–1925
Germany example, photo
Japan all-bisque baby
See also Bathing beauties; Frozen Charlotte; Googly-eyed; Half dolls; Kewpie.

Allied / Allied Eastern / Allied-Grand / Allied Imported (AE),
See also 14R dolls; PM Sales. (music)
Carol Channing, “Hello Dolly!”
Allied-Grand ad:
Quintuplets 1963:

Alma Co.,
1920s–1930s. See also Boudoir; Lenci.
Doll example 1
Doll example 2

Allwin dolls,
England, 1920s–1930s
Cloth baby doll:
Golliwog 1924:
Jockey doll
Shirley Temple doll: Felt / cloth pajama type

Alt, Beck & Gottschalck (ABG),
1880s, #639:
Babykins by Grace Storey Putnam doll:
Corry Rockwell, Grace (made bisque heads for)
Example, photo

Alta Moda
by Furga, 1965–1968
1969 Simona bride
1971 Simona bride
Cinderella (Cenerentola)
Similar, see Furga “P” girls
Susanna, Furga Alta Moda, photo
Vittoria & Valentina clothing, Alta Moda tags, 1969 Sears catalog
Note: This Italian website did not ask for permission to use my copyrighted photo. I would have said yes if they give me credit:

Always Sisters by Kenner, 1988

AM bisque dolls, see Armand Marseille

Amanda Jane dolls,
Black dolls:
Jinx 1958– (Ginny-type doll):
Photos, examples

Amberg & Son, Louis,
Baby Peggy, bisque:
Charlie Chaplin doll, 1915
Sue 1928:
Skookum Apples:
Vanta baby

American Beauty Doll Co. / P.D. Smith,

American Character / American Doll & Toy,
1919–1968 (music) (music)
Baby Sue 21", 1963:
Betsy McCall 1958–63
Bottletot and Marveltot 1926–
Butterball 1961:
Eloise by Kay Thompson & Hilary Knight 1950s–
“I Love Lucy,” Ricky Jr. / Little Ricky & Lucy, 1950s
Little Miss Echo 1962–64:
Mary Make-up 1964–67
Popi, face closeup:
Sweet Sue and Sweet Sue Sophisticate
Terri Talks 1966, Sears dress variation
Tiny Tears
Toodles and Teenie Toodles
Tressy 1964–67
Whimsie 1960–61

American Doll Co.,

American Girl by Pleasant Company / Mattel, 1986–

American Stuffed Novelty Co.,
1923–1930s. See also Lenci; Boudoir dolls.
working on

American Toy & Novelty / Plotnick Co.,
Buddy & Sis, Raggedy Ann & Andy look-alikes

by Sun Rubber, 1949
Amosandra in original box

Polly Pretend 1975:
Super Baby 1976:

Anekona Hawaii,
“Sassy-faced” dolls

Angelina Ballerina by Pleasant Company / Mattel, 2001–

Anglund, Joan Walsh; Wolfpit Enterprises/Determined Productions, 1960s–

Anili dolls,
Italy 1946–. See Lenci.

Anime dolls, modern

Anita Novelty Co., see Boudoir dolls

Annalee Mobilitee Dolls, Inc.,
1990s, photos:
1950s Skiers, photo:

Anne Geddes / Especially Kids 1990s–, see Unimax

Annz dolls 2005–

Antique dolls

See Asian; Baby; Black; Bisque; Boudoir; China; Cleaning; Cloth; Ethnic; Mechanical;
Metal; Paper; Papier-mâché; Parian; Repairs; Wax; Wooden; or manufacturer name.
1881, popular dolls:
About / history:
Early, papier-mâché, & wax
Bisque, china & parian
Articulate / phonograph (talking)
Autoperipatetikos (walking)
Black dolls:
Body type, ball-jointed & straight wrist
Buying: 10 things you should inspect when buying an antique bisque doll
Character dolls
Clothing & accessories: Research, patterns, and sewing
Collecting basics
Conservation, see Care & cleaning
Examples, various photos
French & German dolls (music)
French dolls; see also individual makers:
List of makers, 1840s–1930s
Frozen Charlotte and Charlie
German dolls
Half dolls or pincushion dolls
Identification marks:
Leather, example
Mignonette “pocket” dolls 1875–1925
Misrepresented antique dolls:
National Antique Doll Dealers Association (NADDA):
Packing bisque dolls for shipping
Photographs; antique photographs and images with dolls:
About collecting
New York Public Library collections
Girl with Simon & Halbig for Heinrich Handwerck doll, ca. 1895
Trunks or cases:

Applause / Wallace Berrie / Dakin, 1966–
1980s–2000s dolls
Little Orphan Annie
Raggedy Ann & Andy 1983–2005

Archies, The;
by various makers, 1969–
Comics, about:
Effanbee 2001:
Marx 1975:
Wards catalog 1975
Mattel Barbie 2005:
Playing Mantis & Effanbee 2001
Whitman paper dolls 1969:

Armand Marseille bisque dolls, see Marseille

Arnold, Max Oscar,
Arnolda / Arnoldia, talking; see also Mechanical dolls:

Arnold Print Works,
The Yellow Kid 1899
Brownies by Palmer Cox

Arranbee (R & B) Doll Co.,
1922–1961 (music)
Composition doll, 22" ca. 1938–1940s, photo
Coty Girl / Miss Coty, “Circle P” mark
Debu’teen (Debuteen):
Littlest Angel
Mary Lee:
Nancy, composition:
Nancy Lee, composition, 1938–46:
Nancy Lee and Nanette, hard plastic, 1947–1950s:
Hard plastic breakdown, about
Nanette, about; with photo
Nanette skater:
Nanette 1954:
Sonja Henie composition doll 1938–46
Sweet Pea: 1957 Bloomingdale’s catalog (PDF file, p. 8)
Taffy: (scroll down)

Arrow Novelty Co. (ANCO),
Skookum dolls

Arrow Rubber & Plastics Industries / Edward Mobley,
Gerber baby dolls
Rubber squeak dolls:

Art Craft Toy Products / Playthings,

Art Fabric Mills,
preprinted cloth, 1900–1910
Miss Flaked Rice:

Artisan Doll Co. / Artisan Novelty Co.,
1950–ca. 1953
Clothing designed by California Originals by Michele.
Miss Gadabout 1951 and Raving Beauty 1953:
Patent & drawing
Raving Beauty:

Artist dolls, modern

cloth pose dolls, 1960s–1970s
Krissy Belle (Christmas outfit):
Alden’s catalog 1978
Photos, various

Ashton-Drake dolls

Asian dolls

Action figures, modern:
Adora Doll Co., 2000–
Asian & Asian-Pacific, modern: Karito Kids by Kids Give, 2007 (Chinese)
Chinese dolls, vintage
Composition, 1930s:
Ethnic, by country; see also Ethnic dolls: (music)
Examples, photos:
Japanese dolls
Marseille, Armand doll:
Rice Paddy Babies by Mieler Dolls 1985
Thai dolls

Atlas Doll & Toys Co.,

Australian dolls
. See also Palitoy; Pedigree.
Aboriginal tribes / Native Australian; see also Ethnic dolls:
Sarah Midgly:
Cathie clone by Netta Co.:
Cherub Co.:
Black baby 1984
Gregson Austerity doll 1942:
Hush-a-Bye, Laurie Cohen 1930s–40s:
Ideal Skating Crissy 11½" 1978 (Australian)
Little Tuppence & Posing Penny by Lincoln Industries, New Zealand
Mattel Barbie doll: Australian Olympics 1976
Metti / Netta Co. 1970s–
Sterne Doll Co.
Trio Doll Co. / Ruby Wharrie 1939–1940s

Automata (plural) or automaton (singular), see Mechanical antique dolls

Averill Manufacturing Co., see Georgene
Dolly Rekord, see Mechanical dolls

Awesome Girls by Artsy Inc., 1999–2000

Azone dolls, see Obitsu


Baby Alive
by Kenner, 1970s–
TV ad:

Baby All Gone by Kenner, 1991–1992

Baby Barry Toy Co. / Universal Doll Corp.,
Baby Barry 1950s:
Emmett Kelly:
Li’l Abner dolls

Baby Beans
by Mattel, 1973–1975

Baby Dear & Baby Dear One
by Eloise Wilkin for Vogue Dolls, 1961–
1970 JC Penney’s catalog
About Eloise Wilkin
Baby Dear One:
So Big 1968 (features Madame Alexander doll) & other Little Golden Books:

Baby dolls,
antique & vintage
American Character; Madame Alexander; Uneeda dolls:
Bye-Lo Baby by Grace Storey Putnam
Examples; see also other individual makers:
Gerber by Arrow and Sun Rubber
Kämmer & Reinhardt
Pussycat 1960s– by Madame Alexander
Rubber dolls:
Squalling type, early vinyl

Baby Face by Mel Birnkrant & Galoob, 1990–1991

Baby First Step
by Mattel, 1965–1967
TV ad:

Babyland Rag
cloth dolls by Horsman, 1893–1920s
Brückner, Albert
See also Topsy-turvy, two-headed cloth dolls.

Babysitter’s Club by Remco/Kenner/Determined Products/Scholastic, 1990s

Baby Tender Love
by Mattel, 1960s–1980s
Living and Talking versions 1971
Newborn 1973
1988 version

Bahr & Proschild
(Bähr & Pröschild), 1871–1919. See Bruno Schmidt.
289, example:
604 baby:
Mandarin’s Son
Snowbabies dolls:
Toddler boy:

Baitz, L. & R.,
Germany and Austria, 1905–1999 (music)

Ball-jointed dolls, modern resin

Bandai dolls

Bangkok Dolls House and Museum,
Thai dolls, 1956–. See also Asian; Ethnic.

by Edith von Arps, Germany, 1940s–1950s. See also similar, Tiny Town.
1950s example
Little Bo Peep & her sheep, photo

Barbara Jo dolls,

Barbie, modern 1980s–, by Mattel

Barbie, vintage 1959–1970s, by Mattel. See also Barbie clones.
Some websites here include information about both vintage and modern dolls.
Identifying vintage Barbie (1959–1970s):
1966 and other marks, identifying year made
All dolls & fashions:
All dolls & fashions (Mattel site; info & photos by Sarah Sink Eames):
Note: Best Buy outfits were not packaged with shoes.
All dolls, face close-ups: (scroll down)
Body types, compared to modern bodies
Bubblecuts 1961–1965
Clothing tags and labels
Dolls, vintage to modern:
Face molds, vintage to modern close-ups, organized:
By doll:
By mold:
Hair colors:
Hand comparisons, including “Mexico hands” (scroll down)
Ken & all other males:
Mod era 1967–72: (music)
Original outfits, complete:
Ponytails 1959–1965
Shoes & accessories

#1 Barbie wearing “Barbie-Q,” photo
#1 Barbie wearing modern dress, photo
#1 Barbie vs. reproduction by Mattel:

1966 and other marks, identifying year made:

1964 to 1988 department store catalogs:
1970s dolls, about
Abbreviations & terminology
Mattel site with downloadable images:
Ads, booklets, catalogs, & photos; vintage to modern, French & English
Advertising premiums: Carnation Malted Milk, booklet
American Girl Barbie:
American Girl, late 1966 silver brunette, photo
Australian Olympics 1976
Babies & toddlers, face & body molds:
Beautiful Bride 1976, photo
Beauty Center (grow hair) 1971:
Black Barbie dolls, about:
First black Barbie 1980
First black Barbie 1980, video
Board games, vintage to modern
Brad, Talking 1970, photo
Braniff Air Hostess by Emilio Pucci for Marx, 1967:
1967 Ward’s catalog page
Bubblecuts, 1961–1965:
1961 White Ginger bubblecut, photo
1961 Brownette bubblecut, photo
Buying, eBay guide to
Cases & other vinyl accessories: (music)
Ponytail vinyl:
Casey 1967, photo
Checklist: 1980–2004 model numbers (PDF file)
Christie, Malibu 1973, photo
Cleaning & care; see also restoration tips:
Green ear stains, removing
Stains, removing
Collecting, articles about:
Color Magic 1966–67:
Fashion Designer & Fashion Fun Kit, 1966
Color ’n Curl, 1966 JC Penney’s catalog
Dream Kitchen by Deluxe Reading:
Dressed box dolls:
Face molds, vintage to modern close-ups:
Fashion booklets:
1959–2000: (scroll down; IDs in English)
1965–73: (music)
Fashion Queen 1963–64
Fashion Queen wearing "Barbie in Japan," photo
Foreign licensed models:
Francie (see links above under Identifying vintage):
Black dolls:
Black Francie, 1967 1st issue, oxidized hair, photo
Black Francie, 1968 2nd issue, photo
Case & room, 1966 JC Penney’s catalog
Japanese 1966:
“No Bangs” Francie 1971, photo
Free-Moving Barbie 1975–76, photo
Furniture, Modern by Mattel, 1958 (often mistaken as Barbie)
Furniture & playsets, inflatible: By Zee / Zylmex, 1979
Gift sets, vintage department store exclusives: (music)
Hair care and cleaning for vintage Barbies
Hair Fair:
Hair Fair 1967–69, photo
Hair Fair 1971, center-eyed, photo
History, timeline, family tree:
Mattel’s collector website
Horses & pets, vintage to modern:
Houses & other structures, vintage cardboard or vinyl:
Dream House 1962:
Dream House, 1966 JC Penney’s catalog
Family House 1970s
List of:
Lively Livin’ House 1970
Photos of:
Jamie; Walking Jamie, Sears Exclusive 1970–72:
1971 Sears Wishbook
Walking Jamie in original outfit, photo
Walking Jamie, brunette in Sharp Shift, photo
Japanese versions
Karosel Kitchen 1971
Ken & all other males, vintage to modern:
About collecting
Body mold comparisons
Ken 1964 Arabian Nights, Little Theatre Gift Set, photo
Ken a-Go-Go, Sears 1966
Reflocking hair
Sewing pattern by Advance, 1962
Live Action 1971, wearing 1964 “Barbie in Holland”
Midge (see links above under Identifying vintage):
Vintage to modern:
Vintage variations:
Mink coat, Sears Exclusive 1964–65, photo
Miss America, Kellogg’s mail-away offer 1972–73
Miss Barbie 1964
Mod era 1967–72, photos:
Montgomery Ward 1972 reissue
NRFB examples
Olympic Ski Village 1976
Paper dolls of Barbie and friends:
PB Barbie by Ma-Ba, Japan 1986:
Pets and horses
PJ TNT 1970–71, photo
Ponytails 1959–1965:
1960 Ponytail #3, photo
1960 Ponytail #3 variations, photo
1961 #5 and 1962 #6 Ponytails, photo
1961 Ponytail #6, photo
1964–65 “Swirl” Ponytail, photo
Factory braid & updo/bun
Purses, vintage red velvet
Quick Curl dolls:
Reproductions of vintage dolls by Mattel
Restoration tips; see also Cleaning & care:
Green ear stains, removing
Magazine article index
Reflocking Ken’s hair
Rerooting hair
Sew-Free fashions 1965–66:
Sewing patterns & 1971 Action Sewing Center (music)
Sew Simple 1971
Skipper & friends (see links above under Identifying vintage):
1968 Skipper TNT, photo
Clones, Skipper
Coloring book 1965
Dream Room & cases, 1966 JC Penney’s catalog
Face molds:
Fashions matching Barbie outfits
Friends, vintage to modern face molds:
Japanese, vintage:
Vintage to modern:
“Sorbonne” 1967 fashion
Stacey 1968-71; for Stacie, see Barbie, modern 1980s–:
Stacey TNT 1968, platinum hair, photo
Stacey TNT 1968, titian hair, photo
Stacey TNT 1969, titian hair, photo
Steffie head mold:
Sunsailer 1975, Hobie Cat-style catamaran:
Supersize 18" 1977–78:
Supersize Barbie
Supersize Christie
Superstar 1977:
Comparison photo with reproduction
Suzy Goose furniture, in 1964 Sears catalog
Todd, 1966 & 1992–94:
Truly Scrumptious 1969
Tutti, Chris & Todd:
Twiggy 1967–68
United Friend Ship
Vintage dolls & fashions, details about:
Vinyl accessories, vintage:
Ponytail vinyl:
Wedding gift sets, vintage to modern
White Ginger 1961 bubblecut, example
Young Sweethearts, Michael & Melinda, 1976

Barbie clones, vintage (competitors, copycats, or look-alikes).
See Barbie by Mattel.
Shoe IDs:

1962 Seattle World’s Fair, “Miss Space Needle”
American Character Tressy, Cricket, & Mary Make-up
Black clone or look-alike dolls
Candy (has dimples & eyelashes), unknown maker:
Cragstan, Liza:
Debbie Drake, unknown maker
Debbie the Elegant Doll, powder/talc bottle doll
Edico, Mini-Mod, Missy-Mod, and Modern Miss:
Modern Miss 11½" Twist & Turn 1969–70, photo
EeGee, Andy, Annette & Babette:
Fab-Lu, Babs & Bill, booklets
Fashions: 1970 JC Penney’s catalog
Fashions, tagged Hong Kong, British Crown Colony:
Maddie Mod by Princess Grace (PGD) / Mego
Tina Cassini doll
GéGé France, Mily
Hong Kong:
Ideal Misty / Miss Clairol
Ideal Mitzi
Ideal Tuesday Taylor
Joja France, Sylvie
Ken doll look-alikes/clones:
Sears catalog 1964, Tommy
L. Davis Textiles, Rusty
Lili Ledy Mexico, Talking Barbie clone
Maddie Mod by Princess Grace (PGD)/Mego, 1967–73
Mariclare, sold in JC Penney’s catalog 1970s
Marx, Bonnie:
Marx, Marlene & vanity set 1964:
Catalog, Sears 1964
Comparison photos with Debbie Drake & Polly Play-Pose
Vanity set details
See also Polly Play-Pose; Debbie Drake (platinum hair)
Mitzi by Ideal and Mitzie by Reliable
Plasty; Petra, Peggy, & Fred von Plasty
Sears catalog 1964, unknown maker
Skipper clones:
Miss Kitty by Cragstan:
PMA, Debby:
Regal, Penny
Roberta Doll Co.: Toby, 1962 Billy & Ruth catalog (PDF file)
Sharing / Enn-ness, Miss Mod 14" 1960s:
Shillman, Maxi Mod:
Shillman, Mini-Mod:
Shillman, Miss Teenage Girl:
Texaco Cheerleader:
Totsy, Twistee 1970s:
Uneeda Dollikin 11½"
Uneeda Miss Suzette & Bob 11½" 1962
Uneeda Wendy Ward 11½" 1964 (Y-body)
U mark: Uneeda; Unique Doll Co./Elite Creations; & others:
Bonnie, original boxes
Wendy, original boxes
Wendy bubblecut, original box
Valentine, Polly (non-jointed elbows)
Valentine, Polly Play-Pose (jointed elbows)

Barbie, see also similar vintage dolls:
Bild Lilli 1955–64
Celebrity dolls
Ceppi Ratti (Giochi Preziosi) 1970s–90s
Sindy 1963–86
Tammy 1962–66
Totsy 1970s–90s
World of Love 1971–77

Barrois, Eugene (EB),
1844–1875. See also Antique; Bru Jne & Cie; French fashion.
About / history, brief
China doll, attributed to Barrois
Example, 13" French fashion
Example, 17" unmarked French fashion
Example, 36" French fashion
Example, French fashion ca. 1875

Bathing beauties figures / dolls,
bisque or china
Article about (scroll down)
Fakes/unmarked reproductions maker:
Weiss, Kühnert & Co., & modern reproductions by German Doll Co.:
1927 catalog page:
William Goebel

Battat dolls, 1998–

Beanie dolls by Ty, 2001–

Beany & Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent
by Bob Clampett & Mattel, doll 1961/62
About cartoon:
Video of talking doll:

Beatrice Wright / B. Wright Toy Co.,
1960s. See also Black dolls.
Debbie doll
Doll photo

Bed dolls, see Boudoir dolls, ca. 1915–1930s

Beehler Arts dolls
(Fortune / (Kim / Ontario Plastics / Virga), 1950s
Princess Summerfall Winterspring 18", photo
Princess Summerfall Winterspring 8", see Virga
See also 8" Ginny-type dolls.

BeGoths dolls by Bleeding Edge, 2003–

Bella dolls (Société Bella of France),
Cathie 1967–82
Modele Depose 1960s:
Tressy (original by American Character)

Belle Doll & Toy Co.,
1950s. See also 14R dolls; Circle P dolls.
Little Miss Margie:
Margie, look-alike to Cissy:
See also Dollikin by Uneeda.

Beloved Belindy
by Georgene Novelties / Knickerbocker / P. F. Volland, 1926–
See Raggedy Ann. (music)
1940s pattern, homemade
Chronology, notes doll details:
Knickerbocker 1965, white version
Volland doll photo, with book and toys

Berenguer / Berjusa (JC Toys), 1944–

Bergmann dolls / C. M. Bergmann;
Simon & Halbig head: 23" doll marked C.M.B.

Berwick dolls, see Famlee

Bester Doll Co.
/ Morimura Brothers (Noritake), 1918–1921 (music)

Best of the West
by Marx, 1967-1975
Johnny West, Jane West, Janice, Josie, & Princess Wildflower: (Click Cowboys tab.)
Boxes & equipment manuals:
Jane West original box
Janice West:
Pricing example:
Princess Wildflower
TV ad, Jane West:
TV ad:

Betsey Clark
by Hallmark / Knickerbocker, 1970s–
Cloth doll 1977–79
Cloth doll & furniture, Sears catalog 1979
Dollhouse 1979 by American Toy
Knickerbocker, vinyl:
6" doll & playset, Sears catalog 1979
6" doll:
15" & 9" dolls, JC Penney’s catalog 1976

Betsy McCall
by American Character / Horsman / Ideal / Tonner / Uneeda
American Character and Ideal:
American Character 8", 1958–63:
1958 Sears catalog
1963 Sears catalog:
Photo, Betsy wearing “Co-ed”
Photo, Betsy wearing “School Girl”
Photo, close-up of Betsy
Photos, various outfits
Sunday Best outfit:
American Character 14", 1958–59:
1958 Sears catalog
School outfit
American Character 20" flirty-eyed, 1959:
Pictured on 1997 U.S. postage stamp
American Character 22" “Teen Betsy McCall,” 1961:
American Character 36" companion size, 1961:
Betsy McCall 36" (music)
Sandy McCall 36", 1959–61 (music)
Amsco Pretty Pac vinyl cases & accessories:
1957 Bloomingdale’s catalog (PDF file, p. 10)
1960 Billy and Ruth catalog (PDF file, p. 4)
Horsman 30", 1975: (music)
Photo: (music)
Ideal 14", Bakelite / Vinylite vinyl resin, 1951–53:
McCall’s apron pattern 1952
McCall’s iron-on dollhouse pattern (photo; scroll down)
Paper dolls, McCall’s magazine 1951–:
Tonner Betsy McCall 1996–, about:
Uneeda 11½" “Pre-Teen,” 1964; see also Wendy Ward:
1964 Sears catalog
McCall’s paper doll wearing same outfit as new doll, Oct. 1964

Betsy Wetsy
by Ideal, 1930s–1970s
1942 Spiegel catalog
1947 Sears catalog
1948 Billy and Ruth catalog (PDF file)
1958 Sears catalog
Tearie Betsy Wetsy 1978: working on

Betty Spaghetty by Ohio Art Co. / Flair, 1998–

“Bewitched,” Samantha & Tabatha (Tabitha)
by various companies
Compare to Ideal Comic Heroines & Misty dolls:
Dolls & paper dolls:
Ideal 1965–66:
1966 JC Penney’s catalog
Tabatha, correct spelling of doll’s name:
Tabatha mark, Screen Gems:

Bible Doll Co.,

Big Beautiful Dolls Inc., 2002–

Big Jim
by Mattel, 1972–1986. See also GI Joe.
Ads, 1970s:
Comic book ad
Australian Olympics 1976
Catalog, 1974
Cipsa, Mexico:

Bild Lilli by Ralph Hausser / Elastolin,
Clothing by E. Maar & Sohn (3M). See also Barbie; Schwabinchen; Miss Seventeen. (scroll down)
About, article by Billy Boy, click Galleries
About Hausser Co., Elastolin
Clone / look-alike, made in Hong Kong, known as “Hong Kong Lilli”:
Fashion catalogs

Billiken doll
by Horsman / Steiff (misspelling Billikin) (sometimes unavailable)
Kewpie-Billiken celluloid
Steiff 1909, about:

Billy Boy Toys, 1985–

Bing Brothers Art Doll Co. / Bing Corp. / Gebruder Bing, Germany, 1882–1932
About, with photos
Bisque Kewpie types by Louis Wolf Co.

Bionic Woman / Lindsay Wagner
by Kenner, 1975–1977 (pop-ups)
1976 JC Penney’s catalog
Comic book ad, Beauty Salon (click > for Dome House ad)
Fembot ad:
Kenner catalog pages:
NRFB examples
Supersize 18", sold only in UK
See also Six Million Dollar Man.

Biscaloid dolls
(bisqualoid), 1920s
Rosi by Kämmer & Reinhardt:
Example, photo
Gladdie by Helen Jensen 1929

Bisque dolls.
See also Antique; China; Parian; Repairs; and maker name.
Identifying genuine:
All-bisque, small dolls
Alt, Beck & Gottschalck
Amberg, Louis & Son
Bathing beauties
Bergmann, C. M.
Buying: 10 things you should inspect when buying an antique bisque doll
Danel & Cie
Definition of bisque, see Glossary of doll materials
Describing, terms:
Dollhouse dolls, antique bisque
English, Doll Pottery Co.
Frozen Charlotte and Charlie
Bisque swivel head on bisque shoulderplate, unknown maker, photo
Googly-eyed character dolls
Half dolls or pincushion dolls
Happifat all-bisque doll
Marseille, Armand
Mignonette “pocket” dolls 1875–1925
Nancy Ann Storybook, bisque
Nippon or Japan:
Packing for shipping or moving
Simon & Halbig
Snowbabies, antique German

Bitty Baby by Pleasant Company / Mattel

Black dolls.
See also the company or specific doll name.
About & history:
Blog on black dolls & doll history
African dolls
Alabama Indestructible Doll by Ella Smith
Amosandra by Sun Rubber
Antique dolls:
Art Fabric Mills
Aunt Jemima, Diana; Quaker Oats advertising caricatures:
Native Australian / Aboriginal tribes
Beatrice Wright / B. Wright Toy Co.
Big Beautiful Dolls
Black-owned doll companies, about; see also company names
Bru (Jne Bru & Cie), antique bisque
Celebrities or historical figures:
Diahann Carroll as Julia doll, see Barbie by Mattel
Diahann Carroll as Julia, paper dolls
Diana Ross dolls
Jackie Robinson doll:
Chase / Martha Chase doll:
Cindy by Horsman dolls:
Cloth dolls (also called rag dolls):
Cloth doll, black, homemade, photo
Cloth dolls, black, ca. 1940s to 1950s, photo
Composition dolls, ca. 1920s to 1940s
Daddy’s Long Legs dolls, 1985–2003
EthiDolls, African dolls 2003–
Ethnic dolls, by country
Fashion dolls 1960s, about
Gambina, New Orleans, 1970s
Ginette by Vogue 1964–65
Golliwogg (Golliwog or Gollies) caricature:
Hamilton Design Systéme, 1994–
Honey the Teenager 1961
Kämmer & Reinhardt baby:
Kaysam-Jolly / Nasco
Kewpie-type celluloid, Japan:
Leslie 1960s, photo; by Madame Alexander
Leo Moss dolls, late 1800s to early 1900s
Lomel Enterprises 1986
Mammy caricature, examples:
Beloved Belindy by Georgene Novelties
Rubber dolls, 1900s–1930
Ramp walker with baby carriage, 1947
Marcus Garvey, UNIA dolls 1919
Missionary Ragbabies by Julia Jones Beecher 1880s–1910
Myla Perkins collection
National Negro Doll Co., Richard Henry Boyd, 1911
Norman Rockwell, “The Problem We All Live With,” doll by Mary Moline, 1981
OK Kader dolls 1950s:
Olmec Toys 1985–
Paper dolls, black
Papier-mâché, antique:
Polly by Pullan
Sara Lee by Ideal 1951–53
Shindana Toys
Simon & Halbig doll:
Sun Tan dolls by W.B. Abbott / N.V. Sales Co., 1921–53
Tara by Ideal 1976
Terri Lee Dolls
Topsy dolls
Topsy-turvy dolls
Vermont Novelty Works 1850s
WPA dolls

by SFBJ; Fleishmann & Blodel; UNIS, France; 1905–1960
Antique Trader article (scroll down)
About; & new outfits from patterns
Bécassine (Becassine):
Article about, with photos
Cloth doll by Reine Degrais, 1950s
Fashions from La Semaine de Suzette patterns:
Fashion patterns from Doll Reader magazine
Jumeau, first Bleuette:
La Semaine de Suzette 1915
Reproductions / homages:
La Petite Fille Modèle de BillyBoy 1992
Leannie, modern resin:
SFBJ dolly-face molds:
SFBJ closed-mouth mold #301, photo
SFBJ open-mouth mold #301, papier-mache, ca. 1939–46
SFBJ open-mouth mold #301, with wardrobe, ca. 1946–50

Blinkins by LJN Toys, 1985–1986

Block Doll Co.
See also Arranbee Littlest Angel.

Blossom Doll Co.,
boudoir dolls, 1920s–1930s (search blog)

Bluebird Toys / Origin Products, see Polly Pocket

Blue Box Toys (BBI) dolls/action figures

by Kenner/GMFGI & Tomy, 1972 / Takara / Hasbro / Ashton-Drake
About / history:
1972 ad in Good Housekeeping
1972 example:
Comic book ads:
1973 comic book ad
Modern releases:
Tomy, Japanese (Ai Ai Chan)
TV ad 1970s:

BND, see British National Dolls

Bogi action figures / dolls.
See Dinah-Mite by Mego.
Barbie clone:
Demo Girl 8":

Bonny Braids (from Dick Tracy)
by Ideal 1951–1953. See Sparkle Plenty.
Sometimes misspelled Bonnie Braids; name is spelled Bonny on original box & tag.
Original box

see rubber squeak dolls, 1950s–1960s
Little Red Riding Hood doll: Two-faced doll, 1956

Bonomi dolls / Luigi Bonomi,
Brikette design by Bonomi for Vogue:
Body comparison to other Bonomi dolls
Brikette face, Bonomi doll in original outfit
Jenny & other hard plastic doll, 1950s
Photo in this blog
Photo, close-up:

Borgfeldt, George
(distributor), 1881–1950s
Betty Jean (Pretty Peggy) by Grace Corry Rockwell
Bye-Lo Baby by Grace Storey Putnam
Cameo / Joseph Kallus
Gladdie by Helen Jensen
Googly doll: “September Morn” by Grace Drayton (Googlies Part 2 article)
Handwerck, Heinrich
K & K Toy Co.
Kämmer & Reinhardt
Mickey Mouse 1931
Skookum logo:

Boudoir dolls,
also called bed, flapper, pillow, or smoker dolls; ca. 1915–1930s
About / history:
About / history, with photos: (PDF file)
Alma Co. dolls 1920s–1930s
Buying guide:
Cubeb smoker by Mutual Novelty, 1925–30s: (click to right)
Parisienne or Cubeb smoker doll, photo
Dolls of the Art Deco Era by Susanna Oroyan
Examples, various makers:
French 1920s
Gerb’s, France 1927–30: (Search blog)
Gre-Poir dolls
Helene Sardeau portrait boudoir dolls
Example doll
Lenci dolls
Papier-mâché heads, photo
Papier-mâché head, photo
Ring Lady dolls, France:
Smoker dolls:
Shipping a smoker doll

Boy Scout dolls, see Steve Scout

Bradley dolls,
cloth pose dolls, Japan, 1954–1984

Brass Key International, The (TBKI); 1996–

Bratz by MGA Entertainment

Bratz line (Babyz, Big Babyz, Li’l Bratz) by MGA Entertainment

Brenda Starr dolls
by Madame Alexander and Effanbee / Tonner
About: (scroll right)
Comic, about:
Madame Alexander 1964:
1964 Sears catalog
Hairstyle booklet

Breyer, Brenda; Breyer Animal Creations / Reeves / Unger Toys, 1980s–

by Vogue Dolls, 1959–1961
Bonomi design for: Body comparison to other Bonomi dolls
Original for Talky Tina on “Twilight Zone:”
Sailor outfit
Similar: Jinx doll by Kaysam-Jolly
Re-release 1977

British / English dolls
8" Ginny-type:
Allwin 1935:
Amanda Jane dolls
Black dolls, made in England:
British Doll Artists Association:
British National Dolls (BND)
Christmas fairy dolls:
Clothkits 1970s:
Doll Pottery Co., bisque:
Farnell’s Alpha Toys
Historical dolls
Jemima, “Play School” TV show, 1964–88:
Liberty of London
List of makers:
Mary Quant
My Darling’s Dollcraft 1940s
Nisbet, Peggy
Old Cottage Toys, Margaret & Susi Fleischman 1939–76
Pot composition type / pot dolls, 1940s–:
Black dolls: Pot doll examples
Wax dolls, English

British National Dolls (BND),

Britney Spears dolls by Play Along / Jakks Pacific

by Palmer Cox. See also Antique.
Preprinted (lithograph) cloth & paper:
Arnold Print Works dolls:

Brownie & Girl Scout dolls, see Girl Scout

Bru Jne & Cie / Casimir Bru,
1866–1899. See also Antique; SFBJ.
Barrois, Eugene; made heads for Bru
Bébé, ca. 1878: (music)
Closed mouth:
French fashion dolls:
Bridal dress
Empress Eugenie
Black dolls:
Breveté 1879–80:
House of Girard:
Oriental #7, antique & reproduction
Swivel head

Bruckner, Albert / Bruckner’s Sons (Brückner),
Early 1900s:
See also Topsy-turvy, two-headed cloth dolls.

Bucherer, A. & Cie,
metal dolls, Switzerland, 1921–1930
Mama Katzenjammer 1921

Buddy Lee
by Lee Company, 1920–1962
1998 Buddy Lee:
“Buddy Lee Story” mockumentary, narrator Walter Cronkite:
Phillips 66:

Buddy Palooka
by Ham Fisher and Personality Doll Corp., 1950s

Buffy & Mrs. Beasley dolls
by Eegee / Mattel
Eegee, Tandy Talks (music)
Buffy close-up:
Mrs. Beasley 1967:
Mrs. Beasley 1973 (music)
Small Talk:

Buggy / buggies for dolls

Bullard, Helen
. See also Wooden dolls.
American Family:
Holly Dolls:

Buschow & Beck,
metal & celluloid dolls, 1890–1930s
Borgfeldt, distributor:
Celluloid: working on
Minerva metal head dolls

Butler Brothers,
distributor, 1910–1935
Snowbabies figures:

Butterfly Ring by Spellbound Dolls

Butterfly Woman by Olmec, 1986

Bye-Lo Baby
by Grace Storey Putnam, 1923–. See also Antique; Baby dolls.
Babykins, Bye-Lo, Fly-Lo:
Celluloid, unknown:
Century, Bye-Lo type, Kestner head
Horsman 1972:
Packing a bisque Bye-Lo for shipping

Byers’ Choice Carolers
by Joyce Byers, 1960s–. See also Simpich.
Collecting, about:
Salvation Army Carolers:


Cabbage Patch Kids by Xavier Roberts/Coleco/Hasbro/Matte /TRU; 1979–

Caco / Caho dollhouse-size dolls, Germany

Calico Lassie
(“Ellie Mae Clampett”) by Unique / Elite Creations, 1964–1965
Kellogg’s cereal premium: 1963 cereal box ad

California Originals by Michele, see Artisan Doll Co.

Callie Lou (Calli Lou) reproductions, see Clarmaid

Cameo Doll Co. / Joseph Kallus,
Betty Boop examples:
Borgfeldt, George, distributor:
Girl Scout 1985:
Ideal dolls: Flexy and animation character dolls
Miss Peep:
1966 Sears catalog
Pretty Bessie:

Campbell Kids & Dolly Dingle
by Grace Drayton; various makers
1955 Spiegel catalog
About Grace Drayton:
American Character, Campbell Kids & Dolly Dingle:
Similar Petite doll:
Dolly Dingle by Averill:
Dolly Dingle paper dolls, 1913–33:
Eugene 1980s:
Horsman dolls:
Knickerbocker 1973:
“Magic skin” dolls
Modern cloth 2001:
Rubber or vinyl, unknown maker:

Canadian dolls / Canada doll makers

Antique doll & toy makers, list:
Black dolls by Canadian makers:
Canadian Doll Artists Association:
Dee an Cee
Dominion Toy Manufacturing Co.
Eagle Toy Co. dollhouses
Eaton’s Beauty / Eaton Department Store dolls
Kehagias (Canada) / Kexagias (Greece): working on
Mayfair Products Ltd.
Nerlich & Co., retailer, 1858–:
Olympic skaters & skiers:
Regal Toy Co.
Reliable Toy Co.
Star Doll & Distinctive Dolls

Candi / Lady Linda and Fashion Candi
by Mego, 1970s–1980
11½" Fashion Candi and Coppertone Candi: (pop-ups)
19" Candi / Lady Linda, 1979–80: (pop-ups) (mislabeled as Fashion Candi)

Candi Girls by Hamilton Design Systéme / Integrity Toys, 1994–

Candy Fashion
by Deluxe Reading, 1958–1965
Original doll is 21" tall, and reproduction is 18" tall.
Modern reproduction 18", by Charisma

Captain Action
by Ideal / Playing Mantis
Comic book ad (click > for parachute ad)
Ideal 1966–68:
Ming the Merciless:
Playing Mantis 1997–2000:

Carlson dolls,
1946– . See also Dress-me dolls.
Historical figures
Native American souvenirs:

Carnival or Boopie
celluloid dolls by various makers, usually in Japan
About, brief
Photos of examples
See also genuine Kewpie dolls.

Carpatina dolls, 2002–

Carol the Color-Me Doll by Bayshore Industries / Eppy

Vinyl one-piece doll, with all-white eyes

Carriages, buggies, prams, or strollers for dolls

Carselle Muñecos (Munecos),
Señorita, Mexican, and matador dolls

Cassini; Tina Cassini doll
by Oleg Cassini & Ross Products (Hong Kong), 1963–1964
1964 Sears catalog
Fashion booklet
Photo of Tina Cassini doll

by Bella (Société Bella of France), 1967–1982 (not translated)
Netta lookalike:

Celebrity dolls.
See name of celebrity, movie, or TV show. See Mattel; Mego; Remco.
Audrey Hepburn dolls
Barbie Collectibles: Celebrity dolls, modern
Beatles dolls
Brooke Shields doll by LJN 1980s
Carol Channing doll, “Hello, Dolly!” by Allied (AE) / Nasco:
Deanna Durbin doll
Diana, Princess of Wales dolls
Diana Ross dolls
Dolly Parton dolls: (pop-ups)
Elizabeth Taylor dolls
Flip Wilson doll by Shindana 1970–71
Franklin Mint dolls
“Get Smart” dolls:
Hasbro Show Biz Babies 1967–68
“I Love Lucy” dolls 1950s–
Jackie Robinson doll:
Joe Namath doll:
Kennedy, John F., Jacqueline, Caroline, & John
Lana Turner doll by Integrity/Jason Wu
Pee Wee Herman doll:
Remco dolls
Rosie O’Donnell doll:
Teddy Roosevelt Safari by Schoenhut
Twiggy dolls, vintage and modern

Celluloid dolls.
See also Antique.
About / history: (scroll down)
“The History of Celluloid,” Celluloid Collectors Reference and Value Guide
Plastics Historical Society article
Toy Collector magazine article
Carnival-type dolls
Cascelloid, see Palitoy
Celluloid head, cloth body example:
Definition of celluloid, see also: Glossary of doll materials
German marks:
Japan 1930s
Kämmer & Reinhardt
Kewpie dolls
Multi-faced doll:
Petitcollin, France 1860– (eagle mark)
PH mark, Paul Hunaeus
Repairing celluloid dolls
Russian type:
Schildkröet dolls (turtle mark)
Société Nobel Française (SNF) 1927–1939
Viscoloid dolls

Century Doll Co.
/ Domec / Doll Corporation of America, 1909–1930s
Grace Corry Rockwell, 1921–

Ceppi Ratti, see Giochi Preziosi

Chad Valley dolls,
cloth, 1917– . See also Palitoy; Norah Wellings.
Beefeater doll
Example, early to mid-1950s
Mabel Lucie Atwell dolls:
Snow White 1930s

Character dolls
. See also Antique.
Franz Schmidt

“Charlie’s Angels”
by Hasbro / Mattel / Mego / Jakks Pacific
Hasbro & Jakks Pacific, 2000:
Hasbro & Spelling-Goldberg 8", 1977–78: (pop-ups)'s_angels.htm
Gift set:
Retailer ad & display:
Mattel: Cheryl Ladd & Kate Jackson
Mego, Farrah Fawcett: (pop-ups)
Fashions: (scroll; 2nd page)
Glamour Center head 1978
Mego, Jaclyn Smith: (pop-ups)

Charmkins by Hasbro, 1983–1984

Chase, Martha Jenks, Stockinet dolls.
See also Antique; Cloth.
Alice in Wonderland 1920s group:
Black doll, on U.S. stamp:
Hospital / Sanitary / nursing mannequin:
See also similar, Ella Smith dolls.

Chatty Cathy & Charmin’ Chatty
by Mattel / Dee an Cee in Canada, 1960–1965
About / history: Click Chatty History.
Black doll:
Canadian, soft face, side-glancing glassine eyes; photo
Eyes, about:

Cher and Sonny
by Mego, 1976–1981 (pop-ups)
Catalog pages:
Fashions: (pop-ups)

Cherry Merry Muffin by Mattel, 1988–1990

Chiltern dolls 1908–.
See also Chad Valley.
1970s example:

China dishware & tea sets for dolls

China dolls, antique
(glazed china). See also Antique; “Walda.”
Identifying and dating china dolls, and detecting reproductions:
Dating china dolls & detecting reproductions
1800–1850 examples:
1850–1860 examples:
1860–1890s examples:
About / history:
Bathing beauties figures
Definition of china, see Glossary of doll materials.
Examples, photos in this blog:
Carl Tielsch 1840s Queen Victoria style
Covered Wagon style
French and German dolls
Greiner-style china, photo
Pink-tinted bald head with wig, photo
Ringlet hairstyle, photo
Examples, various makers:
Frozen Charlotte and Charlie
German 1860–90s:
Hertel & Schwab Co.
Hertwig & Co., “Pet Name”
Parian (unglazed) dolls
Porcelain dolls, modern
Reproductions, modern:
Emma Clear / HDDH (Humpty Dumpty Doll Hospital)
Eva Mae reproduction kits 1967–87
Mark Farmer reproduction china dolls
Ruth Gibbs, Godey’s Little Lady dolls
Standard Doll Co., reproduction kits
Rohmer, Madame Leontine
Royal Copenhagen

Chinese dolls.
See also Asian.
Ada Lum cloth dolls, ca. 1930s–
Bähr & Pröschild bisque 1890:
Bisque head Chinese girl, made in Japan, photo
Composition (unknown maker), photo
Composition head, cloth body & limbs, ca. 1960s–70s, photo
Door of Hope dolls
Karito Kids by Kids Give 2007–
Kunming Blind School tourist dolls 1940s
Michael Lee, Hong Kong
Tripod mark:

Cindy Lou
by Richwood Enterprises
Mary Hoyer mold

Circle P mark

Circle X mark

Cissette 10"
by Madame Alexander 1957–
Modern, 2004–:
Vintage 1957–63:
ID dolls & clothing
1958 Cissette #873
About, brief
Catalog photos
Example doll, photos
Queen Elizabeth II doll 1959
Vintage Cissette mold, other dolls:
Jacqueline Kennedy 10" doll 1962
Margot 1961
Portrette 1968–70
Sleeping Beauty 1959:

by Madame Alexander
Modern 1996– :
Vintage 1955–59 and 1962:
1955 original photo:
1957 Bloomingdale’s catalog (PDF)
Blonde, 1957, wearing outfit #2141, photo
Blonde, photo
Brunette, ca. 1959, photo
Cissy face mold, other dolls, see Madame Alexander > Hard plastic
Binnie walker (Cissy face), photo
Fashion, unknown
Look-alike, Margie by Belle
Queen Elizabeth II doll 1955
Similar dolls:
Yardley ads featuring Cissy:
Yardley ad re-creation, photo

Cititoy / Hong Kong City Toys & Factory / Geoffrey (Toys R Us), 1980s–

Citro Manufacturing
for Pond’s Cold Cream

by Clara Wade & Callie Lou by Neva Wade Garnett, 1950s–1970s
Reproduction china and parian dolls. (Misspelling: Clairmaid)
See also Emma Clear.

Clea Bella by Bella Productions

Cleaning, care, repair, and storage tips

Clear, Emma / Humpty Dumpty Doll Hospital (HDDH),
Reproduction china & parian dolls. (scroll down)
1945 example
Body example:
George & Martha Washington

Clodrey dolls,
Canada and France
Ideal Crissy body 1972:

Cloth dolls or rag dolls, antique & vintage

Clothes or clothing for dolls: Research, patterns, and sewing

Cochran, Dewees; see Dewees Cochran Dolls

Coleco dolls 1980s–

Collecting and buying dolls, about: articles, general information, or links

Columbian Dolls
by Emma Adams, 1891–1910. See also Antique; Cloth.
Examples, photos:

Comic Heroines (“Superqueens”)
by Ideal. See Ideal Misty.
1967 Batgirl, Mera, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman
Comparison to Barbie Comic Heroines 2004
Wonder Woman doll:

Composition dolls.
See also Boudoir dolls.
Definition of composition:
See Glossary of doll materials.
Eyes, replacing
French, unmarked
Identifying composition vs. hard plastic
Identifying faces:
Mama dolls
Pot composition type, Britain 1940s
Restringing dolls

Corolle dolls, 1979–

Corry Rockwell, Grace
Century Doll Co., marketed by:
Little Brother & Little Sister (Averill Manufacturing/Georgene Novelties):
About, with Little Brother photo
Pretty Peggy/Betty Jean:

Cosmopolitan Toy & Doll,
Doll size comparison:
Ginger 8" 1954–
Little Miss Ginger 8" 1957– :
8" high-heeled dolls
See also Little Miss Marie; Little Miss Nancy Ann; Mayfair Debbie; Virga Hi Heel Teen
Miss Ginger 10" 1957– :

Coty Girl / Miss Coty by Arranbee

Cowgirl dolls
by various makers, 1950s (PDF file)

CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods), see Glamour Gals; SeeWees; or Kenner.

Cragstan, see Miss Cindy; Ginny, furniture; or Barbie & Skipper clones

Creative Doll Co. / Clotilde, by Maryanne Oldenburg, 1996–2005

Creata International, 1980s–

Creedy, Berdine, 1999–

Crepe paper dolls.
See also Paper dolls.
Mary Francis Woods, Native American dolls:

Cricket by American Character, 1966–1967

Cricket by Playmates, 1986

by Ideal, 1969–1974. See also Sheena by Palitoy. (voice recording)
1971 Sears Wishbook
Anatomy, inner parts:
Black dolls:
Black doll, see Tara by Ideal 1976
Clones (pop-ups)
Look-Around, repairing:
Magic Hair Crissy 1977: (pop-ups)
Black, with “Electroman” outfit
Sears, Sew Simple 1971
TV ads, videos

Cubeb, see Boudoir dolls, 1915–1930s

Cuno & Otto Dressel (COD),
1700–1940s. See also Antique; Bisque.
This company also used bisque heads from Simon & Halbig and Armand Marseille.
Dress, ca. 1897, mark on hem
Eaton’s Beauty dolls:
Jutta, all original, photo
Wax over composition doll:

Cupcakes by Kenner / Tonka / Radica, 1990s–

Cutie Club by LGTI, Lewis Galoob, 1989

Cynthia; Best Friend Cynthia
by Mattel, 1971–1972. See also Quick Curl Casey.


Daddy-Long-Legs dolls, based on Jean Webster’s book, ca. 1914–

About Jean Webster, mentions dolls:
Advertisement for dolls, 1915

Daddy’s Long Legs dolls by Karen Germany, 1985–2003

DAE Originals, see Miniquin, 2002–

by Mary Quant / Flair/ Model Toys / Palitoy, 1973–1983. See also Fleur; Havoc.
About, brief
By year:
Clone: (scroll down)

Daisy Kingdom / Springs Industries by Patti Reed, 1990s

Daisy & Willow by Knickerbocker, 1999–2001

Dakin dolls
, 1960s–. See also Applause.
1980s– :
Blue Bonnet Sue, cloth, 1986. See also Dress-me dolls.
Dream Dolls, 1960s; see also pose dolls:
Catalog page 1
Catalog page 2

Dam, see Trolls

“Dance with Me Rita” doll,
1955 Spiegel catalog

Dancerina and Dancerella
by Mattel, 1968–1970s
Baby Dancerina:
Dancerella 18", 1972–
Dancerina 24", 1968– :

Danel & Cie
bisque dolls, 1889–1892. See Jumeau. See also Antique.

Dandee (Dan Dee), 1970s–1990s

by GMFGI Kenner, 1977–1981. See also Jem; Star Wars Leia. (pop-ups)
About: (scroll right)
Darci and Jem body comparison:

Davy Crockett dolls
by various makers, 1954–1960s
Dress-me type:
Fortune 1955:
Ginny by Vogue:

Dawn dolls
by Topper 1970–1973 / Takara / Checkerboard
Identifying dolls:
Body types:
Head molds:
Identifying dolls & fashions, plus look-alikes: (music)
Identifying shoes vs. similar shoes

About, brief:
Checkerboard/Toy-O-Rama (modern):
Fab Fashion Fun 2001:
Clones / look-alikes:
Glitter Girls & Suky/Susy (music)
Miss Marlene Petite 6½" by Marx
See Jakks Freshlook Friends & Starr Model Agency; Mego Dizzy Girl; Palitoy Pippa.
Collecting, about:
Dying vinyl
Stock outfits:
Fashion Showcase 1970
Mirror, Cameo
NRFB, vintage to modern
Angie 1970–73, photo
Dale, 1970 first issue, photo
Dale (olive green eyes, pink lips) & Van, 1970, photo
Dinah, 1971 Model Agency, photo
Glori 1970, photo
Takara (vintage Japan)

Dazzle by Mattel, 1981–1983

Deanna Durbin doll
by Ideal, 1938–1941
Closed mouth:
Miss Liberty 1940s:

Dean’s Rag Book Co. / Deans Rag Book,
England, 1903–1930s
About; & 1936–38 companion size doll
Companion size, boy 1930s
Companion size, Dutch pair 1940s
Rubber doll:
Smart Set 1920s

Debbie Drake
dolls. See also Barbie clones; Polly Play-Pose; Marx Marlene
11½" with platinum hair; unknown maker, possibly Reliable or Valentine, 1960s:
Comparison photos with Marx Marlene & Polly Play-Pose
Photo, with LP album cover
Kaysam doll:

Debbie the Elegant Doll,
Diploma Distributors, New Zealand, 1960s–
Doll has powder / talc bottle body. See also Barbie clones.

Debbie Toy Co., see Valentine Dolls, Inc.

imported by A.D. Sutton & Sons. These dolls did not have names.
DeDo ca. 1960s, and DeDo type made in Italy ca. 1950s, photo
DeDo type made in Italy ca. 1950s, photo

Dee an Cee dolls.
See also Canadian.
Black dolls:
Chatty Cathy
Eaton’s Beauty / Eaton Department Store dolls
Two-faced doll

DeFilippo, Vincent A.

working on

De Fuisseaux,
Belgium, ca. 1909–1913

Delcroix, Henri (PAN),

Deluxe Reading dolls,
1950s–1970s. See also 14R dolls; Topper.
Betty’s Beauty Parlor 1964:
Candy Fashion 1958–1965
Dream Kitchen:
Go-Gos, 1965–1966
Little Miss Fashion & Little Miss Beauty Parlor:
Little Red Riding Hood
Lovable Louise 1958:
Penny Brite 1963–
Suzy Cute 1964–66
Sweet Judy 1958:
Sweet Rosemary:

Dennis the Menace
by Henry King Ketcham (HKK) / Brookglad, 1950s–
1957 Bloomingdale’s catalog (PDF file)
1958 Sears catalog
Cartoon & comic, about:

Determined Productions, see Joan Walsh Anglund
Determined Products, see Babysitter’s Club 1990s

Dewees Cochran Dolls, Inc.,
1934–1970s. See also Sybil Jason.
Effanbee American Children & Anne Shirley / Little Lady:
American Children
Little Lady: 1944 FAO Schwarz catalog (PDF file, p. 8)
Look-Alike portrait dolls:
About, brief; with prototype example
Article about, in Popular Science 1938
Portrait doll, 18" Belinda
Portrait doll, Peter Ponsett
Reproductions; & some original dolls:

DI mark, see Durham Industries

Diana, Princess of Wales, & British Royal Family dolls by various makers

by Mego, 1972–1975
Catalogs 1973–75:
Clone, Demo Girl by Bogi

Dionne Quintuplets
by Madame Alexander, 1935
Madame Alexander photo, 1936:

Disney dolls
by various makers, vintage
1980s and later dolls
6½" Princesses by Mattel 1990s
11½" modern by Mattel, Tyco, & other companies
Alice in Wonderland 1951–
“Bedknobs & Broomsticks,” Angela Lansbury, 1971
Cinderella tea set:
Davy Crockett 1950s
Dumbo by Cameo:
Effanbee 1977–78:
Engel-Puppen, Disneyland dolls
Krueger cloth dolls 1920–30s
Liddle Kiddles dolls: Disney Skediddlers
Mickey Mouse 1931, George Borgfeldt
Mickey Mouse Club 1950s; dolls, furniture & miniatures for Ginger & Ginny: (music)
It’s a Small World
Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell 1955 by Hungerford Plastics
Pinocchio by Ideal, composition & wood, 1940:
Pinocchio’s Blue Fairy:
Duchess doll:
Uneeda Suzette:
Mary Poppins by Horsman
Pollyanna by Uneeda
Sleeping Beauty by Madame Alexander
Snow White by various makers
Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf:
Big Bad Wolf, cloth doll pattern by Coats & Clark’s
Krueger dolls (Big Bad Wolf & Donald Duck)
Madame Alexander dolls: Three Little Pigs 1933–39
Rubber dolls by Sieberling Latex 1934–38
Tea set, made in Japan:
Tony Sarg marionettes 1934–
Vintage dolls, various makers

Doll Bodies Co.,
1950s–. See also Dress-me dolls.
Lingerie Lou
Lu-Ann 20":
Mary Lu, 8" Ginny-type:
1959 Billy and Ruth catalog (PDF file, p. 7)

Dollcraft Novelty Co., (Doll Craft),
New York, 1920s–1930s. See Joy Doll Products.
Ethnic and 1939 World’s Fair dolls:
Tonto 1938 (Lone Ranger)

Dollcraft, California, see Kerr & Hinz

Dollfie, see Super Dollfie by Volks

Dollhouse dolls

Dollhouses & furnishings

by Uneeda. See also Baby Dollikin.
6½" Little Miss Dollikin and Triki Miki: (music)
11½" Dollikin:
Fashions: (scroll down)
See also Action Girl; Barbie clones.
15" and 19–20" Dollikin: (scroll down)
Ballerina, widow’s peak, in box
Identifying & repairing:
Mother & baby, in box
Niresk 1959 catalog, “Lotus Blossom” outfit:
1959 catalog pages
Original box
Widow’s peak:
See also Twixie by Belle; or Manikin / Mannikin by Valentine.

Doll Maker by Linda Rick, 1990–

Doll Pottery Co.,
England, ca. 1914–
Three-in-One doll 1916

Dolls of Destiny
by A & H Manufacturing, 1953–1954
12 Historical Ladies

Dolly Darlings
by Hasbro / Palitoy, 1965–1968
Hatbox 1965:
Palitoy dolls:

Dolly Dingle by Grace Drayton, 1913–

Dolly Pops by Knickerbocker, 1979–1982

Dominion Toy Manufacturing,
1911–1932. See also Canadian dolls.
Eaton’s Beauty / Eaton Department Store dolls

Doodle yarn doll kits
by Whiting, 1960s
Doodle Bride, 1961 Billy and Ruth catalog (PDF file, p. 4)

Door of Hope dolls,
Chinese, 1901–1949
About / history:
Dolls magazine article
Identifying the dolls; and history

Dora Petzold (DP),
Germany, 1919–1920s
Cloth boy doll:
Cloth girl doll:
Composition doll

Dornheim, Koch & Fischer;
china dolls, 1856–1913
Countess Dagmar

Dora the Explorer by Fisher-Price/Mattel, 2000–

Drayton, Grace,
About Grace Drayton:
Campbell Kids and Dolly Dingle
Googly doll: “September Morn” for Borgfeldt (Googlies Part 2 article)

Dreamie Sweets by DSI, 1997

Dream World composition dolls,
Similar to Madame Alexander Little Betty 11" & Tiny Betty 7–8" (Wendy Ann):

Dressel, Cuno & Otto, 1700–1940s

Dressel & Kister 1837–1876; A. W. Fr. Kister 1876–1949
About / history:
China head:
Half or pincushion dolls
Two-faced china peddler:

Dress-me dolls by various makers, late 1940s–1970s

Dress-me dolls were sold both nude and inexpensively costumed, with clothing usually stapled, glued, or sewn onto the doll. When clothed, they were also called character, costume, fashion, international, shelf, souvenir, travel, or world dolls. Many companies produced crochet, knitting, and sewing patterns meant for the nude dress me dolls.
Earlier dolls are made of composition. The most common type is 6" to 8" tall and made of thin, cheap plastic, sometimes with moveable limbs and sleep eyes. Modern dress-me dolls are usually marked made in Taiwan or China.

1958 sewing kit with dress-me doll, in Sears catalog
A & H Manufacturing
Admiration Toy Co.
Advertising, used for:
Blue Bonnet Sue, 7" dress-me type, 1960s-1972, in blue dress: working on;
see also Dolls of the World or Dakin cloth Blue Bonnet Sue, 1986
Carlson dolls
Composition dress-me type:
Composition, 1944 Wards catalog
Eugenia dolls: Dolls of the Week & Bridal Series
Hollywood Doll Mfg. (also made hard plastic)
Costume or fairytale dress-me type, clothed:
1944 Wards catalog, composition
1955 Spiegel catalog, plastic
Crochet pattern booklets, photo
Davy Crockett 1950s
DMC crochet pattern booklet & doll, photo
Dolls of All Lands by A & H Manufacturing
Dolls of All Lands, 1958 ad, sold at Phillips 66 gas stations
Dolls of the World, premium or coupon dolls, 1960s–70s:
Arco (Atlantic-Richfield) gas stations, 1970s
Blue Bonnet margarine, with box
Blue Bonnet margarine, group
Reddi-Whip (1960s), same as Blue Bonnet dolls
Duchess dolls; costume & Dolls of the World
Examples, unknown makers:
Grant Plastics
Hollywood Doll Mfg. Co.
International / ethnic or regional dress / dolls of the world
Lingerie Lou by Doll Bodies
Native American souvenirs:
Carlson dolls
Reliable dolls:
Plastic Molded Arts (PMA) dolls
Reliable Toy Co. dolls
Standard Doll Co.
Virga dolls
Walker, 7½", similar to dress-me type: Hi-Heel Teen 1956–57 by Virga
See also similar: Mannequin / sewing dolls; Nancy Ann Storybook dolls, plastic.

by Mattel, 1964–1980s

DSI Toys, 1997–

DTD Japan mark; see also Uneeda or Palitoy

Duchess dolls,
1948–1950s. See also Dress-me dolls.
Alice in Wonderland doll: 12½", 1951

Duck House dolls, 2004–

Durham Industries (DI),
1960s. See Metti by Sebino.
Skinny Jinny & Skinny Jimmy, 11" flat dolls
Skinny Jinny, photo
Similar, 3" Little Sweethearts by Imperial.

by Kenner (GMFGI), 1974–1975
Comic book ad (click Next Ad for second Dusty ad)
Horse “Nugget,” 1976 JC Penney’s catalog
Skye, African-American friend

Dy-Dee Baby & other Dy-Dee dolls
by Effanbee, 1933– . See also Rubber.


Eaton’s Beauty / Eaton Department Store dolls,
1900–1999. See also Canadian.
Made by various doll makers. (PDF file)

Edelmann, Edmund;
Germany, 1921–1933
See also Armand Marseille; Schoenau & Hoffmeister.

Eden dolls, 1990s–

Edi dollhouse dolls, Germany

Edison’s Talking Doll by Edison Phonograph Toy Mfg. Co., see Mechanical dolls

Edith Flack Ackley cloth dolls

Edmund Knoch 1896–1979, see Engel-Puppen

Eegee - Goldberger dolls,
1917– . See also 14R dolls. (music) (music)
1980s–2000s dolls by Eegee - Goldberger
Dolly Parton (pop-ups)
Goldberger baby doll ad:
Grace, stuffed vinyl:
Grow hair, unknown:
Li’l Susan 1959:
Maskerade Magic: JC Penney’s catalog 1976
Miss Sunbeam NRFB 1960–64
Puppetrina, 1966 JC Penney’s catalog
Shelley 1964, Tammy clone/look-alike
Softina, 1970 JC Penney’s catalog
Susan Stroller 1955–57:
Tandy Talks 36", Buffy & Mrs. Beasley look-alike

Effanbee / Fleischaker & Baum / Eff & Bee / F & B,
See also Dewees Cochran; Viola Doll Co.

1944 Ward’s catalog (start p. 74)
Archies 2001
Baby Precious: (scroll down)
Beverly, composition toddler
Black dolls:
Brenda Starr
Brother & Sister 1944
1926 & 1930 ad:
Champagne Lady:
Coquette 1915:
DECO / Denivelle molds:
Dy-Dee Baby and other Dy-Dee dolls 1933–
Eaton’s Beauty 1997: (2nd page)
Fluffy 1958
Fluffy Brownie and Girl Scout
Gloria Ann 2003
Grumpy 1915:
Historical dolls:
Honey 1951, Schiaparelli designs
Honey Tintair
Little Lady / Anne Shirley, designer Dewees Cochran
Little Orphan Annie
Lovee Mary 1926 ad:
Mae Starr 1928–44, see Mechanical dolls > Articulate
Mary Jane, 31" companion size (music)
Mickey, 1958 Sears catalog
Skippy 1929:
Suzanne 1940:
Sweetie Pie: 1944 FAO Schwarz catalog (PDF file, p. 9)
Sweetie Pie: 1969 black doll
Twinkie, 1970 JC Penney’s catalog
Wizard of Oz

Eichhorn & Söhn (Eichhorn & Son) 1909–1930.
See also Greiner.

Elfdoll, ball-jointed dolls

Elite Creations / Unique Doll Co.,
8" Ginny-type dolls: (music)
Calico Lassie, Kellogg’s cereal premium, 1964–65
Mary Hoyer mold: Margie 1958
Sandy (Skipper clone):
Wendy & Bonnie, U mark, 1960s Barbie clone or look-alike

Elizabeth Taylor dolls
by various makers, 1960s–
Barbie Collectibles 2000–
Franklin Mint 2001–:
Horsman, “The Blue Bird” 1976:
Cleopatra 1962 by Beta Doll & Toy, marked Plated:

Ellanee Doll Co.,
ca. 1950s–1970s
Hard plastic 1950s
Yawny John 1975:

Ellis, Joel; see Vermont Novelty Works

“Ellie Mae Clampett” doll, see Calico Lassie

Ellowyne Wilde by Robert Tonner / Wilde Imagination, Inc., 2007–

Eloise dolls
by Kay Thompson & Hilary Knight / various makers, 1950s–
American Character and Hol-le Toy:
Madame Alexander dolls:
Photo from Life magazine (music)

Emerald the Enchanting Witch
by Girl’s World / Milton Bradley 1972
Care & restoration

Emma Clear / Humpty Dumpty Doll Hospital (HDDH), 1930s–1950s

Engel-Puppen (Engel Puppen) / Edmund Knoch,
Germany 1896–
Walt Disney World, “It’s a Small World” dolls
Hummel, M.I., dolls: Vinyl 1995–2005
Kessy by Knoch, 1970s catalog

Erna Meyer dollhouse-size dolls, Germany, 1945–

ERTL / TCFC dolls, 1990s

Estelle Ansley Worrell, 1960s–

EthiDolls African dolls, 2003–

Ethnic; international; national costume; souvenir; or dolls of the world

See also Dress-me dolls. (music)
About, antique & vintage
About collecting:
Admiration Toy Co.:
African dolls
American, British, & French historical dolls
Amish-style cloth dolls
Appalachian dolls, see Folk art and WPA dolls
Asian dolls
Australian dolls, native Aborigine tribes
Bahamas, Junkanoo doll
Black dolls
Cornish dolls by Shallowpool:
Czechoslovakian doll, 1940 NY World’s Fair
Dolls of All Lands or Dolls of the World, see Dress-me
Dolls of the Nations, greeting card paper dolls by Hallmark, 1950s
Eurasian dolls:
European (EEC) dolls, regional dress
Finnish dolls:
Flagg dolls
Folk art dolls
French regional dolls:
1909 book on:
Petitcollin regional costume dolls
Guatemalan / Mayan dolls:
Utzil dolls
Mayan worry or trouble dolls:
Haitian doll, “Miss Haiti” 1940s
Hawaiian dolls: (music)
Roberta dolls:
Indian dolls, history & types of
Inuit dolls
Jamaican doll, 1940s cloth:
Jewish dolls, see Gali Girls 2004–
Kimport importer & Kimcraft maker, 1940–80s
Latin American dolls
Muslim dolls
Native American dolls
Polish dolls:
Russian dolls
Spanish dolls:
Carselle Muñecos, senorita dolls (Mexico company)
Swedish dockan (doll), example
Sweetheart Tanzpuppe dancing dolls
Thai dolls
Wooden regional dolls:

Eugene Doll & Novelty Co.,
1950s– (music)
1975 Fashion Walker:
1980s– dolls

Eugenia Doll Co. (Eugena),
Pam Perm-O-Wave 1949:

EuroGirls (Euro Girls) by The Doll Factory, 2003–

Eyes & Faces dolls, 2003–


F & B (Fleishaker & Baum), see Effanbee

Fab-Lu, see Barbie, Bild Lilli, or Tammy clones

Fabulous Felines by Phoenix Toys, 1983

FAD (Fashion Attitude Dolls) by Sababa, 2001

Fairies of Cottingley Glen by Playmates Toys, 1997

Fairy dolls, vintage,
by various makers
Christmas tree fairies:
Disney’s Blue Fairy from “Pinocchio”
Madame Alexander dolls:
Fairy Queen, 1947 Sears catalog
Uneeda Magic Fairy Princess:
Valentine doll: Good Fairy Ballerina

Fairyland ball-jointed dolls

Fairyland Toy Prod. shoes,
This company made shoes (not dolls) for doll companies. They also sold shoes separately.

Fairy Lane dolls.
See also Hoyer.

Family Company, 1998–

Family Corners (6½") by Mattel, 1994–

Famlee multi-head doll
by Berwick, 1918–1925
See also Multi-faced and multi-headed dolls.

Famosa Dolls,
Spain 1968–1986 / Mecca Toys 2000–
Nancy, Lucas, & Lesly, 1960s–80s:
Nancy, 1960s–2000s:
Other 1980s and later dolls

Farmer china reproduction dolls, see Mark Farmer

Farnell’s Alpha Toys,
felt dolls, England, pre-1950s

Fashion Boulevard Doll Co., 2000s

Fashion Polly by Mattel, 1999–

Fashion Royalty by Integrity Toys, 2001–

FayZah Spanos / Precious Heirloom Dolls, 1986–

FCM, Fibre-Craft Materials Corp., 1996–

Feigenspan, Bettina

FG mark, see Gaultier

Field Enterprises (M & S)
, 1950s
Little Audrey doll, 1956: working on
Little Audrey cartoon, about

Finger Dings
by Remco, 1969–1970
Flintstones by Remco
Mickey Dolenz, Monkees

Fisher-Price dolls, 1970s–

Flack Ackley, Edith;
cloth dolls and patterns (music)

Flagg Company,
Bunny Girl Dancer, photo
Cowboy doll

by Ideal 1969–1973 / Justoys 1994
ID guide:
1970 JC Penney’s catalog:
Fashion Flatsy
Framed Flatsy
Reproduction by Justoys 1994:
Spinderella: working on

Flavas by Mattel, 2003

“Dutch Sindy” by Otto Simon Co., Holland, 1978–1988. See Daisy; Sindy.
Body style:

Flintstones, Pebbles & Bam-Bam
by Ideal / Knickerbocker / Remco
Ideal 1963–1966
8", in JC Penney’s catalog 1966
8" doll, example
Ideal 1963–1966 & Knickerbocker 1972:
Remco Finger Dings, 1970s:
Complete set of 3, photo

Flow / Kuhrn dolls by Globo Italy

Flower Darlings
by Hasbro, 1968
Violet in original package

Flower Fairies / Star Fairies by Hornby / Tonka, 1983–1989

Flying Nun, The;
by Hasbro and Horsman. See also Nun dolls.
Hasbro 1967:
Horsman 1965:

Folk art dolls, vintage
. See also Ethnic; WPA dolls.
American folk art dolls have Native American origins.
Applehead dolls:
About / history of
Historical applehead dolls by Mary Winsheimer
Skookum & others:
Bedpost doll
Cloth dolls
Corn husk dolls:
May Ritchie Deschamps’ corn husk dolls:
Examples, folk art dolls
Nut head dolls:
1940s “Grandma Scott”
Wooden dolls:

Formative International Co., 1996–1998

Fortune dolls
(Beehler / Kim / Ontario Plastics / Virga), 1950s
Brownie doll:
Davy Crockett 1950s
Starlet, Lustre-Creme Shampoo:
Pam, 8" Ginny-type doll:
Outfits in original boxes

14R mark, vinyl high-heeled dolls,
1950s–1960s. See also Circle X ; Grocery dolls.
See Allied; Belle; Deluxe; Eegee; Natural; Pullan; Rite Lee; Royal; Sayco; Star
Mother of the Bride:
Grow hair doll:
Roberta Glamour Bride:

Franklin Mint dolls, 1980s–

French dolls,
see Antique dolls. See also Ethnic dolls.
List of makers:

French fashion poupée.
See also Antique.
About / history:
Accessories, about
Bru (Jne Bru & Cie)
Eugene Barrois (EB)
FG, François Gaultier
German Sonneberg, photo
Huret, Adelaide / Maison Huret
Jumeau ca. 1870, photo
Jumeau ca. 1870 and Lanternier ca. 1915, photo
Painted eye examples:
Unknown maker
Rohmer, Madame Leontine
Simon & Halbig
Simon & Halbig 1870, photo

Freundlich, Ralph A.;
27" sleep eye doll
Betty Boop doll lawsuit
Little Orphan Annie
Little Red Riding Hood
Military dolls:
General MacArthur 1942: Sears catalog
The Wolf, photo
Topsy doll, googly

Friendship Kids by Kingstate (KS) / The Dollcrafter, 1998–

Frozen Charlotte and Charlie,
all-bisque or china, 1850s–1920s. See also Antique.
Fair Charlotte ballad and original poem: (see links)
About dolls, & exerpt:
Text for one version
Examples of various types and sizes, photo
German 1850:
Parian peddler doll's wares:
Penny doll, pudding doll, Christmas cracker, and King cake doll type:
Pudding doll
Video (museum presentation)

Fulla, Muslim doll by NewBoy Toys, 2003–

Fulper Pottery,
World War I era molds. See also Armand Marseille.
About / history, with examples
Stangl history:
Amberg Victory doll:
Character baby 1918–22:'512223'

Fun World,
1980s dolls
Day-of-the-Week 1970s
Lambykins 1960s: working on
Susie Sad Eyes 1960s

Furga dolls,
Italy, 1872–
1971 Sears Wishbook:
1975 Sears Wishbook
1980s, 34" companion size (music)
Alta Moda (“S” girls), 1965–68
Isabella / Isabelle 1970s:
Paola, Peonia, & Perla (“P” girls), 1970s
Starshine (Furga babies) 1990s
Super Baby 1970s (comic superheroes)
Toddler 1970s:
Vittoria & Valentina, Sears catalog 1969

Furniture, doll-size. See also Dollhouses.


by Kenner, 1973
Comic book ad
Eaton’s catalog, 1973

Gabriel / Hubley,
1970s–1980. See also Gilbert.
Lone Ranger and Tonto, 10" 1973–78:
1980 Cut and Grow

Gali Girls, Jewish dolls by Carpatina, 2004–

Galoob dolls (GTI or LGTI) (Hasbro), 1980s–

New Orleans, 1970s

Garden Gal
by Kenner, 1972–1973

Gata Box (Horsman), 1980s

Gaultier, François (FG mark); & Gesland
. See also Antique; Bisque; Thuillier.
French fashion dolls:
Huret-style swivel neck
French fashion ca. 1860s, photo
Market Lady 1910

Gay Bob
by Gizmo Development, 1977–

Gebruder Bing, see Bing

Gebruder Heubach, see Heubach

Geddes, Anne; see Unimax, 1990s–

GeGe (GéGé), France,
Mily, Jacky, Baby

Gem Doll Co. / Gem Toy Co.,
Topsy doll, 1920s

Gene by Mel Odom, Star Blue Studios / Ashton-Drake / Integrity, 1995–

General Creations, 2000–

General Mills Fun Group (GMFGI), see Kenner

Geoffrey, Inc. (Toys R Us / TRU HK), 1990s–

Georgene Novelties
/ Averill Manufacturing / Madame Hendren, 1915–1965
Baby, early vinyl
Beloved Belindy
Bonnie Babe:
Antique photograph, ca. 1926
Bisque head
Dolly Rekord talking doll, see Mechanical dolls
Georgene & George, 1960s cloth
Girl Scout dolls:
Grace Corry Rockwell, Little Brother & Little Sister
Hendren / Madame Hendren (misspelled Hendron):
Baby Hendren:
Baby Hendren
Baby Hendren 1918; & Baby Brite 1928
Hendren 1920s mama type (music)
Hendren Whistler doll, 1927 ad
Little Lulu
Nosy Rosy 1950s:
Raggedy Ann & Andy

Geppeddo dolls / Axis Corp., 2001–

Gerber baby dolls,
Arrow Rubber & Plastic; and Atlanta Novelty 1966:
Black doll:
Sun Rubber 1955–56:
Gerber Baby Feeding Set, 1955 (PDF file, p. 7)
Toy Biz doll, 1994–98

Gerling, Arthur A.,
Baby 1924:'512225'
Boy & girl 1929:
Boudoir dolls

German Doll Co., modern reissues of Weiss, Kühnert & Co.

German dolls.
See Antique; Bisque; China.
Dornheim, Koch & Fischer 1856–1913; Gräfenroda, Thuringia
Engel-Puppen 1896–
List of makers 1860s–1930s:
Marks, antique:
Waltershauser, companies located in:
Heinrich Handwerck
Kämmer & Reinhardt
Kestner, J. D.
Waltershauser Puppenmanufaktur reproductions 1990s–
Wislizenus, Adolf
Wooden dolls:

Gesland, see Gaultier (FG)

Get Real Girls by Get Real Girl Co., 2000–

GFive / G5 by Get Set Club, 2000

by Ideal, 1967–1969 (scroll down)

by Mary Hoyer / Frisch Doll Co. / Royal, 1950s

Gi-Go dolls, 1990s

GI Joe
by Hasbro (G.I. Joe) 1963–
1976 catalog:
1980s– :
About / history:
About, vs. Marx figures
Comic book ads (click Next Ad for more)
GI Jane & female pilot:
Mademoiselle Marie 2002
Nurse 1967:
See also similar, modern: Formative Int.; Max Steel; Power Team Elite.
See also similar, vintage: Action Man; Big Jim; Captain Action.

Gilbert, A.C.;
1965–1967. See also Gabriel.
Honey West
James Bond, Man from U.N.C.L.E., and other action figures:
James Bond

8" by Cosmopolitan Toy & Doll, 1954–. See also Ginny; Miss Ginger 10".
Identifying: (music)
Clothing with Greek key snaps
Fashions & furniture:
Jeannette redress by Marcelle Boissier (music)
Repairing walking post

Ginger Brook Hollow, 2006–

Ginnette baby by
Vogue Dolls, 1955–1959
About; and 1955 painted-eye first version, photo
Black Ginette 1964–65
Jimmy, Ginette’s brother 1958

Ginny by
Vogue and 8" Ginny-type dolls, 1948–1982. See also Ginger.
Ginny & Ginny-types:
Body types:
Face close-ups
Faces: (music) (music)

1951–52 Wavette #80
1960s Ginny:
1965–71 all-vinyl
1970s Ginny by Tonka:
1980s Ginny by Meritus & Dakin:
2007 Mini Ginny:
Alice in Wonderland 1952:
American Indian 1968
Black Ginny:
Bridal Trousseau 1954–55:
Cautions about
Identifying fake tags & dolls
Davy Crockett, Ginny as, 1954
Crib Crowd Baby
Furniture, 1950s Ginny & other dolls:
Bed & Dream Cozy sheet set
Ginny-type friends, look-alikes, or similar dolls:
English makers:
Madame Alexander Wendy
Muffie by Nancy Ann Story Book
Stashin Doll Co.
Virga 8" dolls:
Kindergarten 1951, Margie:
Lesney "Chubby" Ginny:
Lesney “Skinny Ginny” & Ginnette:
Example, Ginny and Ginnette 1977–80
Painted eye 1948–50
Poodlecut caracul wig 1951–52
Queen Elizabeth II Ginny 1953–54
Sleep eye transitional 1950–51
Strung Ginny 1952–53
Walker 1954– :
Bent knee walker 1957:
View inside mechanism:
Molded lash walker 1955–56
Wee Imp 1960:
Wigs, replacing:

Giochi Preziosi / Ceppi Ratti,
Italy, 1970s–. See also Bogi.
Cardcaptor Sakura:
Ceppi Ratti dolls, 1970s– :
Bijou: (scroll down)
Beba Alta Moda:
Ratti doll, ca. 1960
Sailor Moon

Girl Scout and Brownie dolls
. See also Steve Scout.
8" Ginny & Ginny types: (music)
Effanbee and Fortune:
Effanbee Fluffy:
Effanbee Fluffy & Patsy Ann:
Terri Lee outfits, Ginger dolls:
Uneeda dolls:

Girls of Many Lands by Pleasant Company & Helen Kish, 2002–2004

Girl’s World / Milton Bradley, see Emerald the Enchanting Witch

Gladdie by Helen Jensen,
biscaloid & bisque versions, 1929'512214'

Glamour Gals by Kenner (CPG), 1981–1983

Glossary, see Abbreviations & terminology

GMFGI, General Mills Fun Group, see Kenner

Goddess of the Ultra Cosmos by Agglo 1985 / Lucky Bell 2002

Godey’s Little Lady dolls (china), see Ruth Gibbs, 1940s–1950s

Goebel, William / Hummel, M.I.,
Antique bisque and half dolls, marks
Bathing beauties figures:
Half or pincushion dolls
Hummel dolls, 1950s– :
Vinyl dolls, see Engel-Puppen

by Deluxe Reading / Topper, 1965–1966
1966 JC Penney’s catalog
Cool Cat

Goldberger, see Eegee

Golden Girl & the Guardians of the Gemstones by Galoob, 1985

Good-Kruger Doll Co. / Julie Good-Kruger, 1980–

Goodreau Dolls, ball-jointed, 2005–

Goodyear Rubber dolls,
1851–. See also Rubber dolls.
Can’t Break ’Em, see Horsman dolls
Jenny Lind squeak doll, 1860

Goodyear Toy Co.,
Patsy type:

Googly character (googly-eyed) dolls.
See also Antique.
1943 cloth sailor & soldier, Sears catalog
Fakes, identifying:
Heubach Koppelsdorf (Ernst Heubach)
Heubach, Gebrüder
Kestner, J. D. (JDK)
Makers & mold numbers:
Mask face:
Recknagel doll:
Unmarked by Freundlich dolls:

Goth-style dolls

BeGoths dolls by Bleeding Edge, 2003–
Little Apple dolls, 2005–2008
Living Dead Dolls by Mezco Toys, 2000–
Susie Sad Eyes, vintage

Gotz dolls (Götz or Goetz)
About / history:
1980s–2000s dolls
American Girl by Pleasant Company, 1986–
Sylvia Natterer dolls, 1989–
Sasha Morgenthaler dolls, 1964–

Graco, see Tollytots 1990s–

by Royal and Uneeda. See also Grandma by Jolly Toy.
Royal, 1950s–1960s: (music)
Uneeda Grannykins, 6", 1974

Grant Plastics,
ca. 1950s–1960s
Grant Plastics made dress-me dolls from 7½" to 20" tall.
8" Ginny type:

Grecon dolls by Margarete Cohn, England, dollhouse-size; 1936–1986

Greiner, Ludwig / Greiner Bros.,
papier-mâché dolls, 1858–1938
See also Eichhorn & Söhn; Limbach; Superior, M. & S. (scroll down)
1858 examples:
1872 example:
About, brief:
Examples, undated
“Greiner-style” china head dolls:
Example, Greiner-style china
“Pre-Greiner” papier-mâché example, ca. 1860s

Gre-Poir dolls,
Boudoir dolls: (Search blog)

“Grocery store dolls” or “supermarket dolls,”
1950s. See also 14R dolls.
Allied / Allied Eastern:
Arrow Lady doll:
Deluxe Reading dolls:
Sweet Rosemary:

Groovy Girls by Manhattan Toy Co., 1998–

Gund / Swedlin dolls,
Alice in Wonderland doll: Vinylite, 1951
Little Lulu by Marge (Marjorie Henderson Buell), 1938–
Mini-Martians by Swedlin, 1967
Now Kids 1971:


Hair care, see Cleaning, care, repair, and storage tips.

Hair and wigs, identifying
1950s hair and wigs

Halco dolls

1930s example:

Half dolls or pincushion dolls.
See also Antique.
Identifying; reproductions & fakes:
About / history:
1920s example

Hallmark dolls

Barbie ornaments 1993–
Betsey Clark 1970s–
Hugga Bunch 1980s
Little Lulu 1970s
Paper dolls; greeting card paper dolls
Raggedy Ann & Andy 1974
Rainbow Brite 1980s–

Halopeau, Aristide M.;
(H mark), ca. 1881–1889. See also Antique.

Hamilton Design Systéme, 1994–

Handwerck, Heinrich,
1876– . See also Antique; Simon & Halbig.
1897 example
Borgfeldt, George, distributor
Eaton’s Beauty dolls:
Simon & Halbig head:
Antique photo, girl with doll, ca. 1895
Doll, size 2½ (no mold number), photo

Handwerck, Max,
1899–1930. See also Antique

Hanover House, distributor, see “Walda”

Hansi dolls
by Jean-Jacques Waltz, France, ca. 1914–1920s

Happi Time dolls, see Sears Happi Time

Happy to Be Me by High Self-Esteem Toys, 1991

Hard plastic dolls,
Hard plastic breakdown, two different types (depends on plastic formula):
Urea migration, sour milk/vomit odor, American doll makers:
Guide to Destinking & Sealing
Pedigree disease,” vinegar odor, British & Australian doll makers:
Identifying faces:
Identifying hard plastic vs. composition
Restringing dolls

Hardy Boys,
Parker Stevenson & Shaun Cassidy dolls, by Kenner, 1978
NRFB examples
NRFB, Shaun Cassidy doll

Harry Potter dolls, 2001–

Hartland Plastics
Western action figures, 1939–1978

Hartmann, Carl;

Hartmann, Karl;

Hasbro (Hassenfeld Brothers),
1960s–70s dolls:
1980s–2000s dolls
Aimee 1972:
Blythe 1972–
Charlie’s Angels 1977–78
Cutie Clothes 1958:
Dolly Darlings 1965–68
Flower Darlings 1968
Flutter-byes 1973:
Flying Nun, The; 1967
GI Joe 1963–
Hugabees, JC Penney’s catalog 1976
Instructions, replacing
Leggy 1971–73
Little Miss No Name 1965
Nurse 1967 (GI Joe)
Peteena the Poodle 1966
Show Biz Babies 1967–68
Sindy 1987–96
Storykins 1967–68
That Kid 1967:
World of Love 1971–72

by Model / Flair Toys. See also Daisy by Mary Quant.
See also Police Woman/Angie Dickinson by Horsman.

Hedda Get Bedda, see Whimsie by American Character

Hedwig - de Angeli dolls.
See also Hoyer; Ideal. (scroll down)
About Marguerite de Angeli

Heidi and Jan / Pocketbook dolls
by Remco, 1966–1968
1966 JC Penney’s catalog
1966 Sears catalog
About, guide
House & furniture, 1966 JC Penney’s catalog

Heidi Ott dolls

Heizer; Dorothy Heizer
cloth dolls, 1920s–1930s
Alice in Wonderland dolls:

Herman Pecker & Co.,
Kissing doll, seated
“Sassy-faced” dolls

Herself the Elf by Mattel, 1983–

Hertel, Schwab & Co.,
Boy “Winker” #175. Click “Boys & Their Toys.”
Character baby:
Mold #142 ca. 1910
Googly doll:
Mold #173, ca. 1914 (music)
Mold numbers:
Parian 1870

Hertwig & Co.,
bisque & china dolls, 1864–1941. See also Antique.
Bathing beauties figures
Pet name, example
Snowbabies, bisque

Heubach, Ernst / Heubach Koppelsdorf
(Köppelsdorf), 1887–1932
See also Gebruder Heubach; Armand Marseille; Antique.
#250, 7":
Googly dolls: (Googlies article Part 2)
“Grandma” character:
Half or pincushion dolls
Reconstructions & reproductions
“South Seas Baby:”

Heubach, Gebrüder
bisque dolls, 1843–1938
See also Ernst Heubach; Antique.
About; & reproductions:
Baby Stuart, Coquette, and Pouty Baby
Bathing beauties figures:
Googly & other character:
Mold #8420, ca. 1912 (music)
Mold numbers:
Pouty #7246, ca. 1910–12 (music)
Walking, 1900:'512220'

Himstedt, Annette; 1986–2007

Historical dolls.
See also Celebrity dolls; Military dolls.
American Family 1630–1900 by Helen Bullard
Dolly Madison dolls (Dolley Madison)
Dollhouses, antique
Dolls of Destiny by A & H
Effanbee dolls:
First Ladies dolls:
Lady Jane Grey dolls:
Nisbet dolls
Rosie the Riveter

Hitty dolls

Holiday Fair
cloth, pose dolls, Japan 1960s–
1960s example: Full-length photo, and close-up photo
Pose doll photos

Holly Hobbie
by American Greetings; Ashton-Drake; Knickerbocker; TCFC; Tomy
Baby Holly Hobbie
1976 JC Penney’s catalog
1976 Vinyl 6"
1979 cloth & vinyl 6", Sears catalog
TCFC 1989–90: Fancy Treat Holly Hobbie, cloth

Hollywood Doll Mfg. Co.,
See also similar, Dress-me or Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls.
Hollywood Doll Mfg. is sometimes confused with Monica Doll Studios of Hollywood, Ca.

Honey Hill Bunch
by Mattel, 1976–1978
1976 JC Penney’s catalog

Honey West
by A.C. Gilbert, 1965–1966
1966 JC Penney’s catalog

Hong Kong City Toys & Factory, see Cititoy, 1980s

Hook-Ups by Play by Play, 2001

Hopscotch Hill by Pleasant Company / Mattel, 2003–2006

Hornby dolls, 1980s

Horsman Dolls, (EIH)
/ Regal Doll Corp. (misspelling: Horseman) (music) (music)


1944 Wards catalog (start p. 68)
1955 Spiegel catalog, 1st page
1955 Spiegel catalog, 2nd page
Baby Clap Hands, Irene Szor design, black doll 1970s
Baby Dimples 1928:
Babyland Rag
Betsy McCall
Black Baby Bumps 1910
Bright Star:
Bye Bye Baby / Lastic Plastic
Campbell Kids 1910–28 and 1948
1955 Spiegel catalog
1957 Bloomingdale’s catalog (PDF file, p. 7)
Cindy Couturier:
Cindy walker, 1955 Spiegel catalog
Company history
Debby, 1955 Spiegel catalog
Draft Dodger, 1955 Spiegel catalog
Ella Cinders, photo:
FADF or EIH AD Co. mark, Aetna Doll Co., “Can’t Break ’Em”:
Flying Nun, The
Gold Medal baby, first version
LuAnn Sims 1953:
“Magic skin” dolls
Mary Poppins
Mimi, 1955 Spiegel catalog
Patty Duke doll
Peggy Junior (Amberg Edwina/IT mold), photo
Pert-n-Pretty 1988–89
Police Woman / Angie Dickinson 1978: (scroll down)
Poor Pitiful Pearl
Rini 2006: (PDF file)
Rosebud 1930s:
Sears Happi Time, Honey Mates (Princess Peggy)
Song Fairies by Robin Woods, 1995
Sweetheart 1938, photo
Taylor, Elizabeth
Tessie Talk & other ventriloquist figures:
Topsy dolls
Widget, 1955 Spiegel catalog

Hoseley Party Dolls Co.,
1954–1955. See also Hoyer; Richwood Cindy Lou.
Dee Ann & April:

Hot Looks by Mattel, 1987

Hoyer Dolls; Mary Hoyer,
See also ABC Toy; Fairy Lane; Hedwig-de Angeli; Richwood; Roberta
1937 painted eye
About, brief
About / history, & timeline:
Face comparisons
Fashions; modern designer’s fashions are mixed in with Hoyer designs:
Fashions, Hoyer patterns:
Trunk with clothing
Gigi, 18" strung hard plastic, marked
Hoseley Party Dolls
Ideal mark, Mayfair-type body:
Unmarked similar dolls, about
Unmarked similar dolls, face mold characteristics
Vintage to modern:

Hugga Bunch by Hallmark / Kenner, 1980s

Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces
by Kenner, 1975

Hummel, M.I., see Goebel

Humpty Dumpty cloth doll, “Cumfy Dumfy,” by Plakie Toys, 1950s

Humpty Dumpty Doll Hospital (HDDH), see Emma Clear

Huret, Adelaide / Maison Huret,
1850–. See also Antique; French fashion.
About / history:
Chemise, ca. 1870
Child doll
Hat & box:
Hat, tagged:
Shoes, 1860s:
Wooden head:

HY International 1996


Iacono, Maggie; 1996–

Ice Cream Dolls by Wisconsin Toy Co. 1988

Ideal dolls.
See also Hoyer, Mary.


Baby Beautiful 1938
Baby Mine 1951–54:
Betsy McCall 1951–53
Betsy Wetsy
Betty Jane
“Bewitched” Samantha & Tabatha (Tabitha)
Bizzie Lizzie 1971–73:
1973 Eaton’s catalog
Black dolls:
Bonny Braids (from Dick Tracy) 1951–53
Bye-Bye Baby 1960:
Captain Action
Carol Brent 1961; see also Tammy: (music)
Crissy family dolls 1969–74
Crown Princess 1957
Comic Heroines 1967 “Superqueens,” Batgirl, Mera, Supergirl, Wonder Woman
Daddy’s Girl 42" (music)
Deanna Durbin doll
Derry Daring 1974–76 (Evel Knievel pal):
JC Penney’s catalog 1976
Dollhouse, Petite Princess 1964–69
Dorothy Hamill 1977: (scroll down)
Australian version, Skating Crissy 1978:
Fashion Tressy 1983:
Flintstones, Pebbles & Bam-Bam
Flossie Flirt 1920s: (search blog)
Goody Two Shoes, talking; 1966 JC Penney’s catalog
Harmony 1972:
Harriet Hubbard Ayer:
Hartline, Mary
Hopalong Cassidy, early vinyl (scroll)
Jody, Old-Fashioned Girl, 1975–76
Joey Stivic (“All in the Family”), anatomically correct, 1976:
Judy Garland doll
Kindles 1985
Kissy 1961–79
Liberty Boy doughboy 1917:
“Magic Skin” dolls
Magic Face Baby:
Magic Lips, 1955 Spiegel catalog
Mama doll, unnamed 1942
Miss Liberty 1940s
Miss Rosy-Cheeks 1925:
Misty / Miss Clairol
Mitzi, 1961–62
Muppets dolls & puppets, 1960s
Patti Playpal, 35" companion–size doll, 1959–1962 & 1981
Petite Princess dollhouse 1964–69
Pinocchio 1940s
Play’n Jane 1972, TV ad:
Plassie, composition 1942–47
Posie walker
Revlon (Miss Revlon) and Little Miss Revlon
Ross, Diana
Sara Lee by Sara Lee Creech
Saucy Walker
Scribbles, cloth, 1971–72
Sears Happi Time:
Shirley Temple dolls
Snow White dolls 1938
Soozie Smiles 1923:
Sparkle Plenty 1947
Stretchie (Stretchy):
Tammy 1962–66
Tara 1976; see also Crissy dolls:
1976 JC Penney’s catalog
Tiffany Taylor 18"
Tiny Tears
Tippy Tumbles:
Tuesday Taylor 11½"
Uneeda Boy, National Biscuit, 1915

Identifying dolls

“I Dream of Jeannie” dolls by Libby /
Remco, 1966–1970s
Madame Alexander 8", 1996
Remco 1978: (music)
Dream Bottle, & red outfit
Jeannie in blue outfit, photo

“I Love Lucy” dolls
by various makers, 1950s–
Barbie by Mattel 1998–:
Lucy by American Character:
Ricky Jr. / Little Ricky by American Character:
Ricky Jr. puppet by Zany Toys:

Impco; Imperial Crown Toy Co.
Dimples Walks, Saucy Walker look-alike:
“Sassy-faced” dolls
Tina Toddler, Saucy Walker look-alike:

Integrity Toys & Jason Wu, 1995–

International dolls, see Ethnic dolls

Inuit dolls
(Eskimo). See also Ethnic dolls. (music)
Labrador Crafts, 1980s–
Sealskin used for dolls, about selling

1949 baby:
1950s–60s Bashful Boy
1980s– dolls
About, company history
Oopsie Daisy 1988–89
Sailor Moon

Italocremona dolls,
Italy (scroll down)
1971 Sears catalog
With box:
Jenni doll
Miss Petticoat:
Twin toddlers 1971

It’s a Small World
by Walt Disney
Brass Key 2005
Engel-Puppen dolls: At Walt Disney World
Jalpack dolls 1960s
Mattel dolls 1993
Pressman dolls 1964–65

Izannah Walker dolls.
See also Antique; Cloth.
About / history:
Examples, photos:
1870 examples (Select Image 03.)
Tillie, 1855–60
Patent description:
See also modern style: Helen Pringle, Fair Children New England Rag Dolls, 1984–


Jakks Pacific dolls (JPI), 1990s–

Japanese dolls (ningyo).
See also Anime; Asian. (Click photos.)
Click On-Line Database > Select Category: Textiles:Dolls.
About doll types
About / history:
Anesama paper dolls
Festival dolls
Buying guide
Bisque head Chinese girl, made in Japan, photo
China dolls: Reproductions of, made in Japan
Daruma, about:
Daruma, Hakata, & Kokeshi dolls:
Friendship Doll exchange with U.S., 1927–:
Antique Doll Collector article by Alan Scott Pate
1995– exchange
2002 exhibition:
About Friendship Dolls (PDF file)
Geisha type:
Compare to Hina (Girl’s Festival) dolls
Gofun & other finishes:
Definition & process:
Definition of gofun
Gosho (Palace dolls)
Hina Matsuri Ningyo (Girl’s Day / Doll’s Festival dolls):
1930s examples (music)
Modern by Shiun Fujimura; shows production process
Karakuri (antique automata)
Kokeshi (wood):
Miyagi prefecture
Meiji period gofun
Motschmann-type German dolls, Japanese origin
Papier-mâché 1937:
Vinyl dolls, 1960s to 1970s:
Vinyl fashion dolls, modern; see also individual makers:
Warrior / Samurai; Musha, or Boy’s Day dolls:
Washi (paper dolls):
Sugata paper dolls
Wig doll, antique, ca. 1850s
Wig doll with 3 or 6 wigs by Hanako, post-WWII – ca. 1960s:
Yamaha Corp. 1960s– :

Jason, Sybil
1935–1940s. See also Dewees Cochran Dolls.

Jem & the Holograms by Hasbro, 1985–1987

Jennie June reproduction china head kit by Mark Farmer 1950s

Jenny by Takara 1985–

Jessie McCutcheon Raleigh dolls, 1916–1920

Jewish dolls, see Gali Girls 2004–

Jill, Jan & Jeff
by Vogue Dolls, 1957–1962 & 2007–
About, with photos & fashions:
Body comparison:
Jeff, compare to Uneeda Bob:
Jill: (music)
All New Jill 1962; & 1965 Dolls from History Land
See also Little Miss Revlon; Little Miss Nancy Ann & Miss Nancy Ann

Joan Walsh Anglund / Wolfpit Enterprises / Determined Productions,
Pocket Dolls:
1966 Sailor Girl:
1967, with books
Similar vinyl, see Sugar ’N Spice by Knickerbocker

Jody, An Old-Fashioned Girl (or Country Girl)
by Ideal, 1974–1976
Brochure: (scroll down)
JC Penney catalog 1976, Jody’s Farm

Joel Ellis, see Vermont Novelty Works

Jolly Toy Co., see Kaysam – Jolly

Jordache 11½" by Mego, 1981–

Josie and the Pussycats by Jakks Pacific 2001–

Joy Doll Products,
1920s–1930s. See Dollcraft Novelty.
1938 international dolls (PDF file, p. 5)
World’s Fair 1939 dolls:
Dandy Goodwill:

Judy Garland dolls, see Wizard of Oz

Julie Ann Dolls, Shreve Island Plantation, La. 1930s


Jumeau dolls
. See also Antique; Danel & Cie; SFBJ; Simon & Halbig.
#1907 open-mouthed, photo
1880 doll & trunk: (music)
About / history:
Bébé, size 11, Médaille d’or Paris mark
Bébé Français, BF size 4, ca. 1890s
Composition bébé, “unbreakable” head, ca. 1892–99
DEP Jumeau, about:
Depose Jumeau bébé, ca. 1880s
EJ French
French fashion dolls, about
French fashion ca. 1870, photo
Lioret Bébé Jumeau, talking, see Mechanical dolls
Reproduction Jumeau, photo
Screaming girl:
SFBJ Jumeau:
SFBJ Jumeau, photo
Talking/phonographe, see Mechanical > Articulate
Tete Jumeau:
Antique & reproductions
Tete Jumeau, photo

Juno / Karl Standfuss,
Celluloid Kewpie doll:
Helmut head mark, celluloid ca. 1930s
Juno metal head dolls:
Metal head example

Juro Novelty Co., see Ventriloquist figures

Just Me dolls by
Armand Marseille / Vogue Dolls, 1920s–
Armand Marseille:
Example, photo:
Reproduction of Just Me by Marseille, photo
Vogue Dolls:

Just Pretend / Dolls Unlimited / idolls, 1995–2001


K & K Toy Co.,
1916 talking doll, see Mechanical > Articulate dolls > Madame Hendren
Borgfeldt, George:
Bye-Lo by Grace Storey Putnam, cloth body for:
Kewpie, cloth body for: (doll on left; click #35)

Kallus, Joseph L., see Cameo Doll Co.

Kader dolls, see OK Kader

Kamar dolls,
Angel doll
Devil doll
John F. Kennedy doll 1963
Livin’ Dolls (misspelling Living Dolls):
Catalog photo

by Louise Kampes, 1919–1928. See also Rubber dolls.

Kammer & Reinhardt (Kämmer & Reinhardt or K&R)
, 1886–1932
“Star of David” mark, also called “K*R.” See also Antique; Simon & Halbig.
1916 bisque #117n, photo
Berliner talking doll, see Mechanical > Articulate dolls
Biscaloid head, Rosi Germany mark, photo
Black baby doll:
Borgfeldt, George, distributor:
Boy, mold #107. Click “Boys & Their Toys.”
Celluloid (Schildkröet parts):
Character dolls:
Eaton’s Beauty dolls: Mold #117n, ca. 1911
Googly dolls:
Gretchen & Hans
“Nancy Hanks” doll
“Puzzling Mold Numbers:”
Reproduction doll
Rubber head, 1927:
Waltershauser Puppenmanufaktur reproductions 1990s

Karito Kids by Kids Give, 2007–

Katie Clothes, see Girl Scout 1985 by Cameo

Kaysam - Jolly / Nasco Creations,
1950s–1960s. See also Royal.
Debbie Drake doll
Grandma: See Grannykins.
Grow-hair dolls by Nasco
Mother & Daughter by Jolly:
Walker by Jolly:

Kaystan Pageant Doll Co.
1970s; later name is “America’s Pageant”
14" Miss America doll ad

Keeneye, see Boudoir dolls

Kehagias / Kexagias
(Reliable Canada / Greece): working on

Kelly and Friends by Mattel 1995–

Kennedy dolls
by Kamar / Franklin Mint / Madame Alexander
John F. Kennedy by Kamar 1963:
Franklin Mint, Jack & Jackie Kennedy:
Madame Alexander vinyl dolls 1960–61:
About the Madame Alexander Kennedy dolls, and White House response
Caroline Kennedy doll
Caroline & John Kennedy dolls
Jacqueline Kennedy dolls 10" & 20"
Jacqueline Kennedy doll 20"
See also similar, Littlechap Family.

Kenner Parker Toys (KPT) / (CPG) / General Mills Fun Group (GMFGI),
1980s–2000s dolls
About / history:
1970s dolls:
Baby Alive, 1970s–
Baby Wet & Care 1978
Bionic Woman 1975–77
Blythe, original 1972 (GMFGI)
Darci 1977–81 (GMFGI)
Debbie Lawler Daredevil Jump Set, 1970s; see also Derry Daring by Ideal:
Dusty & Skye, 1974–75 (GMFGI)
Gabbigale, 1974–75
Garden Gal 1972–73
Hardy Boys, Parker Stevenson & Shaun Cassidy, 1978
Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces, 1975
International Velvet, 1978
Madcap Molly 1971–72
Six Million Dollar Man 1975–77
Star Wars 1978 (GMFGI)
Steve Scout and Bob Scout 1974–75 (GMFGI)

Kerr & Hinz (K & H) / Dollcraft.
See also Nancy Ann Storybook bisque.
Juster / Dollcraft, history:

Kestner, J. D. (JDK)
1805–1938. See also Antique; Bye-Lo.
1902, mold #164
Baby Jean, ca. 1910, photo
Borgfeldt, distributor:
Celluloid (Schildkröet parts):
Character dolls:
Eaton’s Beauty dolls:
Gibson Girl
Googly dolls:
Examples (music)
Kewpie doll:
Hilda: Hilda baby, photo
Hilda baby, closed dome head, photo
Hilda toddler #245, ca. 1914, photo
Kewpie by Rose O’Neill
Multi-head character doll:
Papier-mâché :
Pates, removing & replacing plaster pates
“Puzzling Mold Numbers:”
Waltershauser Puppenmanufaktur reproductions 1990s

Kewpie by Rose O’Neill
and various makers
1944 composition
1945 composition
About / history:
About Rose O’Neill:
Cameo Doll Co. dolls:
1930s composition:
1950s bisque reissue
Celluloid look-alikes / carnival dolls (not genuine Kewpies):
Billikin-Kewpie celluloid
Cupid by Sekiguchi doll:
Black doll, Japan:
Chalkware carnival prizes (knock-offs, not genuine Kewpies)
Cloth body by K & K (doll on left; click #35)
Cloth by Richard Krueger, Kuddle Kewpie: (doll in middle; click #35)
German Doll Co. dolls: Modern reissues from original molds
Jell-o ads:
Jesco, vinyl 1982– :
Kestner, bisque:
Shackman, Japan knock-off

Kid Kore, 1990s–

Kimberly by Tomy 1981–

importer & Kimcraft manufacturer, 1940s–1980s
Australian by Sarah Midgly:
About, brief
Appalachian dolls; see also Folk art dolls
Biography, Ruby Short McKim:
Door of Hope dolls 1940s: Dolls magazine article
Gremlins by Thelma Powers
Guatemalan dolls:
Inuit dolls:
Kimcraft Uncle Sam doll
La Nicette dolls, France
Marie Antoinette
President dolls
Hitty by Sherman Smith:
Klumpe, importer for
Native American dolls:
Roldan, importer for
Xhosa, South Africa:
See also Ethnic dolls.

Kim Possible by Disney / Equity Marketing, 2003–

Kim-’teen (Kim’teen)
by Kim Dolls, 1950s. See Virga Hi Heel Teen

Kingstate (KS) / The Dollcrafter, 1998–

Kish, Helen, 1994–

Kisses! / Odessa
cloth dolls by Vivian Greene, 1970s
JC Penney catalog 1976

by Ideal, 1961–1979
1963 Sears catalog
3" doll 1979:

Kister, A. W. Fr.; see Dressel & Kister 1837–1949

Kitchen toys & kitchenware, doll-size

Kley & Hahn,
1902–1930. See also Antique.
Boy 1912: (scroll down)
Mold numbers:
Snowbabies bisque:
Walkure; Kestner-made bisque head:

Kling, C.F.;
Germany, 1836–1939. See also Antique.
Mold numbers:
Snowbabies bisque:

Klumpe dolls,
Spain, 1950s–1970s. See also Roldan.
Napoleon doll
Peasant Boy doll

Knickerbocker (KTC) dolls,
6" hard plastic rattle dolls, side-glancing eyes, starfish hands, 1950s:
Molded hair bow loop; bent and straight-arm versions
Photo, doll wearing crocheted outfit
Betsey Clark 1970s–
Bob & Betty, musical rag dolls, 1970s:
1971 Sears catalog
Beloved Belindy 1965
Campbell Kids 1973
Daisy & Willow 1999–2001
Dolly Pops 1979–82
Flintstones, Pebbles & Bam-Bam, cloth 1972
Gingerbread Playmates 1971:
1971 Sears catalog
Holly Hobbie 1970s
Katzenjammer Kids 1925–30
Little House on the Prairie 1970s–
Little Orphan Annie 1977–
Moppet’s Secret Dollhouse 1981–
Musical doll: Sleepy Head plush doll 1960s
Raggedy Ann & Andy 1963–82
Snow White 1937 & 1950s
Sugar ’N Spice 1976. Similar to Joan Walsh Anglund dolls.

Knoch, Gebruder;

Konig & Wernicke
(Koenig & Wernicke), Germany, 1911–1935
Celluloid head by Schildkröet doll:
Mold numbers:
My Pride

Koukinova, Alexandra, 1993–

KPM (Königliche Porzellan Manufactur),

Krueger, Richard G.;
cloth dolls, 1907–1950s
Kuddle Kewpie, cloth: (doll in middle; click #35)

Kruse, Käthe
(Kaethe Kruse or Kathe Kruse), 1910–
About model numbering
Examples, antique/vintage:
Boy doll:
Boy doll 1915
Doll I, 1910:
Doll XIV, photos
Look-alikes, see Bing Brothers Beauty Art Doll
Reissues, modern 1990s–
Schildkröt (turtle mark): 1950s celluloid doll
Waldorf style cloth, 1990s–

Kuhnlenz, Gebruder; (Gebruder Kuhnlenz),
Black doll, 8" mold #34
French bébé style, 1885
Mold numbers:
Nun doll

Kuhrn / Flow dolls by Globo, Italy


LA & S, see Amberg, Louis & Son

Lady Lovely Locks by TCFC / Mattel, 1987–1989

La Madelon by Madeline Frazier / Mary Ryan Co.,

Lanard dolls, 1999–

Language Littles bilingual dolls, 1999

La Nicette
cloth dolls, France, 1924–1940s

Lanternier & Cie,
Limoges, France, 1855–1925
Baby doll
Example, photo
Toto character child

Laramie dolls,
1960s. See also Barbie; Bild Lilli.

Lastic Plastic, see Horsman

Latexture, see Mannequin dolls

Latin American dolls.
See also Ethnic dolls. (music)
By country:
Carselle Muñecos, Mexico
Crèche (creche) & Santos figures:
Guatemalan / Mayan; see also Kimport
Maru and Friends by Maritza Gutierrez & Diana Effner, 2008–

Lauer Toys, 1990s

Lawton Doll Co. / Wendy Lawton, 1982–

Lee Middleton dolls, 1978–

Lefor-Openo dolls,
France, 1960s–

Leggy dolls
by Hasbro 1971–1973; & other companies
Ashinaga, Japanese version:

Lenci dolls,
1919–. See also Boudoir; Cloth; The Lonely Doll.
Identifying, brief summary
1920s, 110 & 400 series:
1925 Lenci 110 series, photo
About, brief:
About, with examples:
Article, page 8 lists identification points (PDF file)
Anili dolls (Elena Scavini’s daughter) 1946–
Boudoir dolls:
Fadette smoker
Buying guide
Care & cleaning:
Example dolls:
Boy & girl pair, 1927
Boy, ca. 1920s to 1930s
Girl, unidentified, dressed as Little Red Riding Hood
Various dolls
Modern, 1978– :
Pierrot & Pierrete:
Similar types, not Lenci:
Alma Co., 1920s–30s
American Stuffed Novelty Co.
Bing Brothers Art Doll
La Nicette 1924–40s

Leo Moss dolls,
late 1800s to early 1900s. See also Black dolls.

Lesney dolls
(Matchbox / Vogue), 1970s–1990
Glitter Girls 1973–74:
Miss Matchbox Disco Girls & Suky/Susy

LGTI, see Galoob

Liberty of London,

by Takara 1967– . See also Jenny 1985–.

Liddle Kiddles & Skediddlers
by Mattel, 1965–1970s. See also Storykins.
1966 JC Penney catalog
Booklets & close-ups, but adds non-original items
Clones or look-alikes:
Fragrance Tyme
Half-Pints by My Toy (scroll down)
Liddle Kiddles 1990s by Tyco
Trident Caravelle
Coloring book 1967
Kiddle City, 1966 Sears catalog
Klub case:
Skediddlers, Peanuts & Disney 1969

Life of Faith dolls by Breezy Point Treasures / Mission City Press, 1998–

Li’l Abner dolls
by Al Capp and Baby Barry Toy, 1950s

Lil Lollypops / Daisy Dolls / Sweetie Pops by AG Toys, 1980s

Li’l Me by Schaper, 1980s

Limbach, A.G.; Limbach Porzellanfabrik
, Germany, 1772–1937
Character baby:
Bathing beauties figures:
Bisque examples:'104036'
China doll:
Greiner-style china doll:

Lingerie Lou
by Doll Bodies Co., 1950s
Dress pattern catalog
Original box, one version
See also Dress-me; Mannequin/sewing dolls.

Linnea dolls by Hjelm Förlag (Hjelm Forlag) / Crocodile Creek, 2002–

Lissi Bätz dolls / Lissi Puppe (Lissi Batz)

Little Apple dolls, 2005–2008

Littlechap Family
by Remco, 1963–
Catalog pages & NRFB photo

Little House on the Prairie dolls
by Knickerbocker & Ashton-Drake, 1970s–
See also HollyHobbie; or Walda.

Little Lulu
by Marge (Marjorie Henderson Buell) & various makers, 1938–
Cartoon and comic, about / history:
Eden 1990s: working on
Georgene, cloth:
Gund / Swedlin 1970s:
Hallmark 1970s: working on
Horsman 1970s: working on
Knickerbocker 1939:
McCall’s pattern:
Paper dolls:
Pullan, composition 1948:
Sanitoys 1973: working on
Sears catalog, 1958

Little Miss Marie
by Woolworth’s, 1950s
8" high-heeled doll, unmarked
See also Little Miss Ginger 8"; Little Miss Nancy Ann; Mayfair Debbie; Virga Hi Heel Teen

Little Miss No Name
by Hasbro, 1965–
1966 JC Penney catalog

Little Orphan Annie
by various makers, 1929–
Cloth, preprinted
Collecting, about (scroll down)
Comics, about:
Freundlich dolls:
Knickerbocker dolls:
Remco dolls:
Cloth 1967
Vinyl 1967
Tonner dolls: Little Orphan Annie, photo

Little Red Riding Hood dolls
by various makers
Bonnytex doll: Two-faced doll, 1956
Composition doll, unknown maker, 1930s
DeDo doll, unknown Italian maker, ca. 1950s
Deluxe Reading 1954:
Freundlich 1934:
Freundlich, The Wolf, photo
Furga walker:
Lenci doll and Rushton-type rubber & plush wolf
Kelly by Mattel 2002:
Kerr & Hinz doll:
Marie Osmond Dolls:
Nancy Ann Storybook, bisque:
Similar, “To Market, To Market” #120
Paper dolls: Lion Coffee advertising, ca. 1895
PeePul Pals books & dolls:
Little Red Riding Hood book
Little Red Riding Hood doll
Pullip by Jun Planning
R. John Wright 1988–91:
Three-faced doll: German bisque
Topsy-turvy dolls:
Wilson cloth topsy-turvy doll

Littles by Mattel, 1980–1981

Littlest Angel
by Arranbee (R & B) / Vogue. See also Block Doll Co.
Arranbee 1954–1957:
1957 Bloomingdale’s catalog (PDF)
Vogue 1961–1963 and 1967–1980:
1970 JC Penney catalog
Angel Baby, 1971 JC Penney catalog
Littlest Angel & Angel Baby:

Little Tikes dolls & dollhouses, 1989–1997

Little Tuppence & Posing Penny
by Lincoln Industries, New Zealand, 1965–1971
Simplicity 1965 pattern #6207
See also Penny Brite by Deluxe Reading and Miss Cindy by Cragstan.

Little Women
by Madame Alexander, 1933–
1930s–36 cloth:
Amy, 14" hard plastic:

Liv Dolls by Spin Master, 2009–

Living Dead by Mezco Toys, 2000–

Lollipop Girls by Jan McLean / Panache Place (Unimax); 2003–

Lomel Enterprises 1986

Lonely Doll, The;
by Dare Wright. See also Lenci dolls.
Dare Wright’s doll was a 1925 Lenci, 109/14 series.
Bibliography & history:
Photos of book
R. John Wright, 2007–:

Lonely Lisa doll
by Royal, 1964 & 1972
16" and 20" dolls
Comparison, 1964 and 1979 bodies
Comparison, 1964 and 1979 eyes
Inspired by Margaret Keane’s “big eye” art
See also similar, Love Me Linda by Vogue.

Lorrie Dolls,

Lovee dolls,

Love Notes (Baby Love Notes) & Li’l Love Notes
by Mattel, 1974–:
1976 JC Penney’s catalog
Li’l Love Notes, NRFB

Lucky Fashion Corner by Lucky Ind. Co. Ltd., 1980s–

Lucy Peck wax dolls, England

Luv Buds by Buddy L 1982


M & C Toy Centre, 1990s–

M & S Superior (Muller)
papier-mâché dolls. See also Greiner. (scroll down)

Maar & Sohn, E. / 3M,
Bild Lilli 1955–64, clothing
Bisque heads from Armand Marseille dolls:
Schwabinchen 1962–64
Lissi Batz dolls, modern

Mabel Lucie Atwell
dolls by various makers, 1920s–1980s
BooBoos Care by Hornby, 1985
Chad Valley dolls
Palitoy dolls
Roddy dolls

Madame Alexander dolls (MA),

1954 FAO Schwarz catalog (PDF file)
1957 Bloomingdale’s catalog (PDF file)
2002– Madame Alexander catalogs:

About Beatrice Alexander and her company:
Photos with dolls & audio clips
About / history:
Alice in Wonderland; cloth, composition, hard plastic, vinyl
Black dolls:
Cleaning & care recommendations
Cloth dolls by Madame Alexander, 1920s–:
1930s Oliver Twist:
Club & convention dolls, 1989–2005:
Collecting, about:
Composition dolls by Madame Alexander, 1930s–1948:
Bride, bridesmaid, flower girl 1945
Dionne Quintuplets
Jeannie Walker, 1942 Sears catalog
Karen Ballerina 14", 1946, photo 1
Karen Ballerina 14", 1946, photo 2
Portrait Dolls 21", 1945–46, photo
Wendy Ann:
Diana, Princess of Wales, 1998
Eloise by Kay Thompson & Hilary Knight, cloth & vinyl
Face molds:
Wendy Ann:
FAO Schwarz catalog exclusives 1967
Fashions, about
Hard plastic dolls by Madame Alexander, 1947–:
8" dolls, Alexanderkins
Babs skater 1950s, photo
Cissette 1957–63; and 2004–
Cissy 1955–59 and1962; and 1996–
Cissy face mold, other dolls:
Active Miss 1954 & Sweet Violet 1951–54
Active Miss 1954, photo
Binnie (vinyl wig cap) / Winnie (wigged) and Cissy
Binnie walker (Cissy face), photo
Winnie walker (Cissy face)
Elise, hard plastic (see also Vinyl > Elise):
Fairy Queen, 1947 Sears catalog
Little Men, ca. 1952, photo
Margaret face:
Margaret O’Brien, 1947 Sears catalog
Margaret O’Brien, photo
Margot 1961, Cissette mold
Portrette 1968–70, Cissette mold
Queen Elizabeth II dolls 1950s:
1953 Coronation Set, click Exhibits > Dolls for a Queen
Cissy; Margaret; & Cissette as: Queen Elizabeth dolls
Wendy 8", see Alexanderkins
Winnie walker
International dolls, see 8-inch Alexanderkins
Little Women, composition, hard plastic, vinyl
McDonald’s Happy Meal dolls 2002–
Sleeping Beauty, composition & hard plastic:
Cissette 1959:
Sleeping Beauty 1946 18", photo
Sleeping Beauty 1938, 16" Princess Elizabeth mold, photo
Wendy Ann face:
Sonja Henie dolls, composition 1939 & hard plastic 1951
Stuffed animals
Vinyl and vinyl/hard plastic dolls by Madame Alexander, 1950s– :
Alexandra Fairchild Ford, 2006–
Brenda Starr 1964, vinyl & hard plastic
Cherry Twins 1999:
Coco 1966
Companion-size dolls, vintage, 28" and taller:
Nurse Joanie 1960
Coquette 2004– :
Dear America 18" 1999–2000
Degas Girl:
Elise: 1967 FAO Schwartz catalog
EthiDolls African dolls 2003– (Alexander manufactures for this company)
French Kitty 2005
Janie face mold, various dolls
Kennedy dolls, Jacqueline, Caroline, & John
Kitten baby 1961:
Leslie 1960s, photo (Polly face mold)
Little Genius 1954–62
Lucinda 1969–70:
Maggie Mix-Up 16½", 1960–61:
Marybel Gets Well 1959:
Reissue 1998:
Polly 1965–71, photo; see also Leslie
Puddin 1965:
Pussycat baby dolls 1960s–
“Sound of Music” set, FAO Schwartz catalog 1967
Stilettos 2005
Sweet Tears 1965–82:
“That Girl,” Marlo Thomas 1967
Today I Feel Silly 2003

Madame Hendren, see Georgene Novelties

Madcap Molly
by Kenner, 1971–1972
TV ad:

Maddie Mod
by Princess Grace (PGD) 1967–1972 / Mego 1972–1973
Doll marks:
Dollikin in Maddie Mod clothes:
Face close-up:
Fashions by year:
Fashions on dolls:
Mego 1972–1973:
See also Barbie clones.

Madeline by Eden / Learning Curve / RC2

Maggie Bessie dolls
by Margaret Gertrude Pfohl & Caroline Elizabeth Pfohl; 1893–
See also Antique; Cloth.

Maggie Iacono 1996–

Magic Attic, 1994–2004, design by Robert Tonner

Magic Knight Rayearth by Sega, 2001–2002

Magic Light dolls / Lumia dolls
by Iris Halsey, 1940s–
Halsey added glow-in-the-dark paint to dolls she purchased from other companies.
Nancy Ann Storybook bisque:
Patent description 1941

“Magic Skin” latex dolls
by various makers, 1940s– . See also Rubber dolls.
Arranbee dolls
Campbell Kids doll:
Dennis the Menace doll
Effanbee dolls:
Horsman “Fairyskin” & “Super-Flex”:
Ideal dolls:
1947 baby, Sears catalog
1948 Billy and Ruth catalog (PDF file)
Betsy Wetsy by Ideal
Bonny Braids by Ideal 1951–53
Sparkle Plenty by Ideal 1947
Mollye dolls
Vogue Dolls

Mama dolls.
See also Composition.
Dress fabric, typically organdy:

Manhattan Toy Co.

Mannequins, artist’s

Mannequins, miniature sewing.
See also Dress-me dolls.
Deb-U-Doll by Margit Nilsen:
1944 FAO Schwarz catalog (PDF file, p. 6)
Dolls sold with sewing kits:
1938 Jean Darling by Standard Toycraft (PDF file, p. 8)
1954 unknown maker, FAO Schwarz catalog (PDF file, p. 2)
1967 Madame Alexander Wendy & Sewing Basket, FAO Schwarz exclusive
Peggy McCall, The Modern Fashion Model, by Dritz-Traum for McCall’s:
Simplicity by Latexture:
1944 FAO Schwarz catalog (PDF file, p. 5)
Fashiondol, Marianne:
Simplicity Suzanne, composition, 1944 Wards catalog

Maplelea Girls by Avonlea Traditions, 2003–

Marcie (Dolls of Destiny) by A & H Manufacturing

Margon Corp. / Voices Inc.,
eyes, parts, and voice boxes
1938 advertisement (PDF file, p. 5)

Marguerite de Angeli, see Hedwig – de Angeli

Marie Osmond, see Osmond

Marin chiclana dolls,
Spain, 1928–
Flamenco dancer, bullfighter, and historical dolls
Historical figures made for Lloyderson
Queen Elizabeth I for Lloyderson, photo

Mariquita Perez dolls,
Argentina, Portugal & Spain, 1938–
1980s and later dolls

Mark Farmer
reproduction china head kits, 1950s–
Guide to china dolls (scroll down)

Marks, identification.
See also Identifying dolls.
Antique dolls:
Celluloid dolls:
Composition dolls:
Hard plastic & vinyl dolls:
1950s to 1960s:
Modern 18" dolls

Marottes, bisque head.
See also Antique.
German-made marottes
Heubach example: Pouty baby, musical
Schoenau & Hoffmeister doll: Example, ca. 1900
Simon & Halbig, ca. 1885: Music box type. See also video, next photo.

Marque, Albert;
1910–1916. See also Antique; Bisque.

Marseille, Armand;
1885–1930. See also Antique; Bisque. (PDF file)
#323 mold, googly; 402; & 640:
#362 mold, black doll:
#390 mold:
#390 in original outfit and box
Boy, ca. 1900–15:
Character, ca. 1920: (scroll down)
Character, intaglio eyes:
Eaton’s Beauty dolls: (PDF file)
Edelmann, Edmund; heads for
Floradora mark, ca. 1909– :
Florodora mark, distributed by Borgfeldt, ca. 1901–09:
Googly doll:
Just Me dolls
Maar & Sohn, bisque heads made for
See also similar mark, Aich Menzel & Co.
My Dream Baby:

Maru and Friends by Maritza Gutierrez & Diana Effner, 2008–

Marx Toys / Louis Marx,
Action figures, identifying:
About / history:
Archies, 1975
Best of the West; Johnny West, Jane, Janice, Josie, & Princess Wildflower, 1967-75
Campus Cuties 1964:
Dollhouses and furniture
First Love, photo
Ginny Bones & Skinny Bones 1970:
Girl from U.N.C.L.E., The
Lone Ranger 1973, see Gabriel
Marlene 1964, Barbie clone/look-alike
Mike Hazard, Double Agent
Miss Seventeen 1961–
Sindy dolls and furniture
Twinkie 1965

Mary Engelbreit (ME), 1997–

Mary Hartline dolls
by Ideal & Doll Bodies Co. See also Ideal Toni.
8" Lingerie Lou by Doll Bodies: (misidentified as Ideal)
Paper dolls:
Kellogg’s ad:
Photo of Mary Hartline with dolls

Mary Hoyer, see Hoyer dolls

Mary-Kate & Ashley by Mattel

Mary Make-up, see Tressy by American Character

Mary Quant dolls,
Bubbles & Squeak 1970s:
Daisy 1973–83

Mary Poppins
by Horsman / Reliable, 1964–1973
1966 JC Penney’s catalog
Michael & Jane set NRFB:

Mascotte bébé,
by May Freres, Cie; 1882–1901. See also Steiner, Jules.
Example, photo

Mask-faced dolls,
1940s–1950s. See also Cloth.
1940s example
1943 Sears catalog
1944 Sears catalog
1945 Sears catalog:
1947 Sears catalog
1955 Spiegel catalog
1958 Sears catalog
Albert Brückner dolls

Mason & Taylor dolls,
1881–1893. See also Antique.

Matchbox dolls
by Matchbox / Lesney / Hasbro, 1970s–1990
Miss Matchbox Disco Girls; see also World of Love:
Matchbox Suky/Susy 1974; and Glitter Girls 1973–74 (music)
Miss Matchbox & Suky/Susy, 1974
Oh Jenny 1980s
Real Model 1989
Robotech 12" 1986–87

Matryoshka (nesting dolls).
See also Russian dolls.
About / history:

Mattel (MI),
1948– . See also Pleasant Company; MII (Meritus, not Mattel).
Note: Mattel marks the patent year on its molds, which is at least one year earlier than the actual production year. Molds are often reused for many years.

1980s– dolls

About, company history
Angelina Ballerina (Pleasant Company)
Audrey Hepburn dolls
Baby Beans
Baby Come Back 1976/77:
Black and white versions
Baby First Step 1965–67
Baby Heather 1980s
Baby Love Light 1971:
Baby Secret 1965–66:
Baby Skates 1982, TV ad
Baby Teenietalk & Baby Secret 1966, ad
Baby Tender Love
Barbie 1959–
Barbie & Me 16" 2004–
Beany & Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent 1961/62
Big Jim 1972–76
Buffy & Mrs. Beasley
Busy Becky:
Chatty Baby 1964
Chatty Cathy
Chatty Patty 1980s
Cheerful Tearful:
1966 JC Penney’s catalog
1966 Sears catalog
Cherry Merry Muffin 1988–90
Cynthia (Best Friends Cynthia) 1971–72
Dancerina, Dancerella, & Baby Dancerina 1968–1970s
Dancin’ Debbie 2000
Dazzle 1981–83
Disney, vintage dolls
Dreamland Babies 1994
Drowsy 1964–1980s
Family Corners (6½") 1994
Fashion Polly (Polly Pocket)
Fashion Teeners 1972
Furniture, Modern 1958 (for 8–10" dolls, not Barbie):
Flavas 2003
Googlies 1966
Gorgeous Creatures 1979
Gramma & Grampa 1971
Guardian Goddesses 1979–80
Head mold:
Happy Family, vintage (Sunshine Family)
Happy Family, modern, see Barbie
Harry Potter
Herself the Elf
Honey Hill Bunch
Hot Looks 1987
It’s a Small World (Disney) 1993–
Kelly and Friends 1995–
Lady Lovely Locks 1987–89
Liddle Kiddles
Li’l Miss 1989–93
Li’l Secrets 1993
Littles 1980–81
Love Notes (Baby Love Notes) & Li’l Love Notes 1974–
Magic Nursery 1989–90
Mary-Kate and Ashley
Matty Mattel 1961
Max Steel 1998–2002
Mork & Mindy 1980
My Child
Osmond, Donny, Marie, & Jimmy; 1977–1979
Peachy & Her Puppets, photo
Peppermint Rose 1992
PJ Sparkles 1988–89
Polly Pocket
Popcorn Pretties 1991
Pretty Pairs 1970 (1965 mark):
Pulsar & Hypnos 1977:
Quick Curl Casey
Rainbow Brite 1980s
Rock Flowers
Rosebud 1970s:
Rosie O’Donnell
Saucy 1972
Scooba-Doo 1964
Shani 1991–93
She-Ra Princess of Power 1984–87
Shining Star 2001
Shopping Sheryl
Skediddlers 1968–70
Small Shots (Hot Wheels)
Small Talk:
Small Talk Baby 1967:
Small Talk Storybook:
1969 Sears catalog
Small Walk:
Spectra 1986–87
Star Spangled (Sunshine Family mold):
Sunshine Family
Sweet Treats 2001
Talking Twosome 1971
Teen Trends 2005–
Tender Love:
Tenko & the Guardians of Magic 1995–96
Thumbelina 1990s
Timey Tell 1964–71:
Tippee Toes:
TV Star Women: Cheryl Ladd, Kate Jackson, & Kitty O’Neill (pop-ups)
Upsy Downsy
Wee 3 Friends 2003–
Wee Wild Things 1980s
What’s Her Face 2001–
When I Read I Dream 2001–02
Winx Club
Young Sweethearts Michael & Melinda, 1976:
Photo, close-up
Photo, original clothing & shoes
Wishing Well Park playset

Maxie by Hasbro, 1988–1990

Max Steel by Mattel, 1998–2002

Mayer / Alan Jay,
see Rubber squeak dolls, 1950s–1960s

Mayfair Products,
Canada 1950s–
8" hard plastic high-heeled Debbie, unmarked
See also Little Miss Ginger; Little Miss Marie; Little Miss Nancy Ann; Virga Hi Heel Teen
Mayfair fashions for Crissy & Velvet:
Mayfair also made composition Birthstone dolls, similar to bisque Storybook dolls

McCall mark, see Betsy McCall

McCutcheon Raleigh, Jessie

McDonald’s 1976 dolls, see Remco

McDonald’s (McD) Happy Meal dolls by various companies, 1991–

Mdvanii by Billy Boy Toys, 1989–93

Mechanical antique dolls (articulate, automata, or autoperipatetikos)

Meech, Herbert John; wax dolls, 1865–1917

Mego action figures & dolls
8" action figures:
Female: (pop-ups)
Action Jackson
“Bedknobs & Broomsticks,” Angela Lansbury (only Hong Kong mark), 1971: (Mego, not Horsman) (music)
Beautiful Lainie 1973:
Bubble Yum Baby 1978–79:
Candi and Fashion Candi
Diana Ross
Dinah-mite 1972–75
Dizzy Girl (Dawn clone): (music)
Fashions for Dizzy Girl
Farrah Fawcett
Jaclyn Smith
Joe Namath:
Laverne & Shirley 1978
Maddie Mod 1972–73
Poz 'n Play 1978:
Suzanne Somers (“Three’s Company”): (pop-ups)
Sonny and Cher dolls
Sweet Innocence & Her Friends 1978
Tennille; Captain & Toni Tennille: (pop-ups)
Waltons, The:
Mary Ellen, close-up (pop-ups)
Wonder Woman

Meritus Industries Inc. (MII) / Elite 1980s–

Mermaid Doll Co.,
Chicken of the Sea advertising doll, 21" vinyl mermaid, 1965
Versions with green, blue, red, white, and yellow scales were made.
A doll labeled “Gla-Mer-Maid” used the same mold, with blue fins and platinum hair.

MerryMakers dolls, 2000–

Merrythought Toy Co.,
Jack 1930s: (page end)
Snow White felt doll 1938

Metal head dolls,
Germany & U.S., 1880s–1930s. See also Antique.
Bucherer, A. & Cie (metal body)
Giebeler-Falk Doll Co., N.Y., 1919–21
Juno / Karl Standfuss
Minerva by Buschow & Beck, 1890–1930s

MGA Entertainment (Micro Games of America), 1979–

MI, see Mattel

Michael Lee dolls / Mica-Le dolls,
Hong Kong, 1947–1996

Midwestern Doll Co. / Midwestern Mfg.,
1950s. See also Ginger. (scroll down)

Mieler Dolls, 1980s

Mignonette dolls,
all-bisque “pocket” dolls, 1875–1925
All-bisque doll by Carl Horn

MII, see Meritus Industries

Military dolls.
See also Action figures.
Cloth doll, handmade soldier, late 1940s–50s, photo
Formative International, 1996–98
Freundlich, armed services & General MacArthur 1942
GI Joe by Hasbro 1963–
Rosie the Riveter 2003
U.S. Army Women’s Museum, about
Vogue Dolls, Toddles military versions
Vogue Dolls, WAAC-ette and WAVE-ette 1942–44:
W.A.A.C. doll by Madame Alexander

“Milliner’s model” dolls,
1820–1860. See Papier-mâché; Antique.
The term “milliner’s model” is a misnomer.'s%20Models%202.pdf (PDF file)
In The Collector's Book of Doll Clothes, Dorothy S., Elizabeth Ann, and Evelyn J. Coleman discuss the misnomer’s origin: “They [dolls with papier-mâché heads, leather bodies, and wooden lower limbs] are referred to as ‘Varnished heads’ in the 1829–1833 Day Book of Lewis Page at the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum. In the twentieth century, Eleanor St. George [in The Dolls of Yesterday] named this type of doll ‘Milliner's Model.’ Her correspondence indicates that this was a name she created without historical documentation or precedent for it.”

Milton Bradley / Girl’s World, see Emerald the Enchanting Witch

Mily, Jacky, & Baby
by GéGé (GeGe) France, 1964–1973. See also Barbie clones.

Minerva / Wearwell
metal head dolls by A. Vischer / Buschow & Beck, 1890–1930s
About / history:

by Jacob Swedlin (Gund), 1967
Jet car box, photo
Sears catalog 1967

Miniquin dolls by DAE Originals, 2002–

Miss Cindy
by Cragstan. See also Penny Brite; Little Tuppence.

Missionary Ragbabies / Beecher Baby
by Julia Jones Beecher, 1880s–1910

Miss Revlon by Ideal, see Revlon.

Miss Seventeen
by Marx, 1961–. See also Bild Lilli. (scroll right)
Photo, close-up
Photos, doll and case

Miss Suzette 11½" by Uneeda, 1962, see Suzette

Misty / Miss Clairol
by Ideal, 1965–1966.
See also “Bewitched”; Comic Heroines; Tammy.
Center-eyed 1966:
Compare to Comic Heroines dolls:
Glamour Misty, 1966 JC Penney’s catalog

by Ideal / Reliable, 1960–1961. See also Barbie clones.
Ideal & Reliable:
Reliable Mitzi

Mixis by YNU Group, 2005–

Model Toys, see Daisy or Havoc

Molly-’es International Doll Co. / Mollye Goldman (Mollyes),
Clothing designs for Ideal Shirley Temple dolls:
Composition baby
Ginny-type 8" doll:
Peggy Rose Bride 1957:
Raggedy Ann & Andy 1935–37
Tagged outfit
The Thief of Bagdad dolls:
Maid in Waiting and Sabu, photo

Momoko by Sekiguchi / Petworks 2001–

Monchhichi (Monchichi)
by Sekiguchi & other makers, 1974– (music)
Original Sekiguchi 1974– :

Monica Doll Studios,
Hollywood, Ca., 1941–1952
About, brief
Greta: 1944 FAO Schwarz catalog (PDF file, p. 6)

Montanari wax dolls, 1850–1887

Moondreamers by Hasbro, 1986–1988

Moppets by Fran Mar / KTC (Knickerbocker) / Shiba, 1970s

Moppets Secret Dollhouse by Knickerbocker (KTC), 1981–

Morden Doll Corp.,

Morimura Brothers (Noritake),
Japan, 1876–
Bisque example:
Bester Doll Co.

Mother’s Congress Doll Co.,
1900–1911. See also Antique; Cloth.
Baby Stuart:
Photo of marking (music)

Motschmann Taufling type doll bodies.
See also Antique; Japanese ichimatsu.
Steiner doll:

Muffie 8"
by Nancy Ann Storybook (NASB), 1953–1956. See also Ginny. (music)

Multi-faced dolls and multi-headed dolls

Multi-faced dolls (head rotates):
Carl Bergner doll, bisque, late 1800s
Hedda Get Bedda, Whimsie by American Character
Ideal dolls:
Trilby 1950s
Little Lost Baby 1968
Little Red Riding Hood dolls
Reliable doll: Three-faced doll 1969
Ozias Morse rubber four-faced doll, ca. 1866
Thum-Things by Uneeda 1973
Trudy by Three-in-One Doll Corp., 1946–47
Multi-head character dolls, antique:
Famlee by Berwick 1920s
Kestner dolls
Three-in-One by Doll Pottery 1916
Topsy-turvy dolls, two-headed cloth dolls

Mundia Collection, reproductions & originals,
France, 1949–

Muppets dolls & puppets by Jim Henson & various makers, 1958–2009

Musical dolls

Antique dolls, mechanical
Baby Dear Musical by Vogue Dolls 1962
Composition doll, Baby Phyllis by J. Bouton, 1902–1930s:
Ideal dolls
Japanese ichimatsu by Nishi:
Knickerbocker dolls
Mattel dolls
Nun dolls:
Raggedy Ann & Andy by Knickerbocker 1960s:
Lullabye and Rockabye dolls, JC Penney’s catalog 1976
Schoenhut dolls: Roly-Poly clown

Muslim dolls

My Buddy dolls by Hasbro / Playskool, 1985–

My Child by Mattel, 1985–88

My Friend Mandy dolls by Fisher-Price, 1977–1985

My Little Pony dolls by Hasbro, 1984–1986

My Real Baby animatronic doll by Hasbro, 2000

My Scene Barbie by Mattel, 2002–

My Twinn dolls


Naber Kids
by Naber Gestalt, 1960s–
About / history:
Amy 1989

Nancy & Sluggo dolls
by various makers
Averill dolls:
Comic, about:
About; & boxed Marcie dolls photo
Marcie by A & H Manufacturing dolls:
Original box
S & P dolls, 1954: working on

Nancy Ann Storybook (NASB) Co.
See also Kerr & Hinz (K & H).
1944 Nancy Ann Abbott interview
Debbie, 10½" chubby toddler, 1955:
Little Miss Nancy Ann 9", 1959:
About, and other 8" similar dolls
Doll wearing Little Miss Ginger dress
See also Little Miss Ginger; Little Miss Marie; Mayfair Debbie; Virga Hi Heel Teen
Miss Nancy Ann 10½", 1959:
About; and doll with original box
See also Jill & Jan; Little Miss Revlon; or Circle P dolls
Muffie 8", 1953–56
Storybook Dolls, bisque and hard plastic
Style Show 18", 1952–

Nasco Creations
. See Kaysam - Jolly.
Joann / Miss Joann:
Miss Claudette & Claudie:

National Institute of American Doll Artists (NIADA)

National Negro Doll Co., Richard Henry Boyd,
1911– . See also Black dolls.

Native American dolls.
See also Ethnic dolls; Folk art dolls.
Antique bisque, probably German, photo
Carlson dolls (souvenir)
Corn husk dolls:
Eastern Abenaki 1919 portrayal, Olde Deerfield raid paper dolls
First Nations
Hopi katsina (kachina):
Identifying fakes
Hualapai: Suzy Belle, cloth, 1970s–
Inuit dolls
Iroquois, corn husk:
Maliseet-Micmac, corn husk
Mary Francis Woods, 1920s–30s
Mayan worry or trouble dolls
Navaho, cloth:
Ojibwe, split willow:
Oneida, corn husk:
Seneca, corn husk:
About, brief:
Seneca applehead dolls:
Shoshone 1960s:
Skookum dolls
Souvenirs, usually dress-me doll type
Starshine Dolls, 1990s

Natterer, Sylvia / White Balloon, 1989–

Natural Doll Co.
See also 14R dolls.
Angela Cartright 30" 1961, (as Linda Williams in “Make Room for Daddy”): (PDF)
See Linda Williams 14" by PMA (Plastic Molded Arts)
Composition dolls:
Hard plastic dolls:
Honey Claire:
Miss Ritzi:

Nesting dolls, see Matryoshka

Netta Doll Co. / Metti Co. dolls,
Pilawuk, photo

New York Rubber Co.,
1885–. See also Goodyear; or Rubber dolls.
Baby doll, ca. 1897
Doll from Richard Wright’s collection
License from Goodyear

Niresk Industries, Inc.,
Dollikin, Lotus Blossom outfit, 1959 Niresk catalog
Patty Prayer 1963–69 (talking praying doll):
Comic book ad
Royal Princess & Her Baby:

Nisbet, Peggy;
Diana, Princess of Wales, & Royal Family

Nodder dolls, antique & vintage bisque

Bisque, in Dutch costume, made in Germany, 1920s–30s

Norah Wellings, see Wellings

Nun dolls
by various makers
1942 Spiegel catalog
1944 Wards catalog
Examples, photo
Flying Nun dolls
Gebruder Kuhnlenz doll:
Guide to buying
Habit types per order:
Hard plastic:
Littlest Angel type:
Nancy Ann Storybook hard plastic doll:

Nymphenburg china (porcelain) dolls



Obitsu / Azone dolls

Ohlhaver, see Revalo

OK Kader (Kader) dolls,
Hong Kong, 1948–1993
1950s baby doll:
Baby doll:
Hard plastic:

Old Cottage Toys
by Margaret & Susi Fleischman, 1939–1976

Olmec Toys, 1985–

100 Dolls Co. (One Hundred Dolls),
late 1950s to mid–late 1970s
The comic book ads for these gave kids a hard lesson about truth in advertising: “As many excited young girls would unfortunately find out the hard way, the ‘100 Little Dolls” were not dolls at all.” (search for Comic Book Flat Dolls)
Similar, cereal premiums by Van Brode

Only Hearts Club, 2004–

Ontario Plastics
(Beehler / Fortune / Kim / Virga)
Paula-Sue (Ginny-type):

Oodles by Mel Birnkrant for Grand Toys, 1980s

Oopsie Daisy by Irwin Toy, 1988–1989

Origin Products / Bluebird Toys, see Polly Pocket

Original Doll Artist Council of America (ODACA)

Oshkosh, see Eden

Osmond dolls; Donny, Marie, & Jimmy Osmond;
by Mattel, 1977–1979
Catalog page, 11½" dolls
Jimmy doll body mold:
Marie Osmond 30" Modeling Doll 1977

Osmond, Marie / Marie Osmond Dolls / Charisma, 1991–

Ott, Heidi

Ottolini dolls,
Italy, 1950s–
Bild Lilli similar, Ellen:

Ozias Morse,
four-faced rubber doll, ca. 1866


P & M Doll Co.,
1950s. Sometimes confused with PMA or PM Sales.
Paula Mae:
See also Pollyanna.

P mark in a circle, known as “Circle P”
Coty Girl / Miss Coty by Arranbee:
Little Miss Margie by Belle Doll & Toy
Sally Starr cowgirl (PDF file)
Similar marked dolls:
Eegee Little Miss Debutante; Little Miss Revlon; Miss Nancy Ann; Uneeda’s Suzette
See also Admiration, Beehler Arts, Princess Anna, or Sayco.

Packing dolls for shipping

Palm Pals by Gi-Go

Palitoy dolls (Cascelloid),
About / history:
Action Girl
Action Man
Alice in Wonderland doll: Talking doll 1972
Archie Andrews, ventriloquist figure, 1950s
Black dolls:
Carrie (& Christopher) (page end)
Cascelloid Ltd.
Daisy by Mary Quant
Dolly Darlings by Hasbro & Palitoy
Goldilocks, grow hair:
Mabel Lucie Atwell dolls:
Pippa dolls
Plastex by Cascelloid
Sheena, grow hair; see also Crissy dolls:
Tiny Tears
Tippy Tumbles 1969. See also Remco.
Tressy & friends
Walker, black, 1954–56

Paper dolls, antique to modern

Papier-mâché (papier-mache) dolls

Parian dolls.
See also Antique; China.
Alice in Wonderland head style:
Simon & Halbig, Alice-style shoulderhead, ca. 1875, photo
Countess Dagmar
Example, ca. 1860
1860–70 parian lady, example
Glass-eyed parian
Hertel & Schwab Co.
Identifying German Parian Dolls by Mary Gorham Krombholz
Unusual hair style
Peddler doll:

Paris & Co.,
1960s. See also Liddle Kiddles; Storykins; Show Biz Babies.

Paris Doll Company,
1951 Rita, photo
Roxanne, “Beat the Clock” 1952

Patent washable dolls, see Papier-mâché dolls

Patsy by
Effanbee and Patsy types
Patsy & Patsy types:
1947 Sears catalog
About / history:
Look-alike, unmarked:
Shirley Temple doll: Pastime Book
Patsy Ann:
Patsy Babyette 1926–38
George & Martha Washington
Anne Shirley, “Anne of Green Gables”
Patsy Joan:
Patsy Lou:
Patsy (Baby) Tinyette 1926–38

Patti Playpal
by Ideal, 1959–1962 & 1981 / Reliable / Ashton-Drake (music)
Look-alikes, other companion types:
Nurse, Premier outfit:
Peter Playpal:
Reproduction, Ashton-Drake (ADG) 2003
Suzy Playpal:
See also similar, Ideal Saucy Walker 1960–1961, 32"

Pauline dolls by Pauline Bjonness-Jacobsen

Peddler or pedlar dolls
Parian example:
A. W. Fr. Kister doll: Two-faced peddler, 1870s

Pedigree dolls,
Black dolls:
Delite Toddler 1950s
Company history:
First Love by Marx, photo (Pedigree mold)
Sarah Kay:
“Pedigree disease” hard plastic breakdown
Sindy 1963–1986
Walker dolls:

PeePul Pals
dolls and books by Whitman, 1967
Little Red Riding Hood, book
Paper dolls:
TV ad, video

Pee Wee & Hee Wee
by Uneeda (UDCO), 1966–1980s (other spellings: Pee-Wee or PeeWee)
1966 JC Penney’s catalog
1966 Sears catalog

Peggy Nisbet dolls, see Nisbet

Pelham Puppets,
Collecting guide
See also Muppets dolls & puppets, 1979–

Penny Brite
by Deluxe Reading / Topper, 1963– .
See also Little Tuppence; Miss Cindy.
Simplicity 1965 pattern #6207

Penny dolls, see bisque Frozen Charlotte type or Wooden dolls

Perfect Toy Mfg. Co.,

Perfekta Hong Kong / Marquette

5" dolls:
Bonnie Blue Ribbon: working on
Baby Stella (Yes/No):

Peteena the Poodle
by Hasbro, 1966

(eagle mark), France, 1860– . See also Celluloid.
Celluloid doll: Figure in folklore costume, ca. 1950s
Costume dolls, regional dress:
Bressan (Burgundy):
“Melting Pot” celluloid (modern version)

Petra, Peggy & Fred dolls
by Plasty / Airfix, 1965–1990s. See also Barbie clones.
1970s catalogs
1973 ad
1980s catalogs
About/history: (PDF file)

Petworks dolls

Peynet dolls / Raymond Peynet;
1950s–1960s; Massport 1997–1998
Atlas Editions reissue:
Miss Twist, and catalog pages

Philadelphia Baby
by J.B. Sheppard & Co., 1900–1935

Phonograph dolls (antique talking dolls), see Mechanical > Articulate

Photographing dolls and miniatures

Pierotti wax dolls

Pincushion dolls, see Half dolls.

Pinky-Street (Pinky Street or Pinky:ST) by Sakura

Pintel & Godchaux,
France, ca. 1890s

Pipos ball-jointed dolls

by Palitoy, 1972–1980. See also Dawn.
Fashion collections:
Shillman clone 1982: (page end)
Similar dolls: Debenhams Sarah Louise; Ocean Toys; & Zodiac Judy (music)

Plakie Toys, see Humpty Dumpty 1950s

Plassie doll
by Ideal, 1942–1950s
1942 Sears catalog
1943 Sears catalog
1945 Sears catalog
1947 Sears catalog
1951 toddler:

Plastic dolls. See Hard Plastic; Rubber; Vinyl.

Plastic Molded Arts (PMA) dolls,
1950s–1960s. See also Dress-me dolls.
Sometimes confused with P & M or PM Sales.
6" hard plastic dolls, googly type, 1950s
8" high-heeled “Waldorf” doll, ballerina
Barbie clone Debby:
Linda Williams 14" 1959–61 (Angela Cartwright in “Make Room for Daddy”):
See Angela Cartright 30" 1961 by Natural Doll Co.
Little Miss Joan 8" & Miss Joan 12" 1956–58

Play Along / Jakks Pacific

Play Along Club by Mel Birnkrant / Play Along, 2007–

Play by Play, 1996–

Playmates Toys, Inc., 1980s–

Playskool dolls, 1970s–

Pleasant Company, 1985–

Plusczok, Heidi

PMA, see Plastic Molded Arts

PM Sales / Plated Molded Sales (P.M. Sales),
Sometimes confused with P & M or PMA.
Linda Lou:
See also AE dolls, Allied Eastern.

Polly and Polly Play-Pose
by Valentine. See also Barbie Clones.
Polly Play-Pose (jointed elbows):
Comparison photos with Debbie Drake & Marx Marlene
In original box, NRFB
Debbie Drake doll is similar but has platinum hair; see also Marlene by Marx.
Polly (non-jointed elbows):
Ads for doll and fashions

Polly Pocket by Bluebird Toys / Origin Products / Mattel

Poor Pitiful Pearl
by Brookclad / Glad Toy / Horsman / Tristar, 1958–1976
1957 Brookglad, in Bloomingdale’s catalog (PDF file, p. 8)
1958 Brookglad, in Sears catalog
1963 Horsman, in original box
1976 Tristar:

Porcelain dolls, modern. See also “Walda.”
For antiques, see Antique; Bisque; China; Frozen Charlotte & Charlie

Pose dolls,
cloth & wire, Japan, 1960s–1970s
Artmark dolls
Bradley dolls
Dakin dolls: Dream Dolls
Dolls of color
Example, “French doll,” unknown maker
Holiday Fair dolls
Photos, various makers:
Sarco dolls

Posie walker
by Ideal, 1954–1956. See also Saucy Walker.
1955 Spiegel catalog

Poulbot, Francisque;
France, 1912–. See also SFBJ. (music)

Prams for dolls

Precious Moments by Sam Butcher and various makers

Premier doll clothing and accessories,
ca. 1950s–
Fashions & accessories for Barbie & 11½" dolls: working
Fashions for Crissy dolls:
Nurse outfit for Patti Playpal doll:

Pressman dolls
It’s a Small World, Disney, 1964–65: Turkish doll

Princess Anna Doll Co.

Norway girl

Princess Diana dolls, various makers

Princess Gwenevere / Starla and the Jewel Riders, 1995

Princess of the Flowers by Yes! 1992–1995

Pringle, Helen

Pullan, Earle;
1945–1967. See also 14R dolls; Canadian dolls. (music)
Bobby 1961:
Little Lulu
Tammy look-alike: Marjie

Pullip by Jun Planning, 2003–

by Ratti, Denmark

baby dolls by Madame Alexander, 1960s–
1967 FAO Schwarz exclusive

Putnam, Grace Storey, see Bye-Lo Baby


Quant dolls, see Mary Quant

Queen Anne style wooden dolls

Quick Curl Casey
by Mattel. See also Cynthia.
In original box:
Original accessories, list:

Quilts, doll-size


R & B dolls, see Arranbee

R & D Fashion Dolls

Radica dolls, see Cupcakes by Kenner / Tonka / Radica

Rag dolls, see Cloth or rag dolls

Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls
by Johnny Gruelle & various makers, 1915–
See also Beloved Belindy. (music) (music)
About / history:
American Toy & Novelty look-alikes: Buddy & Sis, 1930s–50s
Applause 1983–2005:
Chronology of dolls produced:
Detailed, notes differences:
Dakin (Applause) 1990s–2004:
Exposition, Ann 1935–36
Georgene Novelties (Averill) 1938–63:
1938 black outlined nose
1940s tag
1940–46 Awake & Asleep
1943/44–1946 second version
1946 Silsby
Georgene & George, look-alikes 1964–
Hallmark 1974
Hasbro 1996– :
Knickerbocker 1963–82, and Macmillan:
1970s; and 1977 “Hollywood” or “Movie” dolls
1971 Sears catalog
Camel with the Wrinkled Knees
McCall’s 1940 pattern #820
Molly-’es 1935–37:
Reliable 1947:
R. John Wright 2004
Steiff 1913–15: Twee Deedle
Volland, P. F.; 1915–33:
Raggedy Ann, circa 1920–25

Raggy Doodle, U.S. Parachute Trooper
by Praeger and Rubin, 1942

Rainbow Brite by Mattel / Hallmark and Emotions, 1980s–

Raleigh, Jessie McCutcheon;
1916–1920. See also Butler Bros.
Article by Ursula Mertz & Don Jensen

Ratti, see Giochi Preziosi / Ceppi Ratti

Ravca, Bernard & Frances; Real People Dolls,
1930s France:
Crepe paper dolls (middle photo):
Doll by Frances Ravca
George & Martha Washington doll
Lady Jane Grey doll
Laurel & Hardy doll
Peasant woman doll
Woman in apron doll

Raving Beauty, see Artisan Doll Co.

Raynal dolls,
France, 1922–1980
Celluloid / rhodoid dolls:

Real Friends by Geoffrey, Inc. (Toys R Us), 1990s–

Reborn dolls

Recknagel, Theodor;
Germany, 1893–1930s
1900 example
1910–1915 dolly face doll & wardrobe
Character boy, ca. 1915
Mold for Louis Amberg baby:

Regal Doll Corp.,
1919–1940. See Horsman; Butler Bros.
Company history
Mayfair fashions for Crissy & Velvet:

Regal Toy Co. dolls.
See also Canadian dolls. (page 2)
31" companion-size walker
Eaton’s Beauty doll 1963
Eskimo souvenir doll:
Karen Magnussen (Olympic skater), 1974
Penny 11½"
Tommy Talker, ventriloquist

Reliable Toy Co.,
1920–1991. See also Canadian dolls; Dress-me dolls.
Barbara Ann Scott doll (Olympic skater) & Anne Heggtveit doll (Olympic skier):
Black dolls:
Dollhouses & furniture
Eaton’s Beauty dolls
Highland Laddie & Maggie Muggins
Lone Ranger 1930s:
Lone Ranger & Tonto by Dollcraft
Mary Poppins doll, Horsman mold
Miss Canada 1959
Mitzi 1961–62
Mountie, Lone Ranger, Tonto, & Royal Air Force dolls
Native American souvenirs:
Raggedy Ann 1947
Shirley Temple
Topsy dolls

Remco dolls,
Babysitter’s Club 1991–92
Baby Glad 'n Sad, 1966 JC Penney’s catalog
Baby This 'n That:
Beatles, Big Head dolls 1964:
Big Head dolls 1964–65:
Black doll: Annuel McBurrows design, 1968–70s
Dollhouse, Mary Mag-Power:
Finger Dings 1969–70
Growing Sally 1968:
Heidi and Jan, & friends / Pocketbook dolls
Hug a Bug:
I Dream of Jeannie 1978
Kewpie, vinyl 1969–71:
Kitty Karry-All (from the 1969–74 TV show “Brady Bunch”):
Lifesavers 1981:
Little Orphan Annie 1967
Littlechap Family
McDonaldland 1976
Mimi, 1973–74, sings “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”:
Fashions, Alden’s catalog: (scroll)
Mr. & Mrs. Mouse 1966:
1966 JC Penney’s catalog
1966 Sears catalog
Elly & Andy Tree House:
Partridge Family, Susan Dey 1973:
Snugglebun 1965:
Sweet April:
Tippy Tumbles:
TV Jones & Pussy Meow

Renwal dollhouse dolls & furniture 1945–

Repairing, reproducing, and restoring dolls

Rerooting hair on vinyl dolls

Restringing dolls

by Gebrüder Ohlhaver, 1912–1928
Character doll:
Example, dolly-faced, sleep eyes
Example, dolly-faced, 1920s
Mold numbers:
Photo, dolly-faced doll

Revlon dolls: Little Miss Revlon and Miss Revlon
by Ideal, 1956–1960
Little Miss Revlon 10½": (music)
1957 Bloomingdale’s catalog (PDF)
1958 Sears catalog
Similar, Crown Princess 1957
Similar, Kellogg’s Grown Up Doll
See also Jill & Jan; Little Miss Nancy Ann & Miss Nancy Ann; or Circle P dolls
Miss Revlon (15", 18" or 20"):
1958 Sears catalog
Queen of Diamonds
Pink Fairy Princess

Rice Paddy Babies by Mieler Dolls, 1985

Richwood Enterprises dolls,
1940s–1958. See also Hoseley; Hoyer, Mary.
Cindy Lou, 14"
Sandra Sue, 8"

Rigadoon Gang by Fizgig / Kidz Biz Pty. / Hasbro, 1988–

Rite Lee dolls,
1950s. See also 14R dolls.
Miss Lynne:

R. John Wright dolls,
About: (scroll down for photos)
Alice in Wonderland dolls
Kinder for Steiff
Lonely Doll, The; 2007:
Raggedy Ann & Andy 2004:

Roberta Doll Co.,
1940s–1970s. See also 14R; Hoyer, Mary.
1963 Billy and Ruth catalog (PDF file)
Barbie look-alike: Toby, 1962 Billy & Ruth catalog (PDF file)
LuAnn Sims 1953:

Robert Tonner, see Tonner

Robotech 12" dolls by Matchbox 1986–1987 / Harmony Gold 1990s

Rock Flowers
by Mattel, 1971–1974
Identifying: (music)
1971 Sears Wishbook
Shoes, identifying (scroll down)
TV ad:

Rockwell, Grace Corry

Roddy dolls,
England, 1950s / Bluebell Dolls 1960s
Angela 1949–53:
Christmas tree fairies
Eaton’s Beauty 1958–59: (PDF file)
Jinks-type (Ginny-type) 8":
Mabel Lucie Atwell dolls:
Walker, photo shows body type

Rohmer dolls / Madame Leontine Rohmer;
1850s–1880. See also French fashion.
Doll with “cup and saucer” neck
Example, ca. 1865
Example doll

Roldan dolls,
Spain, 1950s–1970s. See also Klumpe.

Rosebud dolls / Nene Plastics / Blossom,
England, 1947–1970s
See also Mattel Rosebud.
Christmas tree fairy
Hard plastic 1955:
Jinks-type (Ginny-type) 8":
Miss Rosebud:
Teen fashion 1961, original box, photo
Teen fashion 1961, close-up photo

Rose-Petal Place (Rose Petal) by Kenner, 1984–1986

Rosi Germany, biscaloid doll by Kämmer & Reinhardt

Rosko dolls & mechanical toys,
Japan, 1950s–1960s
Crawling baby, mechanical

Ross, Diana;
dolls by Ideal and Mego
Ideal 1969:
Mego 1977:
Fashions: (scroll; 2nd page)

Ross Products, see Tina Cassini doll

Rothkirch Puppen, Germany, 1980s–

Royal Copenhagen
china dolls, 1800s; & 1978–1981 reissues
1840 example
Example, top-knot: (page end)
Reissues from original molds, 1978–81

Royal Doll Company,
1914–1973. See also 14R dolls; Jolly Toy Co.
14R-marked dolls:
14R Lilo:
Gigi, unmarked 18" walker, Hoyer mold by Frisch
Grannykins, 1950s–60s
Joy doll:
Joy bride, 1966 JC Penney’s catalog
Lonely Lisa (not Lonesome Lisa) 1964 & 1972
Robin, photo:

Rubber dolls. See also “Magic Skin dolls.”

Russian dolls.
See also Ethnic dolls.
Alexandra Koukinova 1993–
Celluloid doll:
Composition 1930s–40s:
Matryoshka (nesting dolls)
Neva Dolls:
Wooden dolls:

Ruth Gibbs
china reproduction and “Godey’s Little Lady” dolls, 1940s–1950s
McCall’s pattern 1946
Godey’s Little Lady:

Ruth Treffeisen


Sailor Moon by Bandai / Giochi Preziosi / Irwin, 1992–

Salvation Army dolls
by various makers
Byer’s Choice carolers

Sandra Sue
by Richwood Enterprises, 1953–1958. See also Ginny-type. (music)
Close-up photo
Original box
Sandra Sue & her furniture
Sandra Sue’s canopy bed: 1957 Bloomingdale’s catalog (PDF file, p. 10)
Sandbox & see-saw: (music)
Swing: (music)

Sara Lee (Saralee)
by Ideal, 1951–1953. See also Black dolls.

cloth pose dolls, Japan 1960s–

Sarold dolls,

Sasha dolls
by Sasha Morgenthaler, 1942–1986
England production: Frido 1965 / Trendon 1970–86
Germany production: Götz 1965–86 & 1995–2001
About / history:
Gotz dolls in school costume
Bettina by Sebino
Moni by Uranium (Hong Kong)
Moni by Uranium (Hong Kong mark), photo
Studio dolls, guide
Trendon baby, pre-1986

“Sassy-faced” dolls
by Anekona Hawaii / Impco / Herman Pecker
Examples, photo

by Mattel, 1972
1973 Eaton’s catalog

Saucy Walker
by Ideal
1951–1955, 22"; see also Posie walker:
Close-up photo:
Look-alike, Characteristic Doll Co.
Look-alike by Horsman
Look-alikes by IMPCO
Original box:
Repairing eyes:
1960–1961, 32"; see also Patti Playpal doll: (music)
Box: (music)

Sayco (Schoen & Yondorf Doll Co.),
1907–1960s. See also 14R dolls.
Lovables & Fido family 1950s:
Merriwinkle 1928
Miss America Pageant 1950s:

Schiaparelli doll clothing (Elsa Schiaparelli designs for dolls)

Effanbee Honey 1951:
Virga Chi-Chi, Go-Go, and Tu-Tu:

Schildkrot (Schildkröt / Schildkroet)
/ Rheinische Gummi und Celluloid Fabrik
“Turtle mark” celluloid 1873–1950s; “Tortulon” 1950s–
About / history:
1960s doll:
1990s catalogs
Dress-me type doll, “Little Lady” 1950s, photo
Kämmer & Reinhardt, celluloid parts for
Käthe Kruse dolls:
Kestner, celluloid parts for
Konig & Wernicke, parts for
PH mark, Paul Hunaeus, 1910–1930
Strampelchen reproduction, Klassik Kollektion 1992, photo

Sonneberg, Germany, 1878–1928

Schmidt, Bruno;
1898–1930s. See Bähr & Pröschild.
26" bisque #2097-7, photo
Mold numbers:
Wendy character:

Schmidt, Franz;
Mold numbers:

Schmitt et Fils,

Schoenau & Hoffmeister (SPBH),
1901–1953. See also Antique; Simon & Halbig.
Eaton’s Beauty dolls:
Edmund Edelmann, bisque heads for
Mark, “S star PB H”:
Marottes, 1900:
Princess Elizabeth 1932: (scroll down)
SPBH marked:
SPBH socket head doll, part of rare German candy container, 3 photos

Schoenhut dolls,
1872 (company started); dolls 1911–1935
1926 advertisement:
Bye-Lo by Grace Storey Putnam doll:
Character children, examples
Construction, view of back
Dollhouses and dollhouse furniture
Dolly Face:
Example, 19" ca. 1916–17
Humpty Dumpty Circus; other characters & toys; Rolly Dollies:
Original box ca. 1900
Mannequin (manikin):
Mary Had a Little Lamb:
Roly-Poly clown, musical
Teddy Roosevelt Safari:

Scholastic dolls, 1990s–

by E. Maar & Sohn (3M), 1962–1964
See also Bild Lilli; Willy Wildebras.

Sears Happi Time dolls
by various makers
1947 baby doll (Alexander dolls are on facing catalog page, not shown)
Catalogs / Sears Wishbooks:
Cuddle Bun 1956:
Miss Sunshine 1940
See Amberg; American Character; Horsman; Ideal; Valentine

Sebastian of London / Berkbridge / Halle Bros. Co.,

Sebino dolls,
Italy, 1960s–1970s
Baby boy
Bettina 1960s–70s, based on famous model Bettina, for The Singer Co.:
Photo 1, blonde in original outfit
Photo 2, frosted brunette in original outfit
Photo 3, blonde, redressed
Photos, includes 1969 Singer ad
Reproduction (2nd generation) and vintage, photo
See also Sasha dolls.
Betty 1967, postcard ad
Metti, flat doll, 1970s; Metti is similar to Skinny Jinny by Durham
Michela, talking:

Seeley reproduction doll molds,

See Wees by Kenner (CPG), 1979–1984

Sekiguchi dolls,
Celluloid dolls:
Momoko 2001–
Monchichi 1974–

Selling dolls, about

Sew Able dolls by Sew Dolling, 2003–

Sewing dolls.
See Mannequin/sewing or Dress-me dolls.

SFBJ, Société Française de Fabrication de Bébés & Jouets / Unis France,
See also Antique.
Bru Jne & Cie
Character dolls, 1930s–40s
Composition doll 1939–45 (page end)
Dolly-face molds:
SFBJ mold #1907 size 7, ca. 1900
SFBJ closed-mouth mold #301, photo
SFBJ mold #301, bisque, paper-mâché and composition versions
Eaton’s Beauty, Special:
Googly & other character dolls:
Mold numbers:
Poulbot doll:
Twirp #247, ca. 1920, photo
UNIS (Union National Inter Syndicale):
1940 composition
Mold numbers:

Shackman, B.

Dollhouse dolls & furniture

Shelly, see Kelly and Friends by Mattel, 1995–

She-Ra Princess of Power by Mattel (MI) 1984–1987

Sherman Smith, hand-carved wooden dolls
Kewpie version:
Hitty for Kimport doll:

Shillman, M. & S.

Adventure Girl / Dyna Girl: working on
Crissy fashions:
Dawn clone: Swingin’ Scene (music)
Maxi Mod (Barbie clone)
Mini-Mod (Barbie clone)
Miss Teenage Girl (Barbie clone)
Pippa doll: 1982 clone (page end)
Triki Miki 6½" fashions

Shimmers by Kenner Parker (KPT) 1980s

Shindana Toys / Operation Bootstrap,
1971 Sears catalog
1971 Sears catalog, Tamu & Flip Wilson
Baby Nancy:
1969 Sears catalog
Baby Nancy, photo
Baby Zuri:
Baby Zuri, Malaika, Tamu
Disco Wanda 1978
Dr. J; O.J. Simpson; and Slade Super Agent; 1970s
Dreamy Dee Bee 1969
Marla Gibbs doll
In original box
Malaika, photo
Talking Tamu:
Jimmy Walker (J. J.) doll, 1975:
Flip Wilson doll, 1970–71:
Wanda Career Girl, 1973–75

Shirley Temple dolls
by Ideal / Reliable and Danbury Mint
Allwin England: Felt pajama doll
Blossom felt doll: Contemporary Doll Collector article (PDF file)
Ideal dolls:
1957 Bloomingdale’s catalog (PDF)
1958 Sears catalog
Example, all original, photo
Paper dolls: Jack & Jill 1959
Rarities, about:
Reliable dolls:
All-original example, ca. 1935
Shirley Temple Pastime Book (Patsy doll)
Trio Doll Co. doll: “Shurl” look-alike

Show Biz Babies
by Hasbro, 1967–1968
Photo of seven Show Biz Babies dolls

Sieberling Latex Products
, Disney dolls, 1930s
Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf, 1934–38
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves dolls 1938 (PDF file, p. 5)

Sideshow Collectibles, 1994–

Sigikids, 1968–

Silkstone Barbie by Mattel 2000–

Simon & Halbig,
1869–1920. See Kämmer & Reinhardt. See also Antique; Bisque.
#1448 and IV:
Asian / Oriental, 1910:
Asian / Oriental, photo
Boy models:
Breveté SGDG walking
Burmese 1893:
DEP Jumeau:
Discussion about
Examples: (music)
Flapper #1159, photo
French fashion dolls, about
French fashion 1870, photo
Heinrich Handwerck with Simon & Halbig head:
Antique photo, girl with doll, ca. 1895
Doll, size 2½ (no mold number), photo
Kämmer & Reinhardt, S&H head:
Baby doll
Parian, Alice-style shoulderhead, ca. 1875, photo
Santa mold #1249:
Santa 30" mold 1249, photo
Santa 30" and 18", mold 1249, ca. 1898, photo
Swivel head:

Simpich character dolls,
1960s–2007. See also Byers’ Choice.

by Pedigree 1963–1986 / Marx / Hasbro/Vivid Imaginations / New Moon
ID Sindy, Patch, & Paul: Click Gallery for doll & fashion IDs.
About / history:
Buying guide
Faerie Glen fashions:
Funskool 1994–98:
Funtime 1973–86: working on
Giochi Preziosi, Italy:
Hair rooting patterns
Hasbro 1987–96:
1979 TV ad with Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady), shows furniture
Furniture, catalog:
Paul 1967, photo
Scenesetter rooms, 1979 Sears catalog
Vivid Imaginations 1998–2003:
See also Fleur; Pippa; similar dolls marked Debenhams, Ocean, & Zodiac; Tammy

Six Million Dollar Man (Bionic Man)
by Kenner, 1975–1977
Comic book ads (click Next Ad)
Oscar Goldman:
See Bionic Woman 1975–1977.

Skediddlers by Mattel, see Liddle Kiddles

Skookum dolls
by Mary McAboy, H.H. Tammen Co./Arrow Novelty, 1913–1960s
Amberg & Borgfeldt, use of name:
Applehead, early
Buying guide
Similar, by Mary Francis Woods
See also Native American dolls; Folk art dolls.

Sky Dancers (Skydancers) by Galoob 1994–2000 and Play Along

Small Shots
(Hot Wheels) by Mattel, 1971–1973
Box & track:
TV ad with Jodie Foster 1971:

Smartees, 1999–

Smith, Ella;
1897–1925. See also Antique; Cloth.
Alabama Baby, Alabama Indestructible Doll, or Roanoke Doll by Ella Smith:
Thorough reference information
On U.S. postage stamp:
See also similar, Martha Chase dolls.

Smith, P.D.; American Beauty Doll Co.

Smith, Sherman

Smoker dolls, see Boudoir dolls

SNF, Société Nobel Française,
Celluloid dolls 1927–1939:
Example, photo
Françoise, Modes 1951

Snowbabies (Snow Babies) / Alaska Tots
, all-bisque, ca. 1900–1920s
About, brief
About, historical origin
All-bisque, German makers:
Hertwig doll:
All-bisque, antique to modern: (music)

Snow White & the Seven Dwarves
by various makers, 1937–
1938 rubber dolls by Sieberling Latex Products (PDF file, p. 5)
1940s unmarked:
Arranbee 1930s:
Chad Valley 1930s:
Deluxe Reading 1957–58:
Ideal 1938:
Black version:
Knickerbocker 1937 & 1950s:
Madame Alexander 1936; 1938; & 1952:
Tony Sarg 1936 marionettes
Merrythought Toy Co., felt doll 1938
Nancy Ann Storybook bisque:
R. John Wright 1989–93:
Storykins by Hasbro 1967–68

Société Française de Fabrication de Bébés & Jouets/Unis France, see SFBJ

Société Nobel Française, see SNF

Sonja Henie dolls
by Arranbee & Madame Alexander
Arranbee 1938–46:
Madame Alexander, composition 1939–42 & hard plastic 1951:
18" composition doll
18" composition, photo

Sonny and Cher dolls

Sorenson, Lewis;
Dolley (Dolly) & James Madison wax dolls:
Gibson Girl wax doll:

Souvenir dolls

Sparkle Plenty
(Dick Tracy) by Ideal 1947. See Bonny Braids.
Time article about original sales (scroll down)
Cloth, preprinted:

Spectra by Mattel, 1986–1987

Spice Girls by Galoob (GTI) / Hasbro / Topps

Splash Me doll figures
by Genevieve Pfeffer, 1917–1920

Sport Billy & Sport Lilly by Lyra, 1980

Squeak dolls / squeaky dolls, see Rubber dolls

Standard Doll Co.
See also Dress-me.
China head: Reproduction kits (scroll down)

Standfuss, Karl; see Juno, 1898–1930

Star Doll & Distinctive Dolls,
1950s– . See also Canadian dolls.
14R Miss Revlon type:
Elizabeth Manley (Olympic skater) 1989

Stardust Classics, 1997–2001

Starla & the Jewel Riders / Princess Gwenevere, 1995

Starshine Dolls, 1990s

Star Wars 12" dolls
by Kenner 1978– and Hasbro 1998–
Kenner dolls marked GMFGI 1978:
Kenner doll, Princess Leia Organa 1978 (GMFGI):
Close-up: (pop-ups)
Similar, International Velvet, 1978
Hasbro dolls, Queen Amidala & other characters, 1998–

Stashin Doll Co.,
see Ginny look-alikes.

Steiff felt dolls,
1877– .See also Cloth dolls. (PDF file)
About dolls:
About / history: (music)
Character doll, 1913
Circus acrobat, 1908–11:
Collecting guide
Golliwog (Gollies):
Guide to Steiff references
Kinder, modern, by R. John Wright:
Mecki & Micki hedgehog, 1955
Twee Deedle 1913–15 by Johnny Gruelle
Village school 1910

Steiner, Hermann;
Germany, 1911–1920s
Googly doll:

Steiner, Jules Nicholas;
France, 1855–1908. See also Henri Alexandre.
Bébé Le Petit Parisien, 1889 label
Mechanical dolls:
1880 automaton:
Automaton, video:
Walking doll #A9, ca. 1889

Sterne Doll Co., Australia

Black doll:
Ventriloquist figures, Gerry Gee & others 1950–70:

Steve Scout and Bob Scout
by Kenner (GMFGI), 1974–1975
See also Girl Scouts & Brownies.

Storybook Dolls
by Nancy Ann Storybook Co. See also Kerr & Hinz (K & H).
Bisque, 1937–1947:
Cowboy; starfish hands baby; Mexican Judy Ann
Jack & Jill:
Magic Light / Lumia (glow-in-the-dark dolls) by Iris Halsey
Photos, bisque dolls
Photos in this blog:
Five Little Sisters, brown eyes, molded socks, molded brow
Little Joan #111
Silver slippers, molded socks, molded brow
“To Market, To Market” #120
Bisque & hard plastic dolls, photos
Hard plastic, 1948–1950s:
Close-up photo
See also similar: Dress-me dolls or Hollywood Dolls.

Storybook Heirlooms, 1994–

by Hasbro, 1967–1968. See also Liddle Kiddles.
Snow White playset, NRFB:

Strawberry Shortcake, by Kenner / TCFC / Bandai / Playmates, 1979–

Strollers for dolls

Style Show dolls 18" (NASS)
by Nancy Ann Storybook Co. (NASB), 1952–
1954 FAO Schwarz catalog (PDF, p. 4)

Success Girls by Tim Wilson Family of Fine Dolls, 2003–2004

Sun Rubber (Sunruco),
1923–1960s. See also Rubber dolls.
1966 Sun Rubber catalog
About / history, 1923–1930s
About / history, 1940s–1960s
Gerber baby dolls
So Wee doll:
1955 set, Billy and Ruth catalog (PDF file, p. 7)
Squeak dolls:

Sunshine Family & Happy Family
by Mattel, 1974–1982
Baby, face & body mold:
Fun Family 1977
Fun Family Little Sister 1977
Grandparents 1976
See also Star Spangled dolls.

Super Dollfie by Volks

Supergirl by Ideal / Mattel / Mego / Tonner

Superior, see M. & S. Superior (Muller) dolls

by Estrela Brazil, 1960s– . See also Sindy; Tammy.

Susie by R & D Fashion Dolls, 2003–

Susie Sad Eyes
by Rosenburg (Hong Kong) / Fun World / Whitman, 1960s
Sometimes misspelled as Suzie Sad Eyes.
NRFB examples
Soul Sister, black version
Susie Slicker:
Inspired by Margaret Keane’s “big eye” art:

Susy by Creation & Distribution Ltd., 1993–

Sutton, A. D., importer of
“DeDo” dolls
Sutton also imported mask-faced dolls from Poland.

Suzette 10½" & Bob 10½" / Tiny Teen Suzette & Bob
by Uneeda, 1957–1962
Vicky by Mary Hoyer dolls:
See also Circle P dolls.

Suzette 11½" and Miss Suzette 11½" & Bob (Y-body) by Uneeda, 1962. See also Barbie.
Photo, Miss Suzette 1962, blond, redhead, brunette
Photo, Miss Suzette 1962, blond and brunette
Other Y-body dolls, see Wendy Ward.

Suzy Cute
by Deluxe Reading, 1964–1966
1966 Sears catalog
TV ad with Louis Armstrong

Swedlin, J.,
see Gund / Swedlin or Mini-Martians 1967

Sweetheart Tanzpuppe,
international dancing dolls, West Germany

Sweetie Pie Kids, 2002–

Sweet Secrets by Galoob, 1984–1996

Sweet Sue and Sweet Sue Sophisticate
by American Character, 1953–1961
Alice in Wonderland Sweet Sue
Face comparisons:
Sears Happi Time Sweet Sue
Sweet Sue Sophisticate:
See also Toni by American Character.

Switzerland mark, see Bucherer

Sybarites by Superdoll

Sylvanian Families / Calico Critters, 1985–


Takara dolls,
Barbie 1980s
BG You 1980s
Jenny 1985–
Licca 1967–
Marry Fransoir (Tiffany Taylor clone):
Miss Long Hair (Take, Hitomi, Emily) 1970–:
Vintage dolls

Tammy & Family
by Ideal, 1962–1966. See also Carol Brent; Misty.
Black doll:
Clones and look-alikes:
Calico Lassie 1964–65
Mary Lou & Randy by Fab-Lu:
Sears catalog 1964, Suzy & Peggy
Shelley by Eegee 1964:
Dream House, Car, & Bed Set, 1964 Sears catalog
Family, list of:
Fashion booklets
Pak variations:
Sears catalog 1964
Japanese exclusives:
Jukebox 1964
Patti, Pepper’s friend, photo
Pepper, “No Freckles” version, photo
Pepper’s Pony: (scroll down)
1964 Sears catalog
TV commercial sound clip
See also Sindy by Pedigree.

Tawny Nix, 2005–

TBKI, see Brass Key

TCFC (Those Characters from Cleveland) / Mattel

Tea sets, doll-size

Teenie Weenies
by William Donahey, 1921–1922 dolls
About / history
Paper dolls: (see photo)

Teen Trends by Mattel, 2005–

Terminology & abbreviations

Terri Lee Doll Co.,
1946–1962 and 1999–
1950s example:
About / history:
Girl Scout dolls:
Mary Jane, look-alike:
Patty Jo by Jackie Ormes:
Voice recording & photos:

3M, see Maar & Sohn

Three-faced or three-headed dolls, see Multi-faced and multi-headed dolls

Thuillier dolls, Andre Jean Thuillier;
1875–1893. See also Bisque; Gaultier.
About; & reproduction

by Ideal (vintage) / Mattel (modern)
1960s Newborn:
Black doll, 1967
1960s Tiny Thumbelina:
1970 JC Penney’s catalog
1973 Eaton’s catalog, Newborn & cradle
Black doll:
Guide to Thumbelina
Mattel 1997:

by Uneeda, 1973

Tiffany Taylor 18"
by Ideal. See also Tuesday Taylor 11½".
1975 catalog:
Clone, Takara Marry Fransoir:

Tim Wilson Family of Fine Dolls, 1997–

Tiny Tears
by American Character/Danbury Mint / Ideal / Palitoy / Playmates / Tonka
American Character:
1958 Sears catalog
1966 JC Penney’s catalog
TV ad with Shari Lewis & Lamb Chop:
American Character / Danbury Mint:
American Character / Ideal:
Ideal 1982–85:
Palitoy 1965–80s / Tonka / Ideal dolls:
Palitoy 1980
Palitoy 1980–89

Tiny Town
dolls by Alma LeBlanc, 1940s–1950s
Betty and Mickey
See also similar: Baps, Germany.

Tip Top Toy Co.,

Toddler dolls, “chubby toddler” type.
See also individual makers.
Ginny by Vogue
Littlest Angel by Arranbee / Vogue
Toddles by Vogue

by Vogue Dolls, 1937–1949
Information about; and Fireman photo

Tollytots dolls, 1990s–

Tomac Scotland, dollhouse-size dolls

Tomy dolls,
1980s– dolls
Blythe, vintage to modern
Sears 1972:
Smaller Home and Garden dollhouse

by American Character. See also Sweet Sue.
10", 1958–60:
14", 20", 25", 1958–59:
1958 Sears catalog
Close-up photo (scroll down)
1959 Toni, photo

by Ideal, 1949–1956. See also Mary Hartline.
Brown eyes
Clothing & shoes, characteristics
Fur coat, white:
Play Wave set
Walking Toni (1958 Sears catalog)

Tonka dolls, 1972–

Tonner, Robert, 1991–

by American Character or Atlas Doll & Toy
American Character 1937–:
1938 advertisement (PDF file)
21", 1958:
24", 1960:
25", 1960:
Montgomery Ward ad 1934:
Teenie Toodles 1956:
Toodles 1958 & Teenie Toodles 1956
Atlas Doll & Toy 1917–1930

Topper dolls.
See also Deluxe Reading.
About Henry Orenstein:
Baby Catch-a-Ball:
Fighting Tigers, 6" bendy 1966

Topsy dolls
by various makers. See also Black dolls.
Fakes, spotting
Freundlich dolls:
Googly 1937:
Googly doll 1943
Gem Doll Co., Topsy 1920s: (PDF file, p. 2)
Horsman 1914:
Nancy Ann Storybook, bisque & hard plastic:
Reliable (Canada):
1943 Sears catalog (bottom row)
1945 Sears catalog
Sears catalogs, Topsy dolls in

cloth dolls or flip dolls (two-headed dolls)
See also Multi-faced and multi-headed dolls.
Black / white dolls:
Cloth, printed pattern 1904
Georgene dolls:
Madame Alexander dolls:
Brückner, Albert
Horsman dolls:
Lenci doll
Modern cloth dolls:
Wilson, 1970s Little Red Riding Hood

Totsy, 1970s–

Toy Biz, 1990s–

Toys for dolls (doll-size toys)

Toys R Us (TRU), see Geoffrey, Inc.

Treffeisen, Ruth

Trego Doll Manufacturer,

Tressy, Cricket (Toots or Snouky) & Mary Make-up,
By American Character / Bella / Palitoy, other licensees
1964 Sears catalog
1966 JC Penney’s catalog
1966 Sears catalog
Apartment & Millinery Shoppe, 1964
Black dolls:
Clone, Harriet by Sunshine Doll Co.:
Fashions & rare items:
French version (not translated)
Gaby (German version)
Hairstyles booklet pages and hair accessories
Palitoy (United Kingdom):

Trio Doll Co. / Ruby Wharrie,
Australia, 1920s–1940s
Shirley Temple look-alike: Shurl doll

by Thomas Dam Co. (original); Wishniks by Uneeda; & other companies, 1950s–
About / history: (music)
Dam examples 1960s:
Guide to identifying vintage trolls
Guide to identifying modern trolls
Modern makers:
Ace Novelty 2003:
Play Along / Dam 2006:
Russ Berrie:

Trollz by Hasbro / DIC Entertainment

Trudy, three-faced doll
by Three-in-One Doll Corp., 1946–1947
1947 Sears catalog
See also Multi-faced and multi-headed dolls.

Tuesday Taylor 11½"
by Ideal, 1975–1978. See also Tiffany Taylor 18". (pop-ups)
Penthouse Apartment, photos

TuggaBows by AmToys, 1986

Turner, Virginia

TV Jones & Pussy Meow
by Remco
1966 JC Penney’s catalog
Box art showing outfits & Playmates

Twiggy dolls by Franklin Mint / Mattel (vintage) / Medicom

Two-faced or two-headed dolls, see Multi-faced and multi-headed dolls

Ty Beanie dolls

Tyco dolls


U mark
, see Uneeda or 11½" Uneeda/Unique Doll Co./Elite Creations/others

Ugly Dolls

Uneeda (UDCO) / Tony Toy,
1917– . See also Elite Creations.
8" Ginny-type:
26" and larger companion-size dolls (music)
Baby Dollikin:
Betsy McCall
Composition doll, original box & tag
Dollikin: 15" & 19–20", 11½", and 6½" Little Miss Dollikin
DTD Japan mark:
Elfy 1966
Funicello, Annette:
Girl Scout dolls:
Grannykins 6", 1974
International Series, Miss Suzette/Wendy Ward mold, rooted hair, Y-body
Spiegel catalog 1972, short hair
Joy by Royal look-alike:
Little Sophisticates 1967
Magic Meg / Miss Deb; 16" grow-hair dolls, 1960s:
Miki / Kim / Dana, 5½" grow-hair dolls, 1970–:
Miss Suzette & Bob 11½", 1962
Pee Wee (UDCO)
Petal People 1968–69:
See also Luv Buds by Buddy L 1982
Plumpees (Plum Pees) 1967–68
Pollyanna (Disney) 1960:
Look-alike: Paula Mae by P & M
Suzette 10½"; Tiny Teen Suzette & Bob, 1957–62
Suzette 11½" 1960s and Miss Suzette & Bob 1962
Thum-Things 1973
Tiny Time Teens / Tiny Teens:
Trunk set, 1969 Sears catalog
Sport Time:
Tiny Tots
Triki Miki 6½"
U mark, 11½" dolls, see Barbie clones / look-alikes
Wendy Ward 1964–
Vermont Maid 1964:
Wiggles 1959:
Wishniks, see Trolls.

Unger Toys, see Breyer Animal Creations

Unica dolls,
Belgium, 1921–1971

Unimax Toys Limited, 1980s–

Unique Doll Co., see Elite Creations

UNIS France, see Society Française de Fabrication de Bébé & Jouets

United Federation of Doll Clubs

Upsy Downsy
by Mattel. See also Liddle Kiddles.
1970 JC Penney’s catalog


Valentine Dolls, Inc.,
LuAnn Sims 1953:
Polly, non-jointed elbows (Barbie clone)
Polly Play-Pal, jointed elbows
Princess Anna Walking Doll, 1950s
Sears Happi Time dolls:
Tammy look-alike
Valentina ballerina with stand, photo

Ventriloquist figures
About, guides
Effanbee Clippo the Clown 1937–39:
Freundlich figure: Dummy Dan 1938
Juro Novelty Co.:
Palitoy figure: Archie Andrews 1950s
Sterne Doll Co., Australia; Gerry Gee & others 1950–70

Vermont Novelty Works / Joel Ellis,
About / history

Vinyl dolls.
See individual doll names or makers.
18" modern vinyl:
Early vinyl head
Identifying vintage faces:
Marks, 1950s to 1960s:

Viola Doll Company,
New York, 1917–1925. See also Effanbee.

Virga dolls
(Beehler / Fortune / Kim / Ontario Plastics)
8" Ginny-type & Lollipop dolls: (music)
8" Hi Heel Teen, 1956
See also Little Miss Ginger; Little Miss Marie; Little Miss Nancy Ann; Mayfair Debbie
Lollipop 8" Ginny-type dolls: (music)
Lollipop Twinkle Toes ballerina, photo
Playmate 8" Ginger-type dolls:
1957 Billy and Ruth catalog (PDF file, p. 8)
Princess Summerfall Winterspring 8"
Schiaparelli designs, and Chi-Chi, Go-Go, and Tu-Tu
See also Dress-me dolls; Ginny-type dolls.

Viscoloid Co.,
celluloid dolls, 1901–1925
About/history: (scroll down)

Vogue Dolls, Inc., 1922–1970s.
See also Lesney.
About / history:
Brief history
Angel Baby
Baby Dear by Eloise Wilkin 1961–
Brikette 1959–61
Crib Crowd Baby 1948–52
Crib Crowd, original vs. reproduction
Composition dolls:
1940s examples
Fashions, about
Ginnette baby 1955–59
Ginny 36" Playpal type, 1960 (music)
Ginny 8" and Ginny-type dolls 1948–82
Ginny Baby 1959–82:
1962–69 example
1970 JC Penney’s catalog
Jan, Jeff, & Jill 1957–62
Just Me 1920s–
Littlest Angel 1961–63 & 1967–80
Li’l Loveable Imp:
Love Me Linda / Pretty As a Picture; see also similar Lonely Lisa by Royal:
Military WWII dolls
Miss Ginny Deb 1975:
Toddles 1937–49
Wee Imp 1960, see Ginny

Voit; Andreas Voit
papier-mâché dolls
Example, ca. 1835–1850
Example, with rare straw bonnet, ca. 1835–1850
Example, rare flirty eyes
Example, Pauline style head
Example, Pauline style ca. 1840–1845
Example, Pauline ca. 1850, with sleep eyes

Volks ball-jointed dolls

Volland, P.F., see Raggedy Ann & Andy or Beloved Belindy


Wakeen, Susan

Walda, china-and-cloth modern doll

“Walda” is a moniker coined by nurse_edna and used by eBay Dolls Discussion Board members for a particular china-and-cloth doll. She was cheaply mass-produced in Taiwan and China during the late 1970s and early 1980s. The doll had no name, and her box was labeled only with this almost-but-not-quite haiku:
“Doll of china / with body of cloth / wearing western dress”
Some sellers misrepresent this doll’s age and value, and she is often spotted amongst the legitimate antique dolls. The name Walda is a feminization of the “Where’s Waldo?” character’s name.
Hanover House (one of the distributors)
Photo, Walda advertisement, late 1970s to 1980s
Photo, Walda close up, face paint variation
Photo, Walda with her original box
Tribute video:
Walda in auctions:
Walda can be seen in a 1982 “Little House on the Prairie” season 9 episode, wearing the later red version of her calico dress. She played the pivotal role of Nancy’s doll in “The Return of Nellie.” (Thanks to lillimoved for spotting Walda’s TV debut.)

Waldorf dolls, see Kathe Kruse

Walkalon dolls,

Waltershauser Puppenmanufaktur reproductions, 1990s–

Wax dolls and wax-over dolls

W. Donahey mark, see Teenie Weenies

Weiss, Kühnert Co., see German Doll Co. See also Bathing beauties.

Wellings, Norah / Victoria Toy Works,
1926–1959. See also Chad Valley; Cloth.
1960 example
Black dolls:
Boy Scout
Examples, photos:

Well-Made Toy Mfg. Corp.,
cloth dolls, 1940s–

Wendy Ward 11½" by Uneeda 1964–. (Y-body)
See also Uneeda “Pre-Teen” Betsy McCall; Miss Suzette
1964 Montgomery Wards catalog page
International Series/Children of all Nations United & Miss Debutante; Miss Suzette/Wendy Ward mold with rooted hair & sleep eyes:
Spain (not original outfit)

West Coast Kids by Kathryn Pardee, 2005–

When I Read I Dream by Mattel, 2001-2002

by American Character, 1960–1961
Hedda Get Bedda:

White Balloon 1993– , see Natterer, Sylvia

Whitman, see Paper dolls; or PeePul Pals.

Wiesenthal, Schindel & Kallenbach.
See also Alt, Beck & Gottschalck.

Wigs, see Hair identification

Wilde Imagination, Inc., see Ellowyne Wilde by Robert Tonner, 2007–

Willy Wildebras
by Wildebras Co., Netherlands, 1962–1975
See Bild Lilli; Schwabinchen.

Wilson International

Little Red Riding Hood topsy-turvy 1970s, Dippity Flip or Uppsy Dipsy:

Winx Club by Mattel

Wishniks by Uneeda, see Trolls

Wish World Kids by Kenner, 1987–1989

Wizard of Oz dolls
by various companies
Barbie Collectibles by Mattel, modern
Effanbee & Robert Tonner:
Judy Garland as Dorothy, various makers:
Judy Garland as Dorothy, by Ideal 1938:
18" composition, original dress
18" composition, photo
Madame Alexander, McDonald’s Happy Meal 2007–2008
Mattel Kelly 2003
MD Tissue premium, cloth, 1971
Mego 1975– :
Catalog pages:

Wislizenus, Adolf;

Wolfpit Enterprises, see Anglund, Joan Walsh

Wonder Whims by Doug & Debbie Henning, 1985

Wonder Woman dolls
by various makers
Comics, about:
Ideal Comic Heroines (“Superqueens”)
Mattel, Mego, & Tonner:
Mattel, modern Barbie as Wonder Woman:
8" action figure:
12" doll:
12" doll:
12" doll, close-ups: (pop-ups)
12" doll, fashions:
Comic book ad for 12" doll
Steve Trevor 12":
TV ad:
Plush body by Toy Factory
Super Baby 1976 by Amsco/Furga/Plastimarx:
Tonner: Amazonian Warrior

Wooden dolls / wood dolls

World of Love
by Hasbro, 1971–1972
Miss Matchbox Disco Girls 1972–77
Original box
TV ad:

World’s Fair dolls.
See also Kewpie dolls.
1939 fair, Dollcraft Novelty
1939 fair, Joy Doll Products
1940 New York fair:
1962 Seattle fair, “Miss Space Needle,” Barbie clone
1964 New York fair

Worlds of Wonder, 1986–1987

Worrell, Estelle Ansley;
Example, 1830s costume:

WPA (Works Progress Administration)
folk art dolls, 1930s–1940s
Cloth examples:
Wisconsin 1936–43:
Mary Kellogg Rice:

Wright, Beatrice

Wright dolls, see R. John Wright

x – y - z

X mark in a circle, “circle X dolls,”
1950s–1960s. See also 14R dolls.
Hard plastic / vinyl:

Xena: Warrior Princess by Toy Biz, 1998–1999

Zanini & Zambelli, Italy, late 1940s–

Zapf Creation, 1931–

Zwergnase dolls by Nicole Marschollek

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